I just love vintage tees, they have this power to take anyone back to a particular time...like a Time Machine! Haha. Well, I recently bought a Bob Marley Neon Splash Shirt from 168 and I totally heart it! I got this from a store in 168 mall facing the foodcourt, for P300. You cannot however haggle since this floor is where the "high-end" stores are situated. And I assume the rent's also higher. Haha. So going back to my blue Bob Marley shirt, wearing it makes me feel so Rasta! Hehe. I just felt like grabbing a pipe and smoke maryjanes while listening to his music. Well, I didn't do that. :P But some people loved the shirt too anyway. And I wore it with my favorite kidada charm bracelet I got from peachesontop.multiply.com:)

* thanks mich for the pic:)

There are other shirts in that store and I swear I was so close to buying their Beatles shirt but since I already own one (in white which I bought in SM hehe) with a heavy heart I let it go. Which I wish I didn't! Well, I'd buy it (and stash some more!) when I go there again. I was also able to buy a statement shirt from Wetseal which I purchased on Ebay. It's a white tee with a glittery pink "Excuse Me I'm VIP" printed on it. I love it! And a yellow shirt (which I decided to sell since it's too short) with a white print saying "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me". Hihi. See pics here: http://paxaisa.blogspot.com/2008/07/x-files-of-shoppingera.html :)

I also got this violet Birdie (with a Mcdonalds logo on the back) shirt from ano verruns store at a nearby market. And it's only for P75. Haha. I'd have to find my pic wearing it though. Will post it as soon as I find it from my mala Payatas files in our PC. I bought a shirt a korean statement shirt last year from lefacionez.multiply.com, of course in white, with a print "I love honey beyond paradise", sooo cute. Our CEO even noticed it. Well I wore it in the Ateneo Certificate Course grad in our office pantry. Haha.

But my American Apparel Deep V-neck shirt still tramps them all. Haha.

You could always dress them down by wearing jeans and sneakers or with skinnies and stillettos. Dress it up with cute accs, a cute belt and you're good to go! I just love shirts. :)

Share where you bought yours!:)

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