Lub d Hostel Adventure: Phuket, Thailand

I was about to publish this 5 minutes ago when I accidentally deleted all the text and photos inside the draft!!! So here I am trying to remember everything I said and typed huhu. I was THIS close to the finish line but my finger pressed the wrong key and it all disappeared. KILL. ME.NOW. Anyway, no point crying over spilt milk. HUHU. So after 3 amazing days in Siem Reap, we then flew to Phuket, Thailand for the 2nd leg of our adventure with the Lub d team! Here are photos and stories from our quick yet memorable trip to Phuket...

 First time to ride an AirAsia plane that's not red! Hehe

Plane ride took almost 2 hours. Slept through it as always!

Hello, beautiful. :)

We were greeted by the friendly Lub d peepz at the airport!

Our comfy van/service!


Our first stop was this charming restaurant set inside a beautifully preserved & decorated 20th century Sino-Thai-Portuguese colonial house along New Dibuk Road in Mueang Phuket (Old Town). I love everything vintage or retro, so I instantly fell in love with the place! It's like dining inside a mini museum. Tourists, locals, celebrities & Thai royalties frequent this place because of the ambiance and of course, the genuine local cuisine they serve. Most of the dishes here are original Phuket-style food, meaning you can only eat it there, in Phuket. 


So much to choose from! Food are a bit pricey but they're mostly for sharing.

I wasn't able to take photos of the food we ate because I was too sleepy and hungry, but they served us some of their best-sellers like the Moo Hong or Steamed pork with pepper and garlic (tastes a bit like adobo & rendang), Deep fried shrimp with garlic & pepper (my fave! SO GOOD), Crab meat with curry, coconut milk & rice vermicelli (spicy but delicious!), Shrimp cake and then Mango sticky rice for dessert! YUUUM. They ordered 2 of each dish and it was more than enough for the 8 of us. You must also try their Thai Iced Tea! :) 

Retro Asian interiors. I love it.

2nd Stop: Lub d Phuket Patong

When we arrived at the hostel, I was honestly surprised! I didn't expect it to be HUGE. It looked more like a hotel than a hostel. Hehe. Designed for both business and leisure travel, Lub d Phuket Patong is conveniently located in the heart of Patong Entertainment District-- one of the city's most popular locales. It is also just a 3-minute walk to the beach and a 5-minute walk to Bangla Enterntainment Hub!

 Warm welcome by Lub d's cool CEO Simon Morley!

Main lobby

Signature wall art!

 Love their hostel directory!

Signature open counter reception:)

 They prepared a short Muay Thai/Thai Boxing demo for us! Lub d has a full-size boxing ring at the lobby. 

 Intense but awesome!

 Event Board

Like Lub d Siem Reap, Lub d Phuket also offers fun, unique and interesting activities such as Muay Thai & Thai Language classes, pool parties, pub crawl, movie night and different games! For hostel activities, just look for their Guest Activities host if you want to join and sign-up. For island hopping, full moon parties, walking tour and other activities outside the hostel, look for the STA Travel (Lub d's tour agency partner in Phuket) tour desk and inquire for schedule and pricing! They give discounts for hostel guests. Yey!

Met STA Travel's Regional Sales & Marketing Director, Jason Mclellan!

 Hostel guests can sign up for SMA boxing classes. Just approach their Guest Services Desk! Rates starts at 100 baht.

We did not plan our outfits. I swear.

Guests need not go outside if they're feeling famished or thirsty because Lub d's Splash Bar & Bite got you covered! This deli bar serves a wide selection of dishes (European, Italian, International, and Asian) made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients that will surely satisfy your cravings & fill your empty stomachs. They serve all-day breakfast, snacks, pasta, rice meals, burgers, salads, noodles, pizza and more! Feeling thirsty? The offer a great selection of drinks like coffee, smoothies, milkshake, ice cold beer, different cocktails prepared by their well-trained baristas & expert mixologists! :)

DJ/Chef! She can whip up some mean beats, as well as amazing meals!

Spacious common area! 

 Fresh coconuts anyone?

 Lub d's Jordan Bewsic entertaining some guests

 Love this corner near the bar!

 The bar & resto is located near the pool area

Splash Bar & Bite is open from 6:30 am until 11 pm!

