July 18 _ Actual Earthquake Day

I took a leave yesterday, and I told everyone including my boss that I'd still be sitting infront of the PC the whole night working. But it never happened!!! Arrrgh!!! I overslept again. For 17 freaking hours I just SLEPT. Comatose. Now I feel so alive and perky and hyperactive. And it's supposed to be the "earthquake" day today. Haha. Ironic. Well as of now (1:00 pm), I still haven't felt the ground shake or whatever. There's still 12 hours remaining for this day, so it's not yet officially over. Ha! Anyway, as I've said I comatosed. And I got a million offline messages. I was not even able to chat or talk with Algene last night...until now. I got 2 messages from my boss asking if I'm online. Arrrgh! I hate missin' important messages especially when I have a deadline to work on! My eyes are all puffy and I have not yet taken a bath. I love it. Hehe. I have been working late this past few days that I think I deserve it. Anyway, I'll write again later. Odd things might start happening. :)

July 19 - It's over. The only shaking I felt was my mom waking me up to go to work. Haha! I'm officially gullible and that Brazilian man is fake. Kuya Kim confirmed on TV that indeed there was a 7.something magnitude quake last July 18---of 1884! Duh! Hahaha! I knew it! Oh well, at least I got to rest for onewhole day. It's still totally worth it. :P And I still have 2 months to finish my work project. Not one day less. Not even an earthquake day less. :P Argh.

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