Walking Zombie

I am bored. I want to go to work later but I was advised by my doctor to have a complete bed rest. I was planning to go to work yesterday since I have a deadline and I hate the feeling of leaving work behind. But by 9 pm I still have a fever of 40 degrees and my Dad (who seldom tells me what to do) mandated for me to just stay home. My mom dragged me out of bed this morning to take me to the doctor. Aside from my greasy hair (no bath for 2 days) I still have fever and I was having chills. So I just put some powder on my bangs (to lessen the grease) and wore a hoodie. My throat aches so much thats why I can't eat normal food. My mom bought gatorade for me so that my tongue would look reddish when the doctor checks my toncils. Just to give you all a brief recap, I have been drinking antibiotics for 2 weeks. I have been diagnosed with acute bronchitis 2 weeks ago. Now my doctor diagnosed me with acute toncillipharyngitis. WTF?! Is that even on medical dictionaries? Anyway, she couldn't believe that 2 weeks on antibiotics didn't do me any good. She didn't want to give me any antibiotics but she said she has no choice. And boy was it MAJOR! I bought my meds and it's P300 per capsule. If this doesn't cure me then what else will! This better work or I'll be banging my head so hard on the wall just to numb me literally and my wallet figuratively. Oh and I also underwent a bloodtest/CBC wherein the result was an abnormal count of my white blood cells or my neurophils. I researched about it, seems that these are the cells that protects our immune system which in my case obviously didn't! Worst case scenario is that resulting to leukemia. Yeah whatever. I asked my doctor if I could come to work today and she just laughed at me. Then she printed in the med cert in bold letters, ADVISED BED REST. Some people she said would rejoice over this BUT NOT ME. She even asked me if I could go on a vacation. Yeah right. I can't wait to go to work. I still have a project to work on.

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