My Little Black Book

And so, in relation with my great lobster theory I want to share with you all the people whom I had chemistry (and so I believed), and FORCED chemistry. No name dropping! So you could just guess… or assume. No worries. This list is not sequential. Read away.
1) Showbiz Hang-Ups = Went out with him for 2 months. If I knew he was some kinda problematic psycho, I shouldn’t have wasted my time on him. Clue: He wears “tinted” shades ALL-DAY long coz he thinks he looks like someone from Showbiz. Pyscho.
2) Frodo – too bad I really liked this guy. I don’t know if it’s me or him who’s actually scared of commitment. When I was here, he was lost somewhere. When he was there already, I was gone. *tsk*
3) Legolas - when he was there, I was busy running after Frodo. But when I started looking at him already, he was also gone. Another *tsk*.
4) Reindeer – I should know how it feels to be cheated upon. Very wrong. 
5) Recordbreaker – We must never experiment at someone’s expense. Maybe we just had the relationship at a wrong time. I was not ready because I just parted ways with “The Pianist”. But I would forever feel sorry for hurting him. But then again, we never know if the future will still shine for us. Let’s wait til I’m 25.
6) The Pianist – my longest. “You” will forever be special to me. J
7) My Picha – my first cross-over at the other side. I still have that mylittletwinstar payneta. Hope you still have my baby id tag. J
8) Panget – 5 years. 5 long years. 
9) Chloe – he’s everything you ever wanted in a guy. But then my lovelife as forever refuses to rest at perfect. And so it had to end sooner than I thought. It was a short time, but it felt like forever. I was so happy, and loved. But then he had to leave. Too bad. 
10) Axl Rose – the bandmember. He said I’m too young for him. He’s right. 
11) The Nightingale– gimik buddy. The sweetest guy who could perform mind-blowing massages. But immaturely unconditioned for any serious plunges. 
12) The Scriptwriter – when we had our “thing” I knew it was basically a no attachment kind of mingling. Our moments were happy ones and so much temporary. 
13) The Myth – the perfect man. If only I could see him on a different light. He would always be one of my closest friends I will forever love the most. 
14) My Running – I never thought I’d come back here. But for now, I’m happy I did. My piglet.
These were the only once I remembered. All of them in someway gone, but will never be forgotten. My running I hope would stay with me for a long time.

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