The Songwriter in Me part 2

--> March 2007.. we again were able to make a tune for this Brainstorming session at the Cagulada's place 2 years ago. Mala The Calling ang tono swear hehe! I miss how you sing this too Clint. :)

i see you standing there--
an apparition for the weary,
i wait for you to smile--
my heart is now ready.

Everything vague, everyone's still.
A never ending rainbow.
A thousand butterflies flutter,
to where your heart once were.

I scream in silence,
I'll hide my fears.
Find me again,
I am still here.

Frozen by pain,
broken by memories.
Pick me up, melt me away.
Hold me, make me whole again.

You were just there,
and I..here.
But the inches seems like miles,
I wanted so much to reach for you,
and feel you again.
I count the spaces,
I break the wall...
I yearn...
Oh..how I yearn for you.

Soon, the stars will fall for us again.
But for now, I'm still broken.
Pick me up, melt me away.
Hold me, make me whole again.
I'm still here.#a#

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