 Take a dip in their awesome see-through pool!

 Or chill and relax on these beanbags or hammocks beside the pool area.

 Swimsuit from Pearly Pop!

 Can't take off my shorts coz the pool was pretty crowded and am shy. Lol

 The hostel has a conference room for meetings or discussions! Hi Simon & Jordan!

 If you're one to mix pleasure with business, don't fret! Lud b has partnered with Garage Society for this awesome co-working space!


So you've seen all of Lub d Phuket's amazing facilities, now it's time for *dundundundun*--a room tour!!!

 Lub d Phuket has 4 buildings! Wow!

 Let's start with their Mixed/Ladies Dormitory!

Lub d Phuket has a total of 33, 18sqm air-conditioned dorm rooms -- 22 mixed & 11 ladies only. Their high-tech custom built dorms are bespoke made with luxury and comfort in mind. They re-invented traditional dorm design and gave it a fresh and modern touch in true Lub d style. Each room features spacious comfortable bunk beds equipped with universal sockets, charging ports, small locker for valuables, half curtain and reading lights. The beds were designed with accessibility and comfort in mind to ensure every guest has the best possible experience. I love how each guest has their own large locker, as well as their own electronic keycard to access the room. No need to bring a towel because they provide one, as well blankets and pillows. All rooms have smoke detectors and fire alarms, as well as free Wi-Fi. Rate is more or less THB 600 per bed per night. 

 Again, stairs for the top bunks instead of a ladder!

 Each room also has their own small balcony!


 Shared Ladies Bathroom!

One thing I hate the most whenever I stay in hostels is the shortage of toilets & showers. It's such a hassle sometimes and it causes delays. You won't have to worry about that in Lub d!!! As you can see in the photo, they have lots of cubicles. I also love their vanity mirrors, hair tools (blowdryers & hair iron), and how they offer free stuff you would normally see in hotels. 

 Hair tools, mirrors and free stuff like cotton buds, cotton, etc.

 Clean shower

 And clean toilet!


Affordable luxury with the added benefit of privacy, Lub d Phuket's air-conditioned Junior Double/Twin rooms boast a large double bed or 2 spacious single beds with clean fresh linen, soft pillows and towels. The rooms are all equipped with universal power sockets, charging ports, reading lights and fast free Wi-Fi. Rooms are safe and secure with a smoke detector, fire alarm, individual electronic keycards for entry as well as an electronic safe box in the room. All Junior rooms also have their own modern en-suite bathrooms and private balcony! So posh! Room is priced at THB 2,375 (no breakfast) & THB 2,500 with breakfast. 

 King size bed

Twin beds

Now it's time to show you the fantabulous room we all stayed in, Lub d Phuket's 25 sqm spacious DELUXE Room!!! I can't believe we're staying in a hostel. It felt like I was in a high-end hotel or resort. This premium, large, spacious room was built with luxury in mind. My bed was divine, huge & comfortable with fresh, crisp line and soft pillows. I also had a mini sofa at the foot of my bed! Love the Mykonos look & feel of the room. I honestly wanted to just stay in all day and watch "Friends" on Netflix (the room comes with a 40" Smart TV!). Okay I actually did that 2 nights in a row. Haha. 

I already miss my bed and this beautiful room!

This magnificent room comes with a big en-suite bathroom with hot & cold shower, a Nespresso-ish coffee machine, mini refrigerator, big work desk, electronic safe, universal power sockets, charging ports, reading lights and free Wi-Fi. You could choose between a King-size bed or 2 large single beds. 

 The room comes with a private balcony and a hammock! Doesn't get any better than that. 

 Glass shower and spacious bathroom with supply of fresh towels and a few toiletries.

Bathroom mirrorfie

Had so much fun, obviously. Hehe.

Avail ng hammock! Perfect place to read a book or nap!:)

Sample photo of twin beds

Verdict? I just love how Lub d married luxury with affordability and how they constructed the hostel with different kinds of travelers in mind because there's just something for everyone! If you're traveling to Phuket, Thailand anytime soon, I really recommend (without bias) Lub d because I promise you, they will make your stay more memorable and more fun! Still not convinced? Well, do you know that Lub d Phuket Patong is ranked #1 in Tripadvisor and they won at the 2017 Hoscar Awards last year as the Best New Hostel? I am not surprised at all. Based on what I've seen and experienced, they deserve the recognition and more! 

