Love-Hate relationship with : SHOPPING.

I never think of myself as a SHOPAHOLIC. Some people say they are and I look at them and tell myself "That will not happen to me." But when one of my officemates (thanks Vian) told me I am indeed one plus some other people plus my Mom, I started to assess myself. Vivian often tells me I shop a lot, may it be online (i just sooo love ebay and multiply!) or outside (mall or st.francis). Oftentimes I answer her back saying "So what? Clothes, shoes or fashion is an investment!". I rationalized my actions, therefore I'm in denial, therefore I am indeed a: Shopaholic. (Shrieks!)

Okay, so I love to shop. I love shopping especially in Multiply and Ebay where with one click of the mouse and a few typing of letters I could purchase a dress, or shoes or top without having to walk under the scorching heat of the sun or pollution or getting wet from rain. I love shopping online because it saves me from boredom (I admit I also do it when I'm at work..hehe), I can do it while I'm in pajamas, and saves me taxi money or food money or other things I might see in the mall or elsewhere. The only downside I experienced are a few clothes that didn't fit which I just got easily repaired and sellers are usually nice enough to have it exchanged. :) I haven't had the experience of sellers not sending the item (thank God!). Well, that's because I'm always cautious and only buy from sellers who have good feedbacks. I was even able to buy a very nice black pumps from an ebay seller for just a hundred bucks! I love ebay because that's usually where I'm only able to find super great deals. It is where I find signature items for just a fraction of it's original price. You just have to be patient enough to browse through a long list of items. In multiply I also have a few favorite shops. It is where I'm able to find korean clothes and other clothes from Thailand and Bangkok that I'm not able to see in St. Francis. Haha! Here are my fave online shops (just add .multiply.com to see 'em):

1. mypinkcloset (new items are posted every Monday but goods here sells like hotcake and are sold-out in less than 30 mins!)
2. closetbargain (super nice pre-loved items. I bought here my tunic hooded Bayo yellow top for 250!)
3. fashionpill (the shirtdresses and dresses are uber nice!)
4. raysui
5. thechic
6. lefacionez (cheapest pre-order korean clothes)
7. mycabinetonline (they accept paypal which is super great! and the sandals are uber nice too!)
8. toppicks (fab designer inspired dresses)
9. ichigoshoes (where I purchased my super cute gladiator sandals)
10. iconatics (seller of designer inspired bags; I was able to purchase Chanel 2.55 replicas here! And they're like the real ones. hehe.)

That's just some of them and there are still a lot of nice shops and reliable sellers. I'll list them later. Anyway, back to my shopaholic diagnosis. hehe. I rationalize a lot whenever they say I am one because unlike other shopaholics, I get my shopping money from the clothes I also sell. Clothes I seldom use or once or never at all are considered saleable. I then post it in ebay or my multiply shop.:) That separates me from the rest right? haha! Before I buy a dress I first scour my closet and see if I have dresses I don't use. I then sell them, then I buy a new one.:) Aside from offsetting I also am able to share my fashion finds to other girls.:)

I only buy clothes and shoes from St. Francis Square (it's more accessible for me than Greenhills and that's where we go on church: in CCF) or the malls when shops are on sale. I only buy expensive clothes when I really really want them that I die whenever I see them. Otherwise, I just settle for good bargains. I'm also not brand conscious and will not buy a Guess poloshirt for P2500 when I could buy a whole lot of clothes (in bargain) for that amount. Anyway, there's Ebay! Haha! As for jeans, I usually buy branded ones that's because I find it REALLY hard to search for good ones that fits me well (since I'm sooo slim). Cheap ones are nice but whenever I try them on it usually fits on the waist but is loose on the legs or vice-versa. My jeans haven is People are People. But lately there's nothing that caught my fancy.

One place that really makes me dizzy from all the nice clothes is: Ukay-Ukay! Hahaha! I know some people never go there at all or shop in those places at all but it's usually where I'm able to find vintage pieces. I went to an ukay shop near our place and found a nice brown belt that I've been searching forever in malls. I also was able to find a nice green shoes from an ukay shop in Q.C. You just have to disinfect it before using it. Anyway, it's also where I buy formal office clothes which costs a lot in malls. I was able to buy 2 G2000 skirts and blazer there for about P250. Cool eh? I love thrift shops forever! Hehe!

One of my favorite places is 168!!! With just a train ride (LRT-purple line) to Recto and one jeepney ride, tadaaaa! You're there. That place also makes me dizzy..literally. Aside from a looot of goodies, there are also a LOOOOT of people. The aisles are small and people are like ants. It is advisable to go there before noon when there are less people and so one could go around without much hassle. But now I've heard goods there are priced higher than before. But whenever we go there the only place we go to is Ate-Kuya's shoe stall in Meisic Mall! Kathy (my 168 buddy) and I have kept it a secret for quite sometime 'coz we're scared people will discover it and we won't have anything left to buy! Hahaha, selfish us. Anyway, that stall is huuge. It's composed of 4 stalls full of shoes! It's my shoe heaven (and haven)!!! I could just spend one whole day there. I once was able to buy 10 pairs of shoes there for only P2000!!! Once, I was looking for a pair of shoes to wear for my friend's wedding and I was able to buy a pair of gold shoes/pumps there for only P180! Everyone loved it! They have a wide selection, from pumps to peep toe, to wedges, flats, sandals and stilettos. The only problem are the available sizes. We often ask when the next shipment is gonna come so we could be there first. Hehe. So there, the secret's out. The people there are nice too.

I will be posting a follow-up blog about this. Actually, I will be posting a lot of blogs about shopping and fashion. Love it!

Bottomline is... Shopping is my therapy and every girl deserves to shop for themselves once in a while (right Lily?). For me, it's an adrenaline rush, shoots my endorphins way above normal, and it makes me happy without too much breaking the bank.:)

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