Birthday Whatevers.

Okay, so I should be sleeping now. But I can't get my hands off this keyboard I just have so many thoughts I would like to share and so many words formulating on the inside of the brain. So here I am sitting sideways in front of the PC 'coz I just finished eating and I'm so full I can't barely move. And for 15 mins. now I'm still having chest pains 'coz a pill got stuck in the pathway between my esophagus and my chest. I can really feel it stucked and it hurts. Swear. It's killing me! Argh! I freakin' hate meds. I am just too stressed that's why I decided to finally drink Stresstabs even if I choke everytime I swallow it.

It's my birthday! I don't know why people get so perked up during birthdays. For me, it's just like any other day. Normal. Boring. Mundane. Or maybe it's because I know the only person who could make this day special is far far away from where I am. But then again, this week I've done some crazy crazy things. And I've done some little realization that I shouldn't be trying so hard for one person. And it's proven to be slightly effective. I worry less. I am a little happier. In my own words... "Chillax". Haha. I've learned to be a little less anxious. And I've seen slightly the other side of life. For the past few days, my angas boy has been more attentive and more umm.. sweet. More than sweet in her own standards. So yeah, it's slightly amusing. I have also learned to be a little more "open". If you know what I mean. And discovered that there are people who appreciates me for who I am than the one person I have been begging for attention...and love. I love my friends and seeing them smile and laugh because of me is more than any reward or amount of money I could ever grasp. Bottom line is I now vow never to try too hard... except towards work. I know I stress over the pile of tasks that's being thrown at me. But I'm thankful because it has also helped me divert my attention. And it helps in making time fly by faster than before. Coz you know an idle mind is the devil's workshop. Idleness just makes me more insane and always ends in heartache. I would always choose stress over work than stress over heartache and anticipation. So yeah, I feel insanely saner now.

It's my birthday and it's just like any other day. But I'm excited because birthdays are like passes. It's the day wherein I can do whatever I want, say whatever I want, tell jokes to which everybody's obliged to laugh at, tease people without making them stop me, do crazy things and just get away with it, and when people have no choice but to be extra nice to me. I love birthdays. :P


Thank you for visiting my humble blog! I read all your comments (even though I don't reply often). So keep them coming! Love to everyone:)