My Wishlist

There are still some thing's I drool for. It's because they are out of reach, expensive or just plainly out of my league. And others it's because I just found a better alternative. Here are just some of them:

1) Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler - I know I could buy this anytime. One could buy this at Rustan's for P1,500. It is even sold in multiply shops online for P800. I could buy this, but it's just not worth my money. It's because I found a cheaper alternative to this world renowned eyelash curler with quite the same effects: FANNY SERRANO eyelash curler for more or less P200. I read about this on COSMO and so far it never disappointed me.:)

2) Laura Mercier SECRET CAMOUFLAGE concealer - It's also available in Rustan's for about P2500. People have raved about it in magazines and I have always been curious about it. But I still can't let go of my mineral concealer so I'd probably try that next time. I am also not so much a fan of buying branded make-up especially when I know I could find something equally effective. For my dark undereye circles I'm currently using 2 kinds of concealers: liquid and powdered. For my liquid concealer I have always been loyal to Maybelline illuminating concealer (P400+) or Loreal true match liquid concealer (P600+) and my current find is Mary Kay tube liquid concealer in beige (P500). For my pwdered concealer I will always be loyal to Luminare mineral concealer in caramel ( a 3g shift jar has lasted for 6 months! For only P480!).

3) LNA Deep V-neck Shirt - This is a shirt which costs almost P3000 but looks like Crispa. Hehehe. But it has become popular in Hollywood and more and more stars were seen wearing this. I love it because it is snug and sexy and fits anyone perfectly. But for a plain shirt it is kinda expensive. It is also very similar to American Apparel's plain deep v-neck tee style 6465 which retails for $20. Still kinda expensive. So when I found a seller in ebay who sells American Apparel items for almost 70% off I got ecstatic. I am still choosing what colors to order. The shipping might be kinda expensive for $20 but I would be able to buy 5 shirts for P1900. It's still quite a bargain.

* (L) American Apparel v-neck shirt; (R) Lna V-neck shirt

4) Authentic Chanel 2.55 flap bag - This costs almost P60K. For a bag that small and for any bag..that amount is just outrageous. That's why I'm happy I met Justine and Renah in multiply :) They resell top class Chanel replica which totally looks vintage...and real. Not only do they sell chanel but they also sell Balenciaga (they have a gold hardware similar to what Vanessa Hudgens love carrying around), Hermes, LV, Mango, etc. etc. It's a haven.

* (T) Authentic Chanel 2.55 Jumbo Flap ; (B) My own CHANEL for less than P2K. ;)

5) Versace Gladiator Heels - This booties give me the shivers (as my good friend Anne would say haha!). I would die for these! This emerald green Versace gladiator heels was first seen on the runway for their Spring '08 show. It is so gorgeous, trendy and the color's bright and sooo fasyon. I am certain that this costs around $800-$1K. Pair these with a black satin mini-dress, short-shorts over-all/jumpsuit or with skinny jeans. Uber fab. :)

...will post more tomorrow!

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