Krabi, Thailand 2017 Day 3-4: Tubkaek Beach & Ko Phi Phi Don Island Tour

Hello guys, it's finally the weekend! Any plans? Spent my Friday editing photos, binge watching Meteor garden (and watching movies online), eating, blogging, and just bonding with my cozy bed. Thank God for Grab Food coz I didn't starve to death bilang walang labasan ng bahay! Anyway, I am working this weekend so sinulit ko na din my free time. So, here's the 3rd installment of our Krabi, Thailand adventure! On our 3rd and 4th day, we discovered more beaches and one of Nico's dreams finally came true! He finally ticked one thing off his bucket list. Read on to know more and for stories/photos...

Me at Maya Bay (The Beach). So surreal!

On our 3rd day in Krabi, we didn't have any plans or booked tour so we hopped on our motorbikes and just drove around hoping to find that perfect spot where we could enjoy the beach in peace. And we did find it!!! Using google maps as guide, we reached this off-beaten path which lead us to a nice, isolated and quiet spot where we spent hours just swimming, resting, reading a book, taking a nap, etc. Best part? We had it all to ourselves!!! Ladies and Gents, welcome to one of my favorite spots in Krabi---Tubkaek (Tup Kaek) Beach!

This place is called Tubkaak Beach! 

Tubkaak beach is located north of Klong Muang and south of Ao Thalane. It's a stunningly beautiful stretch of fine white sand, crystal blue water with trees and bushes lining the shore to provide shade. It easily became one of my favorite spots in town. The beach is across some 4-5 star hotels, so you will come across a few hotel guests lounging around too. Be respectful, always! :) 

It's a bit remote but worth it:) There are nice hotels located in this area, across the street. 

Nico and Gio immediately went in for a swim!

what a view:)

It's a pretty long stretch of fine white sand! Water's blue and clear!

My ultimate beach boy. :)

Took lots of swimsuit photos! Haha


Love maillots because I could also use them as a top!

Wore it with this cute skirt which I bought from Landmark


Our spot:)

After a few hours, our stomachs started rumbling so we packed up our things and looked for someplace to eat late lunch! Saw this local eatery along the road on our way back to the resort...

I forgot what these dishes are called (except for Pad Thai, of course hehe) but Nico and I shared them. So good!!! But SO, SO SPICY!!! Nico looked like he was about to die from all the chili he ate. Haha. 

After a few bites, he became all red, stood up and started pacing while trying to exhale all the spiciness away. He also finished 2 pitchers of water, I think. Sobrang tawang tawa the locals who were also eating there. Haha! 

After eating, we headed back to the resort to swim in the pool (we wanted to make the most out of our last day in Nong Thale Mountain View Resort), chill, rest some more and then freshen up for dinner. We left the resort again when it was almost sunset...

Went back to Ao Nang Beach for sunset!

Bagong ligo, bagong pag-asa. Haha!


After admiring the beautiful Krabi sunset, we then checked out Ao Nang Walking Street located along Ao Nang Beach Road. The street is lined with shops selling different local products and souvenirs. So many nice and pretty stuff! 

                          Parked our motorbike first. Don't worry it's safe!

Walking street is lined with souvenir shops, restaurants, money changers, massage parlors, tour agencies, transport bookings, etc. 

Printed bags, wallets, purses, hats and other novelty items!

Cute embroidered wallets for 100 baht!

While walking, we were stopped by these beauties!

So of course we had to take a photo with them

Group pic! After our photo-op we were asked to pay. Hahaha! They were very persistent so we gave 100 baht as a tip. So iniwasan na namin sila after. Haha.

Lots of travel agencies where you could book tours or transport services

Super sarap this Mango Sticky Rice for 60 baht!

100 baht DIY pad thai

We also tried locating our next accommodation, where we will be transferring the next day--- Ao Nang Easy Room!

For dinner, we decided to try out this food bazaar/market we saw on the side of the road, a few meters away from the walking street. 

So many stalls and so many food choices! Meals and dishes were only 50-100 baht

Fruits for 20 baht and fruit shakes for 30-45 baht

Sorry I forgot to take photos of our orders and our tiny table located at the back of these stalls. Anyway, I think we only paid 150 baht and share na kami ni Nico!

Went home agad after dinner and retired early that night because we have a scheduled tour the next day. As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the resort staff (thanks so much Bobby!) helped us book the tour! Nico was just so excited to see Ko Phi Phi especially Maya Bay! He had been dreaming of this day for as long as I can remember. The next day, we were fetched by our service at 8:00 am and then brought to the port...

