As a follow-up to my previous post about my St. Scho Days here are some pictures I found in my Mom's old filing cabinet. Haha! I included my college pic and some other pics I found amusing and hilarious. Disclaimer: I look like shit in most of the pictures. Shit and weird. So pls. don't laugh. The first three pictures were grabbed from Jane (my HS friend's) facebook account.

* Quadrangle!!! - This is where the flagpole is found. Where our morning assembly happens. Where we conduct our cheering practices (under the scorching heat of the sun). Where I had my first black eye when during cheering practice Chic-c accidentally hit me on the eye by her elbow (but because of it I got my first gf heehee). Where I cried when we were announced champion in the cheering competition. Where we make pa-cute while crossing the field on our way to our P.E. class. Where our class picture was held. And part of the "bonding girls" route. :)

* Rubber Tree - I love this area. It's so serene and it looks like a Japanese garden. This is the location of our seasoned rubber tree and fishpond. That long path is the way to the gym up to Gate 7. This is the ultimate "bonding" place.

BONDING - it's a term we use when we invite our "prospects" for a walk to know each other and spend time together. Hahaha. It mostly happens during Lunch time when the time is longer. Sometimes people bond with different people (people who they have crushes on or have crushes on them) during recess, lunch and dismissal. Like I did. Haha.

* This is NEW. Sosyal na St. Scho may pool na! :) Hahaha!

* 1v-St. Irene - Me, Jac, Danna, Diane and Dinah. I miss you girls!:)

* My Grade 6 yearbook pic. Sorry mejo smeared na yung page pati pic ko ang dumi lang. Tae lang sobra sa panget! Hehe.

* Prep Gold. I look like some hooker's child. Yak panget lang! 2nd from right first row.
* Grade 2 - First Communion. D bagay. Eeeew. eew. eew.

* Grade 1 - Friendly. I don't know why there's a hanky pinned to my uniform. I think it's the trend that time (the M-F hankies? Remember?!), as much as the fur headband Dinah's wearing. Harhar. Eew.eew.eew
* Grade 2 - Courteous. This is me on full landi mode. Look at Ela oh we have the same pose, only I look more disgusting. Kadire. My teacher said I look bungisngis. I will never forget that word, she looked mad when she said it.

* Grade 3 - Respectful. This is the time when one-length hair is cool. Looks eewy. Eew.

* 2nd yr. college - Jaypee, Bruce, Patrick, Rj, Ekoy, Nardz, Tin. :)

* Kinder - Ayun yung bf ko nun 1st from right 3rd row.:P Landi landi.

* Nursery - What's up with the huge bow headband? Ako ang original Blair! wahahaha!

* I dunno what age I am in this pic but look! I am executing a pout! Hahaha! Arte!

* A walk at Palma Road-Baguio. I look fat here. And I miss my wide leg pants. I didn't know it's gonna be uso again. Sayang! Hehe.

* my vintage mom - I just had to post this. Haha! I'm adopted.:P

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  1. dude, long time no see!!! big time ka na.. pa singapore ka na lang diyan ha.. puro pictures nga un blog mo eh.. hahaha kakainggit.. sa blog ko, puro words.. well.. actually, kung ano nasa multiply, un din sa blogspot ko, which is http://blackswordsmann2.blogspot.com/, check it out.. hehe when tayo meet sa st.francis square? haha-



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