Safe & Conscious Travel in the New Normal + Places I Want to Visit

We're only 2 months away from the new year! Can you believe it?! I swear it seems like it was only yesterday when we're ringing in the year 2020 on the street, giving a toast (online and offline) complete with resolutions & aspirations, sharing a laugh over drinks with friends & family, watching fireworks, yet utterly clueless about the devastation it will bring to our lives and the world. A few months in and overnight all of our lives turned upside down. I admit, it took a while for me to finally accept the reality that things will never be the same again. I even shed a few tears whenever I think of all the things I took for granted like crowded places (which I hate so much), dining in a resto, casual strolls, commuting, social interactions, hugs & kisses, gatherings, blog events, work, shopping without having to disinfect everything every time (such a hassle huhu), going to the movies, and I could go on and on but truly one of the things I miss so much is traveling. (insert crying face emoji) We're nowhere near this outbreak's finish line but things are slowly getting back to "regular programming" with new routines and protocols in place. For weeks now, Nico and I have been discussing where we could possibly go that's nice (a beach, lake, mountain, etc) yet safe and budget friendly. In BTS Army's words, we badly need to go "Namjooning" (take time out to relax, think and commune with nature) just to recharge & decompress. Here are a few places we want to visit, as well as some safety tips...

I miss you Siquijor ;)

With this ongoing pandemic, I think road trips would be the most viable option right now. Tagaytay, Laguna, Cavite, Rizal are now open for tourists and they have no travel requirements except maybe for travel pass so it's best to secure one just in case there are checkpoints. Some places are now open for domestic tourists like for example Baguio, Boracay & Bohol (on November 15) with a few mandatory requirements like accredited hotels, swab test & health certificate which will cost money so be prepared.  My friend Tracy recently went to Batangas with her cousins and they were required to secure permits, health certificate and a swab test. Some places may even require a few days quarantine. These procedures and restrictions are what's keeping us from leaving the house (aside from covid of course), but if you follow all the safety & health protocols I guess there won't be any problems. Just remember that until there's no cure, always be cautious and mindful of others! 

Last day in Penang, Malaysia before our flight back to Manila last February. A few weeks later, the world shut down. ;(

After months of feeling anxious, I'm finally feeling hopeful. This year may have kicked me/us to the curb, but it also taught me a lot of things about the world and myself. When it comes to traveling, when the time is right, I think this is the perfect opportunity to explore and discover what our country has to offer. If it's possible, prioritize small towns or lesser known areas. Let's support local businesses and help them get back up on their feet. Here's a few places I want to visit as soon as they open...

*Siquijor again coz we fell inlove with this place!
*Baler - Nico have never been there! 

Click link below for list of domestic destinations and their current travel update:

With this "new normal", here are some travel tips we could all adapt as we now travel safely & consciously...

* Get yourself tested even if the location does not require it, just to be safe. Be a responsible traveller.

*ALWAYS wear a mask!

* Research about your destination and check if they have safety & health protocols and then prepare all requirements in advance.

* Research about your accommodations and ask about their covid-19 protocols and precautions

* Pre-book in advance to avoid inconvenience

* Use private transportation if possible

* Avoid crowded areas

* Do minimal stops for minimal contacts

* Social distancing at ALL times!

* Always bring your travel pass and a valid ID

* Always disinfect your hands with alcohol if you can't wash it with soap and water.

* Opt for cashless transactions for minimal contact

* Load up on vitamins and bring meds with you always

* Bring your own tumbler and your own spoon & fork

* Religiously follow all the health protocols to protect yourself and others around you!

Now you have a destination and travel safety tips, next is to choose the best travel companion or travel essentials! Even before this pandemic, I often run to The Travel Club whenever I have a trip. During my last out of the country, my handy and ever reliable World Traveller luggage bag was my companion from Manila to Malaysia to India and back! Andami naming pinagdaanan haha.

Used this medium sized World Traveller luggage for our almost 3-week trip! 

Visited their Estancia Mall branch recently to buy a backpack for Nico (for his laptop which he can also use for future travels) and a cute pair of Fitflop sandals for me! We have no trips yet but they're still useful & functional for work and errands. :)

SALE on selected items!

Shop for your travel (or even everyday) essentials here!

Nico bought this Travelon anti-theft backpack for half the price!!! Padded din sha so perfect for his laptop.

Here's my pretty FITFLOP sandals...  

... which I used  during one of my clothes run for a shoot. Had to walk for hours and run from shop to shop but this super comfy footwear made it easier! 

Love the petal design!

Aside from bags and footwear, The Travel Club also has new normal essentials like water bottles, organizers and wallets to keep your necessities within reach, bandana scarf, portable UV sanitizer box, face masks, etc! Visit the nearest store and shop now. :)

That's it guys! Remember, travel is more about perspective and not the destination. Stay safe and healthy always. Sending love and positive energy to you all. :)

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