ONLINE SHOPPING: Part 6? (lol, can't remember)

Just wanted to share my latest online finds. The dress... is already with me. I love it.:) I am excited for the cowboy polo shirts (I ordered the blue one below and red), have been looking for this since forever. Can't ever ever get enough. The seller was even nice enough to give me a discount. Yey! Check out their sites for more items.

* from http://lenlen01.multiply.com... :) from their Clearance Sale album ;)

* http://glamourosity.multiply.com... She also have glads and other fab clothings.
* from my favorite korean preorder store..lefacionez.multiply.com. ;) Coz compared to others, she prices 'em cheap.

...Aiz, I swear I should have bought that red fedora :c There are just some things one must learn to let go. Haha.

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