The Songwriter in Me part 1

--> Feb. 2007...This is the unpublished lyrics of a song I made for our musical composition days in 6th Avenue. We really did come up with a tune or melody (?) for this!It's crazy! I miss how you sing this to me Clint.:)

She was burned and scarred,
Slightly maimed from the hard plunge
She just dove into.
She didn’t want to regret
Amidst the hurt and the mess
When all was beautiful.
But she should have known
When things are too good
It may be an oasis
Soon to fade with time.

Blinded by stars
& glistening tears,
for everything gone.

Bind me, Mend me
Run, Breathe.
Trace me, Fold me,
Go, Leave.

How can she make it?
Her heart’s still with you.
She would want to break
This trance she’s into.
She could fall,
She will fall.
Just let her go. #a#

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