How SNOW CAPS Helped Me Sleep Better and Reduce Stress

They say one should love the skin they’re in, and to be completely honest, I am only starting to love mine. Growing up, I have always been obsessed with skin whitening everything maybe because of society’s double standard when it comes to beauty. Now, I have truly embraced my color (thanks to the kind & encouraging words guys hehe) but I still use SNOW CAPS Glutathione! But WHY??? I know this might seem contradicting or confusing to you, but I promise you I have my reasons. One of which is the most important: HEALTH! Read on to know more… 

I come from a family of drinkers (dad’s side hehe). Our family get-togethers always require the presence of alcohol. My apartment is also just a few streets away from my cousins and childhood friends and because we’re super clingy, we see each other almost everyday with always a bottle or 2 of beer to cap off the night. But there are days when I also think about how this might affect my/our health. You see, my Dad has liver cirrhosis. Sometimes I wish he took something for liver maintenance earlier in his life to cushion the blow. I’ve always believed that prevention is better than cure! That is why I religiously drink glutathione, coz with this lifestyle I know I must really do something to keep my whole being (and not just my liver) healthy! 

We love drinking hehe

So here’s the question, how does SNOW CAPS Glutathione work? How does it help improve our over-all health? 

First of all, here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the body naturally produces glutathione? YUPPPP!!! It is not optional okay? It’s actually a very crucial element or “molecule” in the body. Glutathione, also known as the “Mother of all Antioxidants”, is a combination of three amino acids − cysteine, glycine, and glutamine − and we ALL need it to survive and live a healthy life. Antioxidants keep the free radicals (atoms or molecules that contains unpaired electrons that causes damage to cells through oxidation) in check, eliminates toxins, boosts our immune system and protects cells, deep tissues and our organs! Grabe pala its role in our lives noh?! So anyway, our glutathione level decreases with age and also due to other factors like stress, poor nutrition, smoking, drinking, environmental factors, etc. And due to my age and lifestyle I really need an antioxidant boost! Now, this is where SNOW CAPS enter. Drinking supplements helps increase glutathione levels in the body and reverse its negative effects. Bonus nalang the side effect na radiant, youthful, healthier and glowing skin after. It’s best to take it with Vitamin-C which helps the glutathione retain its active component. 

Ever since I started drinking Snow Caps religiously, I noticed a dramatic change in my sleeping habits. I still sleep late (my preference) but I don’t sleep lightly anymore. Usually when I sleep, I still feel tired after waking up. It’s like you’re asleep but not really. Gets? This often results to lack of energy, low productivity and migraine. I could have migraine for days whenever I don’t get the sleep I need. But this past week, I’ve been sleeping soundly even with all the noise outside our window. Record yun! I love how I am productive and less stressed now than before. I know a friend who uses Snow Caps to cure her hangover! Haven’t tried it yet but I will soon. And if you’re trying to conceive or have hormonal problems (ex. PCOS), they say glutathione aids in fertility by producing higher quality eggs and it helps the body's hormones return to normal! Wow. 
Drinking Snow Caps cleanses the body, speeds up metabolism, prevents fatigue, and clears your skin! And I’m sure there are still a lot of amazing benefits we haven’t discovered yet. 

To recap, here are the amazing benefits of drinking SNOW CAPS or glutathione:

1. Boosts immune system
2. Healthier liver 
3. Cleanses the body from harmful toxins
4. Protects cells, tissues and organs
5. Better sleep
6. More energy to do things
7. Prevents stress and fatigue
8. Cures hangover
9. Aids in fertility and hormonal problems
10. Speeds up metabolism
11. Clears the skin 

*SnowCaps Glutathione is packed with 500mg of Premium Kohjin Glutathione and enriched with 100mg Non-Acidic Vitamin C and 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid to help you achieve a beauty that lasts.

So what are you waiting for??? No pressure, but you might want to consider taking glutathione to improve your skin and health too. Of course, choose the best of the best, schoose SNOW CAPS! For just P1,495 per box, you get maximum benefits that are really worth every cent. Have you tried it? Let me know its effects on you! :)

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