Post Birthday part 2

Yesterday was super crazy and fun. Of course, I already told you I slept on my birthday. So the the next day, when I woke up I had to dash to take a bath after reading Ariane's text that they're gonna pick me up at 11:15 am. I was still in front of the mirror deciding what to wear when they came so I just settled for what I already had on. I grabbed my purse and my digicam and dashed outside. I gave her a kiss and said hi to Mariel, I missed them! We did some little catching up and some chismis hehe then we picked up Pats which resulted to more yakking away and unlimited laughter. :) These are the people I was with in Robinsons. They were my breakfast buddies, yosi mates, lunch mates and dismissal mates. They are the people who were there and witnessed Algene and I's lovestory. Algene loves them to death and so do I.:)
So going back, we then picked up Joeyboy and his gf at Rob Metroeast. Then we're off to Kathy's house. More people came... Kitin, Karen and Jb. We basically spent our day eating, drinking (coz Kathy has been practicing her bartending skills; my fave cockatil drink for the day was James' tequila sunrise with whip cream on top!) different cocktails, playing billiards (in which I won 2 games yey!) and watching the boys play guitar hero. We also spent the whole day taking pictures and cam whoring haha. It was super fun. I missed these people. I can't wait for Mariel's bday bash on September!

After Kathy's cocktail party I then headed to Eastwood to meet up with Hans, Jace, Tricia and Mich. We chilled first at Bedroom bar then we played CS for about 4 hours. It was super de-stressing! I missed playing CS and it reminded me a lot of my college days wherein I would cut classes just to play CS with my guy friends. :P
So yeah, it was definitely a long and fun Sunday for me. Pics uploaded at my multiply account paxieness.multiply.com. Enjoy.:)

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