To book a room or a bed, click link below!

3rd Stop: Patong Beach

On our way to dinner, we had a quick stop in Patong Beach and didn't leave until after sunset. The beach was a bit crowded, nevertheless it was still beautiful! This three-kilometer strip of golden sand is one of the most popular beaches in Phuket. It's a favorite spot among tourists because the place is just bustling with life. Shops line up the shore and streets, with lots of vendors roaming around and masseuses offering services. It's also a hive of activity such as boating, parasailing, jet-ski and more. Can't wait to go back and experience the night life too! 

 People relaxing on the beach, taking photos and parasailing!

 Beautiful sunset

4th Stop: Kang Eang@Pier Restaurant

On our first night in Phuket, they brought us to this lovely seaside restaurant located along Chalong Bay. It took us almost an hour to get there from the hostel, but it was totally worth it. Established in 1973, this famous restaurant is a must-do among locals and tourists who keep coming back because of the wonderful ambiance & the quality of their dishes that are all tested by time. Aside from seafood and local Thai specialties which they are most known for, they also serve Japanese food. Try dining here when you're in Phuket!

Kang Eang offers an unbeatable view of the vast open sea and creates this amazing ambiance created by the fresh sea breeze. Dining underneath the huge tamarind and ‘hoo gwang’ trees, adds character to this charming place. As one of the oldest restaurants in Phuket, Kang Eang@Pier truly understands the island’s heart and shares the destination’s best qualities--luxury and beauty. Whether you just want to relax, sip a refreshing drink or indulge in an amazing authentic Thai dinner in Phuket, this is the best place to be! 

 All dishes are made freshly cooked and made from the freshest ingredients possible

We had a lovely meal with this view as our background.

 Tables overlooking the sea

 I forgot to take a photo of what we ate, so here's a sample photo from their website! 

Click here for more info!

 Our hearty breakfast from Splash Bar & Bite the next day. YUMMM.

5th Stop: Island Hopping (RAYA/RACHA Islands)

We woke up early the next day and headed straight to the Seastar Happy Journey office for our briefing before finally boarding our speedboat. We were originally supposed to go to Ko Phi Phi island but they changed it to Raya which worked out for me because I've never been to Raya (but I've already been to Phi Phi). Anyway, it was one whole amazing day of extreme bumpy boat rides and lazing around in the sun. Came home 2 shades darker (AGAIN) but it was totally worth it!

 Quick briefing by our guide Milk! Yes, that's her name. She's so nice! 

Our speedboat!

 ready to board!

 Photo when we were still dry. Halfway through the our boat ride we were soaking wet! Haggard. Haha.

 First stop was this bare, uninhabited island. Not sure if this is Racha Noi

 No signal so made the most out of my time by staring at the beautiful sea. They provided us with drinks and snacks!

Thanks Tito Chuckie and Tito Jace for this DIY shelter/shade!

 No shade and too hot, so I just stayed here until it was time to leave. Haha.

Love this swimsuit which also doubles as a top from Pearly Pop!

Aura sa shore! Look at that crystal clear water!

Sun protection by BELO SunExpert!

 Next stop was Racha Yai or Racha Island

Time for lunch!

Took these photos after taking a nap under the trees. FYI, there's a convenience store and ATM machine on the island. This is where I withdraw money. Hehe.

Fine white sand and blue water.

 Our 3rd stop was this snorkeling spot near Maiton Island

 Dolphin watching at Maiton Island! OMG so magical!!!

 HUHU I love dolphins.

 Thank you for showing your beautiful selves!

 After the tour, we all went back to the pier and then we took our van service back to the hostel. We freshened up, had dinner downstairs and then played beer pong! I was still a bit sick so I retired early (and watched Netflix haha). I wish I was able to do pub crawl or  spent more time outside exploring but we were always too tired or I was always a bit sick. Haha. Next time!!! That gives me more reasons to come back right? :)

 Beer pong on our last night

The next day, we woke up early again to catch our morning flight to our 2nd to the last stop, BANGKOK! More about that trip & my super scary random health scare (almost got confined in a hospital) in my next post. Again, thanks for reading! :)

To know more about Lub d and to book a room/bed, follow:

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