/The lights are out, the silence is deafening. The clock is ticking, it's driving me nuts. This candle flickers, & unflickers..it's freaking me out. I am restless and sober as I can ever be. Every passing minute seems like hours. Everything running in slow motion. I am bored & idle. i am yearning for you. Everything is still. My level of anticipation is rising. I am waiting...for things to come alive. I wonder where you are in your dreams.

I love dreaming..it takes me to places I could never reach when I'm awake. It makes me feel things so mind-blowing, breath taking and scary in the real world. It could bring me together with people I could never be with in real days. In dreams, anything, everything is possible. Flying. Dying. Undying. Kissing you. Lights are up! It ends here. In a few minutes I'll lull myself to oblivion..that is sleeping. If its' my lucky day... I could even dream of you./

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