Epsom Salt Foot Spa by Nailaholics + Happy Brows Gateway Mall is Now Open!

If there's one thing I always look forward to (aside from my trips), it's my once a month alone time. And what's my go-to place? Gateway Mall in Cubao! Why there? Well, aside from the fact that it's just a few minutes away from my apartment, it's also a one-stop shop for all things beauty! I can do my hair, nails, brows, skin and everything else without having to jump from one place to another. I don't even need to switch floors! One of my favorite places to visit is Nailaholics salon on the 4th level! I went there 2 weeks ago to have my nails done and also experience their newest offer-- Epsom Salt Foot Scrub! Read on to know more...

It was a rainy day so we arrived late na but they still accommodated me! I've been going to Nailaholics Gateway for years now and I love how I instantly feel relaxed as soon as I step inside. Maybe because of their homey ambiance and their very friendly and helpful staff. Anyway, that day I shared the experience with the jowa, Nico! Oha, Nailaholics is not just for the ladies, pwede din for men! 

 Stolen shot. D naman halatang tuwang tuwa sha hehe. Guys need pampering too sometimes!

 I got so busy with the movie I Love You, Hater and other rakets so after 2 long months of running around and not sleeping, I really deserved this! Hahaha

Their foot spa just got EXTRA because of their fabulous new offer--- EPSOM SALT!!!

 Can I just say, IT SMELLS SO GOOD! Took home a few packs and been using it for weeks now. Even when taking a bath. Haha.

 Yas ate scrub galore! Epsom salt helps soften skin and cuticles, and used as an exfoliant to remove dry skin, calluses, and rough patches.

So, what is EPSOM SALT? And why is it so special?

Epsom salt or "magnesium sulphate", has been used as a natural remedy for hundreds of years. When absorbed by the body, it has so many health and beauty benefits some of which includes alleviation of stress, relaxation, soothes sore muscles, treats sunburn, reduce foot odor, fights bacteria & fungus, improves sleep, improves digestion, balances blood pressure, gives you more energy, fights cold & flu, fights arthritis, lowers blood pressure, exfoliates dead skin and the list goes on and on!!! Such an amazing mineral noh? :) You just need to add P90 to upgrade your foot spa to include Epsom Salt or purchase your own pack so you could DIY at home for just P250!!! 

It comes in 4 variants - Lavender, Lemongras, Spearmint & Peppermint! You could buy each pack (500g) for P250!

 Like a boss sha eh noh

 After their super relaxing foot scrub, I also had my nails done! 

 Tada! I'm obsessed with neutral colored nails. Hehe.

After our relaxing foot scrub and my mani/pedi, we headed to their newly opened brow salon next!!! It's called Happy Brows and it's just across Nailaholics, beside Pink Sugar and a few steps away from Vivere Salon. All of these are under one company. Love it! Best part? P130 lang their eyebrow cleaning here!!! So affordable!!! I used to go to another brow salon in Gateway and I pay P180 per session. Yey to more savings! 

 Kilay is life & grooming is a bitch, so I'm so happy that Happy Brows is finally open!

 Their staff are all well-trained. No bias, it was not painful! And you know that's almost impossible when you thread your brows. 

 Nails by Nailaholics and brows by Happy Brows!

 My brows are embroidered so naka shape na din talaga sha. This was taken before I had it retouched again by Keighty of STROKES. I always get it threaded every 3 weeks when it becomes unruly na para minimum effort nalang sha! Embroidery + threading = life changing!

 Ganda daw ng kilay ko haha

Love the interiors! 

 Justine, Nico, me, Glaiza and Leomy

 They also offer lash extensions!

 Pricelist! They also offer brow cleaning for men. Love it! 

 Grabe super affordable db? :)

 Happy Brows (also Nailaholics and others) are located on the 4th floor of Gateway Mall

 Next time I'll try Pink Sugar waxing naman!

 They have a promo! sali na!

Go ladies! Get pampered! You deserve it!:)

So go na girls! Get that brow of your dreams, make your nails pretty and reward your tired & aching feet stat! You don't have to spend much to look and feel good. Head to the nearest Nailaholics and Happy Brows salon and go get yourself pampered! Can't wait for my next scheduled alone time! :)

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