Krabi, Thailand 2017 Day 2: Nong Thale Mountain View Resort + Ao Nang Beach

Working on my travel posts little by little! Sorry for the delays, work always gets in the way and don't get me wrong, I love that it does. I'm still very much thankful for the opportunities. Mahirap mag freelance ah! Haha. Anyway, here's Part 2 of my Krabi, Thailand posts! Super long overdue, I know. But still want to share our experience because it might help you plan for your next trip! If you want to see the famous Ko Phi Phi Island (popularized by the movie "The Beach"), stare at soaring limestone cliffs in Railey beach, or if you just want to experience local culture, try amazing food, hop on a motorbike and discover hidden beaches, then this post is for you. If you love the laidback beach life as much as Nico, you might never want to leave this paradise. Keep reading to find out why!

In my first post, I shared with you how I booked our flights and accommodations, as well as photos and stories from our first day in Krabi. We stayed in Naga Peak Resort on our first night and then we transferred to our main accommodation -- NONG THALE MOUNTAIN VIEW RESORT-- the next day. I booked our rooms via AirBnb and I thought it was a pretty sweet deal for just 1,000 baht per night for a private villa with balcony! The resort was small, but it was charming and exclusive. We all loved it.

From Naga Peak just walk for a few minutes and you'd see this road. On the left side (with the blue sign) is the resort! Love the mountain view!

The resort!

I chose this resort because of their pool area and it's location. It was far (but not quite) from the busy & noisy town center. Perfect for R&R. So nice! 

Perfect place to just chill, take a nap or read a book

Pool area

 Reception area

Nice and friendly staff!

 Gate/Entrance is on the left

 Wooded area beyond the fence provides an amazing backdrop! Creepy but pretty.

 Our room was on the first floor. Just a few steps away from the pool

 Say hello to our 1,000 baht garden view room/villa!

 It has everything inside! Kitchenette, microwave, ref, TV, aircon, fan, terrace, hot & cold shower.

 Clean toilet! They also provided towels.

 Our double bed! At par with hotels. Love it!

 There's a closet, safe and dresser

 Room from another angle

Good morning from our balcony! Hehe

 Made new friends. :) 

I'm a pool kind of girl kaya happiness! Hehe

Want to book a room here? Click links below:

Our free set breakfast! YUMMM.

We had no definite plans when we got there. We haven't booked any tours. We just know that we wanted to relax, laze around, explore the place, discover beaches and visit Ko Phi Phi islands (specifically Maya Bay where the movie was filmed). We're so thankful that Bobby, one of the resort's staff, not only offered to book the island tour for us but he also gave us amazing tips and discounted motorbike rentals. The owners Guido & Banyen were also very warm, friendly and gracious! It definitely felt like home (away from home). 

After settling in our rooms and resting for a bit, we finally headed out to do some exploring. Since the resort is a bit remote (but totally worth it), a 15-minute ride to/from the town center & 5-minute drive to Khlong Muang beach, we rented motorbikes so we could go around freely! We were famished, so we decided to look for a local eatery where we could eat. On our way to the beach, we saw this local eatery along the road... 

making our way downtown..

..riding fast, faces pass we're not home bound. Tenenenenen.. kinanta nio ba? LOL

Loved our daily motorbike ride! Such beautiful scenery along the way.

 Photos of their King everywhere. Respect!

Parked our bikes

Selfie muna bago lafang

Pad thai and fried beef!

Seafood fried rice and fried shrimp pa more! So good!!! Super cheap too! Each meal was just 50-70 baht.

Sup guys baket ako tulog

After eating, we got on our bikes and just drove around until we saw the shore-- and water!!! 

We've reached Ao Nang/Nopparat Thara beach! It's a pretty long stretch (as in 1 kilometer long) so we just parked somewhere and walked.

The area we chose was not that crowded

We got there late afternoon, almost 5pm, so it was already low-tide. 

We walked until we reached those huge rocks!

We were aiming for the shaded area, yung madaming trees!

What's up ang init po

Find your own spot!

