Pleasure for All Year-End Party: Redefining Naughty and Nice with Durex

As a bold testament to empowering personal pleasure, Durex Philippines hosted the "Durex-mas for All, Pleasure for All: Naughty and Nice Year-End Party" at Ugly Duck, Poblacion, Makati, last December 15, 2023. The night is a resolute declaration of Durex's dedication to cultivating a community that revels in individuality, the empowerment of personal pleasure, and the nurturing of meaningful connections. This gathering encapsulated the very essence of Durex, celebrating uniqueness, exploration, and pleasure. Read on to know more...

The event unwrapped maximum pleasure with the much-anticipated 12 Days of Durex-mas, a product showcase that enabled guests to experience maximum pleasure with the Durex product range, such as condoms, lubricants, and toys – Durex highlighted its products that go beyond pleasure essentials; they are one's dedicated partners in the pursuit of satisfaction. 

Starting with Durex Invisible, condoms that redefine the sex-perience by providing an ultra-thin design, practically INVISIBLE, challenging the outdated notion that condoms diminish pleasure. 

That's not all; enter the Durex Performa 12, which not only offers protection but also boosts stamina, ending the notion that wearing a condom hinders performance. 

Then, to elevate the pleasure game to a whole new level, Durex showcased Play Classic and Saucy Strawberry, lubricants that are passports to a world where friction disappears and smooth sensations reign supreme. And for those who want more, there’s the Durex Intense Vibe Ring, designed to bring 20 minutes of quivering pleasure to partners or self. Durex is not just a brand, it's a commitment to redefining pleasure, challenging stereotypes, and ensuring every intimate moment is extraordinary.

Just as the holiday season builds excitement, the 12 Days of Durex-mas showcase aims to spark anticipation and fulfill the commitment to make pleasure possible and a guaranteed and extraordinary experience waiting to be discovered.

Chriselda Segunda from Team Durex started the night as she set the vibe for a night loaded with unity, freedom, and sheer fun. She started the party, welcoming everyone to #ComeTogether for a thrilling evening. Giving a sneak peek into what's coming, she teased about the fantastic drag performances lined up. 

Her introduction set the stage for Baus Rufo, the night's witty and entertaining host, to further dive into the fun of the evening.

Throughout the night, the stage was taken over by the captivating performances of known personalities in the drag scene–namely Myx Chanel, Matilduh, Jade So, Bernie, Arizona Brandy, and Marina Summers. This stellar lineup highlighted charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent and served as a deliberate nod to inclusivity across genders. 

Arizona Brandy

Baus Rufo, Matilduh, and Myx Chanel

M1ss Jade So


Myx Chanel

THE Marina Summers!

By choosing drag queens to grace the stage, Durex aimed to embrace and celebrate diversity, reinforcing its commitment to creating an event where everyone, regardless of gender, feels welcomed and empowered to revel in pleasure-filled experiences.

Everyone was in a frenzy as they played fun games, not just to snag cool prizes but to shout out loud about enjoying pleasure, all while giving a cheeky nod to staying safe. These games had everyone jumping in, ensuring guests approached pleasure with a bang.

The night wrapped up with the fancy Eleganza Excellence Award, showcasing Durex's massive mission to make things safe, crazy fun, and totally for everyone!

Brian Zamora & Niko Badayos were named Best Dressed KOL

Before the dance floor opened for everyone to celebrate, Camille Taguba from the Durex team delivered a year-end closing toast expressing gratitude for making 'Durex-mas For All, Pleasure For All: Naughty and Nice Year-End Party' unforgettable. She highlighted the unity achieved during the event, mirroring Durex's #ComeTogether campaign and fostering a sense of pleasure and togetherness during the holiday season.

Camille Taguba 

“We've #ComeTogether to laugh, learn, and celebrate pleasure for everyone—creating memories that will last longer than just tonight.”

Me with Ava, Anagon and Niche!

The naughty and nice year-end party proved how Durex Philippines is committed to making a world where people can enjoy pleasure and responsible closeness. It was a lively showcase, pushing everyone to grab the happiness of pleasure during holidays and every moment afterward. This big celebration shouted loud and clear about Durex's strong promise to let the power of pleasure loose, championing a purpose far beyond the holiday cheer.


Durex Philippines is part of the global brand, offering diverse products designed for Filipino preferences. From condoms to lubricants and pleasure-enhancing items, Durex provides tailored experiences while emphasizing discretion, quality, and a celebration of intimacy. With a commitment to pleasure and safety, Durex offers a variety of products to meet diverse needs and preferences in the Philippines.

Durex takes its commitment to another level for those desiring a convenient, pleasurable experience. Beyond its esteemed history and dedication to quality, Durex ensures a discreet delivery of its products, promising all consumers a private and personalized experience. Explore your pleasure essentials now through Lazada and Shopee!

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