POST Birthday

My cousin texted me last night that I suck for sleeping on my birthday. Haha! What can I do I'm tired and I got home at around 3 pm from work. After work, Lily Mich Tricia and I went to St. Francis Square to eat Taipan Noodles. I love it! We celebrated my birthday over noodles. Haha. When I got home I headed straight to my room coz I had to sleep since there are people texting me if we could go for a drink later at night. I replied to them saying I would try if I could still wake up since I usually go into comatose (which exactly what happened). Suddenly my Dad knocked on my door saying I have a cake. I asked him if he had it delivered. He said it's from someone who calls me Fishie. Hehe that girl from Dubai. I never expected a surprise from her. She 's just not into those kind of things. And for that I give her an A+ for effort. :) Here's me with mah cake.

Duckie, thanks for the cake. Everyone loved it. :)


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