July 18 Email Scare

There has been a crazy email circulating that on July 18 there would be a HUGE earthquake that will hit the Philippines. It was stated in the email that the prediction was done by an ala-Nostradamus Brazilian teacher who was the same guy who predicted the latest China quake, the Thailand tsunami and even the publication of Al Gore's book. If he did predicted all of this right, then I guess he's got quite a good credential. Haha. Anyway, people in the office are all talking about it, asking one another if we're going to work on that day. Funny as it may seem, I took a leave on the 17th so I'd be at home on the 18 (night shift..ya know haha). I don't really believe it'll happen and if I had to decide for myself I would definitely work (within my normal office hours) on that day, but for Algn's peace of mind and to lessen the argument, I did it. I then filled up a leave form and had it signed by my boss, who I'm sure is thinking about how gullible I am. Hahaha! After he signed the form he indicated in the form (in BOLD letters) the reason: BECAUSE OF THE EARTHQUAKE. So funny! Now I'll be a laughingstock in the whole HR department. Hehehe! Well, I'm not the only one! Some people also filed for leave (ha!) and some will go to work on a half-day. Our original plan was to go to work early on the 17th so we could go home early on the 18th and go to work after midnight on the 19th. Great plan eh? But as I've said, to cut the argument I just filed for a whole day leave. Aaargh! I could just work at home anyway.

I'm anxious and excited. Not GOOD excited but excited to know if this Nostradamus of Brazil is authentic. We exchange jokes about it but we all know there's a little piece in all of us that's a little scared. After all, who would want to experience the gruesome event that happened in China months before right? The only good thing about this is that I will be able to rest for one day (even if I'll still be sitting at home in front of the PC)! Yey! It kinda gave us a reason (an invalid valid reason) to file for leave. Hehehe! Oh well, just for safety a little prayer won't be that bad. After all, I still believe that everything that happens in our life, and in this instance our world, God has it written in the palm of His hands. :)

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