My Own #TouchofCare Story + VICKS' New Video Made Me Cry!

Have you seen Vicks' new #TouchofCare video? Yes? No? Well, one thing is certain, tears will roll! Mine did. I guess it's because it hits so close to home. Knowing a few people who struggled and are still struggling with HIV-- some winning and losing-- it's heartbreaking. Some of the things they have to fight for everyday (aside from conquering their illness) are PREJUDICE, DISCRIMINATION and ACCEPTANCE. And let me tell you, it doesn't come easy. Read on to know more..

VICKS shows us through the story of Mommy "Agnes" and her adopted son infected with HIV, how unconditional love and genuine Touch of Care could defy odds, surpass any hardship and break barriers regardless of relation and status. The video teaches us the power of acceptance and hope and how it could transform lives.

I also remember how our family "adopted" a family friend's worker's son years ago. He was just 3 at that time but he brought so much positivity and sunshine in our lives! He lived with us for a few weeks and I remember how much I cried when it was time for him to permanently stay with my Uncle. It was the first time I realized, "Ganun pala maging Mommy, you would do everything for your child". We showered him with so much love and care even if we were uncertain when it will all last (his real parents might come and take him anytime). Now, he still lives with my uncle at our ancestral house and he has grown to be a fine, very kind, young man! He's now a scholar in PUP, taller than me (haha) but I still see him as my baby. It just proves how much the "Touch of Care" and unconditional love could make a huge impact on anyone's life. We are all living proof that everyone deserves a #TouchofCare". ❤️

Me with JD! Now he's in college na! How time flies! :)

With this, I invite you to watch and share #VICKS touching new campaign video! Watch video below or click this link!

Thank you VICKS for creating videos like this!  Thank you for shining a light on issues that matter most to society and to the country. Thank you for sharing these extraordinary stories of extraordinary people--stories that
.truly makes a difference, raise awareness and possibly change the world for the better. Spread love everyone! And remember to be kind to each other always, in all ways. ❤️

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