 I was up early so I waited by the poolside! May time pa magpicture! Hehe.

Our service from the resort going to Nopparat Thara Pier in Ao Nang

There are stalls across the street selling clothes, hats, inflatable, slippers, etc. 

Our guide led us to this area where we were asked us to line up (Phi Phi Islands booth), register and get our wristbands.

Island tour via Andaman Krabi Travel and Tours! We chose the Phi Phi Island tour by speedboat for 1,200 baht each person. It includes lunch, refreshments, 6 destinations, insurance, snorkeling gears,entrance fees and an English guide. Sulit na!

Quick briefing before we board the boat

Mejo mahabang lakad to the speedboat

Finally! Our boat! 

We decided to sit outside! Sobrang init but push!

1st Stop: MONKEY BAY
Approaching! So nice!!!

Happy kid

Stayed on the boat for a few minutes to take photos

Ganda umaura dito db?

Monkey Bay (known as Ao Ling in Thai) is a popular snorkeling spot on Phi Phi Don Island. Situated near the entrance of Dalum Bay (Loh Dalum), it is a small, hidden cove that is home to a colony of monkeys. Surprisingly, I didn't see any monkeys while we were there. 

Our speedboat

Long-tail boat

Found a spot nearby where we put down our things and chilled for a bit

We also played with these adorable kids!

Do not feed the monkeys! Kuya included! Haha sha nagsabi nun. Hehe.

Shempre we also had to take photos! 

Love my ROXY swimwear!

Thanks to my IG boyfriend for taking my photos!

(Don't know what this is called and can't find it online! Help anyone?)
We entered through that narrow space between the rocks/cliffs. 

The entryway from inside! So cool.

 There were a few boats inside the small lagoon when we got there

We stayed here for half an hour to snorkel, enjoy the cool, crystal clear water & admire these beautiful limestone cliffs up close.

I had so much fun in the water I didn't want to leave haha

Goodbye secret lagoon! 

3rd Stop: PHI PHI DON
Ko Phi Phi Don is the only island in the group with permanent inhabitants but no roads. It is also a marine reserve.

Finally time for lunch!!!

Lovely view

It's a buffet!

We were not able to explore the island because we didn't have enough time. We just stayed in the restaurant and waited for our guide to call us.


Located at the bottom of a tall limestone cliff on the northeastern side of the island, the Viking Cave can only be viewed from the outside because inside the cave are precious swiftlet birds' nests said to be worth thousands of dollars. Particularly prized in Chinese culture, these edible nests are believed to promote good health, balance, boost the immune system and extremely good for the skin. These nests are made of solidified saliva and is used to make bird's nest soup. Cool trivia noh?

Closer look

So many fish!

About to enter the lagoon. Stunning view!

Group pic muna!

Pileh Lagoon is a small inlet on the second biggest of the Phi Phi Island archipelago, and is separated from Maya Bay by a sheer limestone cliff face. The water inside this beautiful lagoon is of the most crystal clear azure waters you may have ever seen. It’s very shallow and so warm it’s like swimming in the bath tub, there is no coral or anything to snag on, and the bottom is made up of white fine sand that just slips between your toes. Very close to Viking Cave, Pileh Lagoon Phi Phi Island is a wonderful place to relax and have lunch in-between dives or snorkeling sessions. (source: https://www.easydaythailand.com)

I saw a lot of boats just parked in the middle while tourists snorkel and swim around it. Looked so much fun! Sadly, we were on a strict island tour so we were only allowed to take photos from the boat. The place is beautiful! Pristine water with beautiful, towering limestone cliffs surrounding it. 

Shempre photo-op pa more

6th Stop: MAYA BAY (THE BEACH!!!)
Approaching Maya Bay!

I have to share with you that as of June 2018, they've temporarily closed this popular island to visitors/tourists. I think this is a good thing because as what I've seen and experienced, the island badly needs time for rehabilitation. But it's only until the end of this month!!! You can visit again starting October. Let's all remember to be responsible tourists please! :)

So many people haha

Maya Bay is a stunningly beautiful bay that's sheltered by 100-meter high cliffs on three sides. Inside the bay there are several beaches, most are small and some only exist at low tide. The main one is around 200 metres long with silky soft white sand, underwater colourful coral and exotic fish in exceptionally clear water; the whole bay is one big reef.

Sup guys. We were given less than an hour to go down, take photos and enjoy the beach.

Maya Bay has become the main tourist attraction of Phi Phi since "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed here in 1999. It was always very popular before the film but now people around the world who haven't even heard of Phi Phi have certainly heard of Maya Bay. Well, like us. Guilty! :)


...reality!!! Shookt si me!!! The throng of tourists destroyed our huge island dream. Haha.

