Bye Bye Allergies with SNIZTOP

This year, for some reason, my allergic rhinitis (and Nico's) worsened. I don't know why but we've become more sensitive to dust, smoke or even the weather.  We hate getting the sniffles especially when outside because people could be quick to judge especially when we're in the middle of a pandemic. Also, it's such a hassle. Huhu. Good thing I discovered SNIZTOP! Read on to know more...

So what is Sniztop?

Sniztop is a 100% natural histamine blocker for fast allergy relief! It's made of quail egg powder & zinc which are known natural solutions for allergies / atopic dermatitis. SniZtop is a patented food supplement with proprietary formula containing zinc and specific proteins derived from certified Japanese quail eggs. Interest in quail eggs dates back to more than 2 centuries, especially in Japan where they are consumed for their therapeutic benefits by patients suffering from allergies and inflammatory diseases or in China, as a remedy against asthma. SniZtop is the 1st natural histamine blocker offering all the quail eggs benefits in 1 tablet.

*But because of these ingredients, it may not be advisable to people who are allergic to chicken or eggs so it's best to consult your doctor first.

Love that it is chewable making it easy for me to take since I always have a hard time swallowing medicine 

Chewing SniZtop tablets release zinc and active proteins that prevent the allergen from getting into contact with the immune cells. Thus, SniZtop blocks the trigger of inflammatory mediators such as histamine. SniZtop is fast-acting, having an effect within only 15 minutes after intake. Wow! Best part? No drowsiness, dizziness or restlessness after taking it. The efficacy of SniZtop on allergy symptoms relief has been clinically proven in a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study.

Will share links below so you can also read about this product on your own. Also, for optimum protection, it's best to take 1-2 tablets (not during meals) 15-20 minutes before being exposed to allergens. Nico and I take this whenever we start feeling itchy sa nose and the effect is almost immediate with no side effects. Anyway, if you want a natural anti-histamine you could try this! It's the first in the Philippines and it's clinically proven for fast allergy relief with year-round efficacy, suitable for adults and children.

Happy New Year, everyone! Always remember to stay safe and healthy always. :)

*Sniztop is available at WATSONS for only P540 for a box of 30.

For more updates or details, check out these links:

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