They found theirs! Couple goalz hehe

Found this quiet area

It's secluded so I was able to shoot my bikini haha

Ang layo lang ng water katamad haha

Panix at your service! 

Sobrang init grabe I got 2 shades darker after!

Nico studying the map haha

There are tourist maps which you can use as your guide when planning your itinerary

Rates for taxi service!

Beach mats for sale

30 baht coconut ice cream! Best way to beat the heat and cool off.

Snacks anyone?

Famous thai pancake for 25-45 baht depending on flavor! 

Ordered cheese pancake for 35 baht

So good!

Fresh fruit shakes for 40 baht!

Lavarn si ate

They now have a tsunami evacuation route & system!

Beyond this is the Noppara Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park

It is where you could book tours or boats for Phi Phi Island

More taxi service rates

Speed boat or boat loading area

Standard tour rates!

From the beach, we drove to the more "upscale" part of the island where the high-end resorts are. We tried looking for someplace to catch the sunset but to no avail. LOL. We then decided to just look for another local food place to eat dinner naman. We exchanged currency first and then ate at this local eatery that serves amazing food!!!

Money changer. PHP to Baht was .60!

This was the road we were in

Saw this local food place on our right! It was small but inviting! It's called E-San Kang Ang.

They had us at Miang Pla Pao (famous & delicious Thai grilled fish)! They were grilling a handful outside and they looked so delish!

The fish might look familiar--yes, it's tilapia. But the preparation and way of eating it is different! It's stuffed with pandan leaves & lemongrass, salt crusted (as in pinaliguan sa asin yung labas) and grilled in charcoal.

Menu! We ordered shrimp fried rice and the grilled fish!

All food were freshly prepared!

Our delicious meal! So how do you eat the fish? You wrap the meat inside the fresh leaves and dip it in their homemade sauces! SO GOOD OMG. The combination was so perfect. Kinilig yung palette ko. Haha. Once you pop you can't stop!

Happy kids!

The 4 of us shared 1 big fish and 2 plates of fried rice. I think we paid 450 baht for our meal (112.5 baht each). If you want to try out this resto, here's the address. You're welcome!

6024 Tambon Nong Talay, Amphoe Mueang, Krabi

Just a few steps away is this noodle store. Nico bought a bowl for midnight snack. He paid 40 baht! 

He also tried making a new friend. So cute!

On our way back we had to do gas refill again!

This ends Part 2 of my KRABI travel guide!!! It was my first time in this part of Thailand and it was quite nice. The place is not as touristy and packed as Phuket. Compared to Phuket, this charming town was more remote, rugged, relaxed and cheaper (but I still find it pricey). If you want less parties and more beach, then this place is for you! On my 3rd installment, sharing naman travel tips and photos from our island tour! Thanks for reading!:)

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BUDGET (Airfare, Accommodations, Others in PHP)
Airfare - 6,627.67
Airport Tax - 1,620 
Accommodation (Younique Hostel, Malaysia, 1 night) -  1,283 / 2 = 641.50
Accommodation (Naga Peak, Krabi, 1 night) - 1,600 / 2 = 800
Accommodation (Nong Thale, Krabi, 3 nights) -  9,451.46 / 4 = 2,362.87
Accommodation (Ao Nang Easy Room, 4 nights) - 4,290 / 2 = 2,145
TOTAL = P14,197.04

Budget for Malaysia & Krabi Day 1 in PHP
NAIA Airport snacks - 200
Grab to Younique hostel - 120
Dinner - 150
Snacks - 100
Airport service to KLIA - 66
KFC Lunch at airport - 140
Airport service to Krabi resort - 200
Motorbike rental - 160/2 = 80
Dinner at local resto - 200 /2 = 100
Family mart snacks = 100
TOTAL = P1, 256!!!

Budget for Krabi Day 2 in Baht 
Motorbike rental - 250/2 - 125
Lunch - 75
Coconut ice cream - 30
Thai Pancake - 35
Dinner - 120
Miscellaneous (water, c-100, etc) - 80
TOTAL = 465 baht or P760

*budget depends on shopping habits and food preferences

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