If you're expecting to have a nice, serene day while admiring the beautiful seascape of white fine shore and crystal clear water, then DON'T COUNT ON IT. Haha. Sorry to burst your bubble but because of it's popularity, thousands (4,000 to 5,000 according to records) of tourists come here everyday. Try to visit early in the morning or after after 5:00 pm to avoid the crowds. Will definitely do that next time!

I waited until some boats left and the crowd lessened just to take this photo

Even with the crowd, it's so beautiful

He just sat there admiring the view. The beach boy (and The Beach fan) was in total bliss. :) 

Same spot where Leonardo was in the movie! May opening dapat between the rocks but they closed it using CGI. 

 My favorite scene in the movie!

 Remember yung fish hunting scene nia? 

And this!

Still can't believe I was there

Maya Bay drone shot

According to news.com.au, when Maya Bay reopens, the National Parks and Wildlife Department of Thailand will set a daily limit of 2000 tourists. Boats will also no longer be allowed to anchor there and will have to dock on the opposite side of the island at floating piers. I think that's a nice plan! Anything to protect this beauty. Can't wait to see it again! There's a 400 baht fee when you visit Maya Bay but it's usually included in the tour price.

Approaching the island

Bamboo Island, known as Koh Pai in Thai, is the most north-easterly island of Phi Phi Archipelago in Krabi. Lying approximately five kilometers off the northern tip of Koh Phi Phi Don, Bamboo Island is a stunning tropical hotspot that offers the perfect getaway from the crowds as despite the fact a few tours from Phuket make a stop here after lunch, the island is most of the time never too crowded. The island is entirely surrounded by a strip of white sand and its central part is covered with lush vegetation including Casuarinas trees and Bamboo trees. On the north-eastern side of the island, under the shade of the trees, a small bar serves drinks and snacks.

We were given an hour to rest, swim, explore

Many tourists come here but it never gets too crowded

Found our spot!

While waiting, I took a nice nap

Tsunami warning signs and strictly no drones without permission!!!

Verdict: I think the tour was worth it for the price (1,200 baht including everything!) because we were able to see 7 amazing places in 6 hours. Downside? Time-constraint made it impossible for us to enjoy each spot fully. But more reasons to come back, right??? :)
It was almost sunset when we reached the port area

Had a nice walk along Nopparat Thara beach on our way back to our service

Saw locals playing Sepak Takraw

Headed back to the resort immediately after to bathe and rest

I don't know why I don't have photos that night but I think we just ate nearby and slept early because of exhaustion. Haha. We checked out the day after and transferred to a hotel at the heart of Ao Nang town. More photos and stories on my next post! Thanks for reading! :)

Want to book a tour? Click here!

Use my AIRBNB code when you sign-up to get free credits!

BUDGET (Airfare, Accommodations, Others in PHP)
Airfare - 6,627.67
Airport Tax - 1,620 
Accommodation (Younique Hostel, Malaysia, 1 night) -  1,283 / 2 = 641.50
Accommodation (Naga Peak, Krabi, 1 night) - 1,600 / 2 = 800
Accommodation (Nong Thale, Krabi, 3 nights) -  9,451.46 / 4 = 2,362.87
Accommodation (Ao Nang Easy Room, 4 nights) - 4,290 / 2 = 2,145
TOTAL = P14,197.04

Budget for Malaysia & Krabi Day 1 in PHP
NAIA Airport snacks - 200
Grab to Younique hostel - 120
Dinner - 150
Snacks - 100
Airport service to KLIA - 66
KFC Lunch at airport - 140
Airport service to Krabi resort - 200
Motorbike rental - 160/2 = 80
Dinner at local resto - 200 /2 = 100
Family mart snacks = 100
TOTAL = P1, 256!!!

Budget for Krabi Day 2 in Baht 
Motorbike rental - 250/2 - 125
Lunch - 75
Coconut ice cream - 30
Thai Pancake - 35
Dinner - 120
Miscellaneous (water, c-100, etc) - 80
TOTAL = 465 baht or P760

Budget for Krabi Day 3&4 in Baht 
Motorbike rental - 250/2 = 125
Lunch = 75
Convenience store run = 100 
Tip for ladyboys = 25
Mango sticky rice = 60
Dinner = 100
Phi Phi Island tour = 1200
Dinner = 75
Miscellaneous = 100
TOTAL = 1860 baht or P3, 052

*budget depends on shopping habits and food preferences

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