So here's my follow-up blog! I would like to share with all of you my current addiction: online/internet shopping. I first discovered online shopping a year ago. I started looking at Ebay while I'm still working at Robinson's Department Store as an Asst. Category Officer. The work is toxic, we're required to dress-up everyday, and our pay sucks. I'm guilty, I browse Ebay while I'm at work, it makes me less bored and stressed. My first purchase from Ebay is a pair of cute brown shoes (with ribbon haha). I really didn't expect a super nice shoes since I only bought it for P200. But to my amazement, it did look as new! And shiny, and smells nice too. Hehe. So that's my first...and the rest was history! Almost 75% of my clothes are from online shopping. Haha! When I transferred to Branders that's when my addiction to Multiply shopping started. Since I'm now earning more than what I earn in Rob, I now have more kaching (!) to spend. Haha! But it's better for me since most payments are thru Gcash or bank deposit, I'm not required to use a credit card. In malls, one is more tempted to purchase through cards which in the end might pile up to thousands in bills. So here I'll share with you just some of the super fab items I purchased through online shopping!!!

1.) Designer inspired (Chanel 2.55) jumbo flap from Iconatics.multiply.com which I was able to buy for less than a thousand bucks. I also have this in silver chains! I also was able to buy from them a white one for just P150. I love Justine and Renah! They also have more bags ala Hermes, Balenciaga, LVs,etc.etc. It's a site for bag hags. :)
2.) One of my favorite sellers in ebay and multiply is Gwengshionista! It is from her I'm able to buy signatured clothes at a fraction of the original price! Here's what I recently bought from her for P650. It's a Derek Heart dress and I had to fight for it haha so many bidders.

3.) I'm never really a fan of expensive original signature bags. So whenever I see one that's exactly like the original and cheap too, I buy it. Hehe! Why buy a bag worth P60K when you can buy this! A stam bag I bought in ebay (from Filipina, thanks sis!) for P500. It is pre-owned but still looks perfect. Comes with a gold chain too.
Here's a Dior replica I bought from Rowena of Closetbargain for P600!

4) Mycabinetonline.multiply.com is one of my favorite shops because aside from the super fab items they sell, they also accept PAYPAL! Uh-oh now I could use credit cards in online shopping. Haha. Here are just some items I bought from sis Rollet.:)
T-strap sandals for P680, it's an Old Navy replica. Cute!Korean bubble top for P400. :)Red flats for P400! Original price is P800.And cute satin mini-dress that's perfect for night-outs for P400.:)

5) In my early multiply days there's one store that makes me drool whenever I open their page and it's because of the super nice items they sell. It's thepurchaser.multiply.com... I was able to buy a Botkier inspired bag from them (thanks Sab!) and it's even nicer in actual. And P900 is super worth it!
6.) I'm in love with the color yellow and there's one site where I was able to buy a dainty yellow dress I used for a summer outing with my family. It's super cute for P450! (fashionpill.multiply.com)7.) Charlotte Russe, Wetseal and F21 statement shirts are usually priced at P1000+. But in ebay I was able to buy a Wetseal glittered print "Excuse Me I'm VIP Shirt" for P600 and in multiply a yellow "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" shirt for P500!!! It's super comfy. I love it!8.) I love accessories and a lot of people could attest to that. Especially since I worked as an Asst. Category Officer for Mens and Ladies Accessories for Robinsons Department Store. I have a LOT of necklaces (freebies from Rob and my personal purchases), bangles, bracelets and earrings. My favorite place to shop for accs is in 168 where I'm able to buy 3 sets of earrings for P100. But online, I only have one place where I shop for accs and that's: iamgirlie.multiply.com!!!
Here's just one item I purchased last summer, I'll post the other pics soon.:)*rainbow wooden bangles from iamgirlie. One set for P200.*kidada wrap inspired bracelets from peachesontop.multiply.com. P200 each. You could choose from leather braided bands, satin braided chord, or flat chord bands. You could choose from a list of charms. It could be mixed silver and bronze charms. I chose mixed!:) So cute!* Fab necklaces from Qonline.com... All priced from P180-250 only!:)* gold heart neckalce from stellar01.multiply.com amde by Chynna Ortaleza. Super nice items and affordable too.:)

9.) I usually buy jeans at PRP or the mall because it's too risky for me to buy those online (since I usually have a hard time finding one that fits me best). So when I bought a black skinny at Blingfinds.multiply.com I'm uber delighted that it fits perfectly! And the fabric is not chipipay or whatever. For P600 it's soo worth it. I can't find anything that's close to it.
10.) My latest buy is a pair of Old Navy skimmers from ebay which I totally love! I have been looking for a perfect pair that is not that expensive, so when i saw this gray and green skimmers for P350 (P350!!!) I bought it right away!

There's a lot of gold (fashion gold!) that is yet to be discovered. I would post more of my fashion finds/buys tomorrow. There are days wherein I am amazed by how cheap my whole wardrobe ensemble is. One time I computed my wardrobe for the day and it only amounted to P1,200! Including my bottom, top, shoes and bag. I am a bargain fairy! Hahaha! Oh well, one can wear a P3K worth of Lacoste poloshirt and still seem like they bought it for P300 in Greenhills.
It is just how you wear them and the confidence you exude even if you're wearing a P50 top from ukay-ukay. Depending on your character and attitude, you could wear one and still look like a million bucks.:)

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