...how sweet it is...

I had a terrible day before I headed to work. I arrived at Unionbank at around 1:30 a.m. and to be honest I was really not in the mood to work or talk to anyone. When I entered our office door, seeing Aiza sitting at her desk made me smile a little...coz she also had that wide grin. And when I got to my table this is what surprised me...

..with a note (that got Aiza laughing coz I was so reluctant to read or even touch it 'coz I felt shy! Really! I am shy sometimes:P) that says:

"For the girl that brightens other people's day. I just thought I'd return the favor and brighten yours, for a change... Hope it worked."

Awww. :) I don't know from whom it was. Although, I have a faint idea who haha.

So, for that person who sent me these beautiful malaysian mums and the sweetest note on a card that smells uber nice (haha)..THANK YOU. Hope you know IT DID brighten my day. :)

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