We were only there for 4 days, but I have fallen in love with this country (or city? it's too small to be a country). I felt home! Here are the reasons why...

I love how their airport is connected to their mrt or train station. You can actually go on board without anyone looking at you wondering why you're carrying luggages. It's totally normal.

I love Changi airport. There are computers everywhere that anybody can use to surf the net or whatever. Everything is so organized. They have a huge waiting area. And there are restos inside which was
perfect coz i was sooo hungry when we got there.

Burger King is heaven!!! I'm not a fan of our local Burger King but I swear, 6sgd for one meal is totally worth it. The taste, serving and texture of the food is totally different from what we have here.

Taxi Rides are expensive. As in expensive. For just a short ride around the block as in literally short of 1 kilometer, our fare have gone up to 7SGD (that's P200+). Our fare from our hotel to the airport was 21SGD! Imagine traveling from Marikina to Cubao that's how near it is. BUT, all taxis there are so well-maintained, the drivers are very professional AND the inside doesn't smell of sewer, poop or dried saliva.. They also accept credit cards.:P

Our little hotel is just a 5 min. walk from Little India train station. So it is very convenient to go around and explore. I was told not to go near that place but it is actually not that scary. I have only searched for a place to stay in online and I'm super delighted as in more than delighted I found a nice and homey place like Hangout@Mt.Emily.:) Guna, the Indian receptionist, was soooo nice! Algene is very fond of her and that's rare! Haha. Anyway they gave us a room on the 5th floor WITH WINDOWS! It was not what I expected so it got us more excited. Haha. Most people who checked-in are backpackers from all over the globe. Everyone's so nice and friendly. Their rooftop is also amazing. In front of the hotel is the Mt. Emily park. It's so serene we didn't even mind the long walk down the train station. I could live here. Algene loved the place too, that too is rare.

* the lobby

* by the reception

* you have to walk to reach the hotel. Haha exercise.

*nextdoor condo

* our room!

*our bed! haha!

* algene's workplace haha

* Mt. Emily park. Our road to the train station haha.

* Little India train station

* chillin' at the rooftop. Our quiet place.:) We were also able to bond with an Aussie over cigarette. Haha.

I also love how people here patronize walking as a form of exercise. Haha. You can also stay out til the wee hours of the morning without worrying for your safety.

* down our hotel's street

* late night walk searching for a place to grab dinner. We ended up eating in a thai resto where the food is divine! The crews are all pinoy except for the chef. We ended up chatting with them while waiting for our food and while eating. Algene again loved them, which is again rare.

I love their MRT! It makes everything so accessible. Even their so-called provinces. And at the end of every train ride you get to refund 1sgd (or your so-called deposit). If you plan on making the train as your main source of transportation, collect lots of coins.

* all stations!

* they have this screen or tv in every station where you can see how much time you still have to wait 'til the train arrives, just like in our new LRT stations.

...to be continued later.

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