Too bad, So sad! Sorry!

I was having my daily chat with Algn. She said she's gonna buy an external hard drive for me. She'll send it as my b-day gift. Then I told her it's "baduy"... a hard drive for my b-day. I'm not even a techie person. I would rather receive a nice, heart felt, mushy letter from her than that. Then she said she's not into surprises. And that she's too lazy to do that. GREAT. I am a hopeless romantic and those are MY kind of things. I don't even know if she likes, appreciates or she becomes more smitten whenever I surprise her or do crazy things for her. Like the video I sent her. I worked hard for that. I had to adjust all the pictures to fit into the songs lyrics and that took forever. When she received it she said it made her cry and she misses me. After that, she didn't bring it up again. So I posted it on my blog. And it suprised me that some people found it sweet and romantic. It even made my seatmate Aiza cry a little (according to her! haha!). They were touched. But not her. She was touched but not enough to swoon over me. I just don't know what to do. How would she ever fall completely and hopelessly in love with me? When would she ever feel what I'm feeling? For 2.5 years I have been fighting for her, battling for her affection. But she never was that girl. And maybe she NEVER will be. I just have to put up with it. She sent me a balikbayan box though, last May. For some, that's sweet especially when she sent expensive things and other stuffs for all the other people in the house. She gave me an expensive watch, perfume, clothes, etc.etc. I know now she could give me everything and anything. BUT, those things never mattered to me. I would rather open a surprise love letter in my mailbox than a box with an expensive watch. I searched the whole balikbayan box you know..for any surprise letter that she may have stashed anywhere. But there's none. I appreciate though all the dolphin stuffs she gave me...coz she knew how much I loveee dolphins...and glow in the dark stars.

So I guess for now, the hard drive will do. At least it's useful. I could store all our pictures there and all the other videos I made for her. Yey (sarcastic tone).

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