Another Day, Another Fight

You! You! You! ..make me smile, laugh, mad, you annoy me and piss me off then you make me laugh and smile again. You make me numb, cry, curse, punch a pillow (thinking it was you), you get me hatin', then missing, then loving, then laughing and smiling again. You test my emotions and I feel alive because of it. So thank you.

I am Earth, You are Fire.
I am Love, You are Hate.
I am Hope, You are Dream.
I am Vintage, You are Futuristic (meaning techie).
I am Hot, You are Cold.
I am Peace, You are Hostile grounds.
But I love you because...

You are my Laughter.
You are my Smile.
You are Funny.
You are Corny.
You love me, and I love you.

We are..Yin & Yang.

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