The Truth Regarding How Often you Should Be Exfoliating Your Face

Getting a skincare routine right can be difficult. It’s often a case of trial and error as you search for the products that are effective on your skin type and cost-effective. Part of the issue is knowing how often you should be using specific products to get the best possible look. It can be hard to achieve the same look as your favorite celebrity. After all, they have a team of professionals helping them.

One thing that many people get wrong is exfoliating their faces. You’ll probably think it’s a good idea to exfoliate daily. However, the best approach to exfoliating your face is actually to do it 2-3 times a week. In short, every other day will suffice.

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Understanding Exfoliating

Exfoliating is usually done with a specific product that has small granules in it. You can achieve the same result with an exfoliating glove. The small granules rub across your face dislodging any dead skin cells that haven’t flaked off by themselves.

If left, the dead skin cells can block pores, leading to a break out of spots. That’s why the right exfoliating cleanser should be a basic part of your skincare regime.

Exfoliate 2-3 Times Per Week

If exfoliating removes dead skin cells and helps to prevent spots from breaking out, it can be easy to summarize that it’s something that should be done every day. But the truth is, if you exfoliate every day you’re more likely to experience breakouts.

When you exfoliate you remove dead skin cells, this encourages new skin cells to be produced. The process also encourages blood flow to the area, this increases the nutrients available for your skin and can even your skin tone. Unclogged pores also help to ensure creams and other substances can get into your body faster.

However, if you exfoliate too much, you’re likely to damage the new skin cells. This is because they are softer when first created, and easier to damage. Excessive exfoliation removes the new skin cells, leaving you with blotchy skin and increasing the likelihood of a break out occurring. 

Focusing on 2-3 times a week ensures all dead cells are removed and your skin has all the time it needs to look its best. :)

Types Of Exfoliating Treatments

You’ll find there are two types of exfoliants, those with chemicals and those without. Face scrubs and clay masks are a physical version of exfoliation. In contrast, chemical exfoliants use acid serums and peels. If you opt for a chemical one you’ll need to verify that your skin doesn’t react negatively to it. That means using a small amount of it in a discreet area before you administer it to your face.

Don’t forget the skin on your face is generally more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. If you’re switching products proceed with caution. If you can, it’s a good idea to use both types of products, alternating when you use them.

Final Thought: The average person loses 40 million skin cells daily, if you don’t exfoliate you’re asking your skin to look dry and dull. So for a clearer and smoother skin, exofiliate! :)

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