Had My Warts Removed at FLAWLESS and This is the Result!

I had my first warts removal experience four years ago and it was liberating. After that, I told myself I will never ignore my warts again. Did you know that those tiny, ugly things that are almost invisible are contagious? Yup, they multiply and you could pass them on to other people! Eeew. So anyway, two weeks ago (July 9) I went to FLAWLESS Farmers Plaza branch to have the warts on my neck and chest removed. They've been annoying me for more than a year now and they were already visible and difficult to contain, but I just didn't have the time to deal with them 'coz I was busy with work. So when the movie I was styling for wrapped up, I decided to finally eliminate them. Here's what happened and how it looks like now...

So I scheduled an appointment at 1pm and got lost for a bit inside the mall looking for the clinic. It's located lang pala on the 2nd floor near the MRT entrance! :) It's actually pretty easy to spot. 

 Here it is!

 It's located near the MRT entrance, in front of Greenwich near Chowking

 While waiting for my turn, I took a photo of my warts. I know eew but I just wanted to show you how it looks like haha. It was visible na on my neck. 

 I also have lot (which I thought was only a few) on my chest

I just waited for a few minutes and then I was called by Ate Mae and ushered inside. I was told to lie down, unbutton my top (I especially wore a collared button down top for this procedure so I could hide the scars after) and then she applied topical/cream anesthesia to my warts. We had to wait for 45 minutes for it to take effect (areas would numb) before they could start zapping and burning them all away. The procedure is called electro cauterization. 

I love how FLAWLESS charge per area. Meaning you could have unlimited warts removed depending on your chosen area-- in my case, neck and chest! Okay yun coz some clinics charge per warts and that could rack up your bill! Anyway, their rate is P2,700 for neck and P4,000 (more or less) pag chest area. Just call Flawless to know more about their services and rates! :) 

 Waiting game

After 45 minutes, Doctor Aldana entered the room and started getting ready for the procedure. They started on my neck and then my chest. Their machine has this small probe with needle that has a mild electric current running through it that burns and destroys the tissue. I'd be honest, it was a bit painful even with the anesthesia. It's like being snapped by a hot rubber band over and over. But don't worry, it's tolerable! Just ask the doctor for a few seconds break in between whenever it becomes too hot or painful. One second per wart lang naman sha. But for bigger warts, the doctor might burn it 2-3 times for 1-2 seconds each. 

 Cautery machine

It has a needle that emits electricity and burns the warts away

 How my warts looked like after cautery. Open wound sha so it had to be treated with Bactreat-B anti-inflammatory cream. 

 Grabe ganyan pala sila kadami! I waited for a few minutes after the procedure to rest for a bit and then I left na after.

Parang walang nangyare db? Hehe!

After the treatment, I even went to a meeting, pre-styled for a shoot the next day and even sourced clothes. Don't worry you can still work or do errands immediately after. Just make sure you apply your ointment religiously everyday for proper healing. And don't scratch it!!! Or else, it might leave a scar. 

 This photo was taken 2 days after the procedure. I had to wear turtleneck tops to hide my scars hihi.

Photo taken 10 days after procedure. Scabs have lessened and most already fell off. 

 Photo taken 16 days after the procedure. No more scabs! But there are still white spots. Just waiting for them to disappear! :)

I am so happy and relieved I finally had a lot of my warts removed. I still have a few left on my stomach naman and under my chest area! I will schedule another appointment for that. Make it a habit to remove your warts, guys. You'll thank me later! :) Thanks again Pao, Doc Aldana and Ate Mae of Flawless for taking care of me. You da best!!! :)

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