Lub d Hostel Adventure: Bangkok, Thailand

Hello guys! How was your weekend??? I know I said I'd finish my Lub d posts before the week ends (that was last week huhu) but I got caught up with important errands. Will finish this week, I promise! After Lub d, I am also going to back to my Korea posts. Sorry for the delay but please bear with me. Anyway, we're almost at the end of our trip! Huhu. I've shared with you photos and stories from our adventures in Siem Reap & Phuket, now I'm going to share with you what happened during 1 night in Bangkok, Thailand. That 1 night I honestly thought I was going to die in a foreign land. Haha! Mejo OA but I almost got rushed to the hospital. First time I got really scared and conscious about my health! More on that below...

From Phuket, we took a plane and landed at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand! 

From the airport, we headed straight to our 1st stop, Lub d Silom!

Lub d Silom is located inside a building along Decho Road in Bangkok. It is relatively smaller than the first 2 hostels we stayed at, but the place possess the same vibrancy and energy you would expect in hostels-- or you would expect FROM Lub d hostels. If your itinerary includes shopping, exploring, partying, eating and making new friends, then this place might just be perfect for you. Conveniently located at the heart of Bangkok's busiest districts, it is just 800 meters from BTS Skytrain Chong Nonsri Station, a 15-minute walk to the Sathorn Pier (where you could ride a boat to different tourist destinations), walking distance to Chinatown and just 1km away from the infamous Patpong Night Market!

Landmarks near the hostel

Rhea & Colz

 Love the industrial theme!

 Nice spot outside the hostel

main lobby

Reception (open 24 hours) and common area. Best place in the hostel to mingle and make friends!

The Yellow Donut Cafe and Bar offers snacks and free popcorn and opens until midnight.

They have 3 computers which guests could use

Plan your trip here!

You can join the tour & activities hosted by their their team

More seats for tambay

The custom made common spaces make it easy to meet other backpackers inside and outside of the hostel. You can spend some quiet time in your room, laze around inside the theater, chat with the super friendly Lub d staff or share stories with other travelers at the lobby, grab a local beer from the famous Donut Bar or just sit outside & watch Bangkok in all its splendor. Don't forget to take note of their Happy Hour (for discounted drinks! woots), grab some breakfast at the bar or avail the different activities they prepared to keep you entertained while taking a break from seeing everything that Bangkok has to offer. Lub d hostel Silom also has numerous awards & distinctions under its belt! I'd say, well deserved. :)

Feeling hot? Hostel guests have access to Narai Hotel's pool, they only need to pay THB100! AND, you can schedule a tattoo session by talented artist, Mr. F. Cool!

Win of Lub d! He's so cute noh? hehe

 Theater or Lounge area where guests can relax on comfy bean bags while resting or watching TV.

I forgot to mention that Lub d Silom has no elevator. So if you have a huge bag or heavy luggage, going up the stairs might be a bit of a challenge.

But I love the industrial feel of the place! Reminds me of my favorite show, Crystal Maze. Hehe.

Laundry room!

Events board

Cute wall art

Time for our room tour! Let's start with the MIXED DORM ROOM...

Staying in a mixed dorm is the best way to meet new people or perhaps fall in love?! You can easily book a bed or book the whole room if you're traveling in a group! Each bed has their own reading light, socket and a huge locker beside it to store your gear. All guests have their own electronic key for room access. This room is for travelers who are adventurous, sociable or on a budget. A bed only cost THB 270 per night!

Clean and comfy sheets & bed, own socket, light, pillow, blanket

Hello Yuki!

Ladies Dorm

Girl power! Boys, keep out. Haha. The hostel has an entire area that can only be accessed by ladies. With a separate lounge and large shared bathroom, this sanctuary is a ladies’ paradise! Our 6 -8 bed dorms have their own reading light, sockets and a huge locker to store your belongings. There's also a couch in between where you can lounge or chill.

Railway Twin

We all stayed in a room like this! Shared my room with Colz when I suddenly had a health episode later that evening. Hehe. If you want the hostel life but want a bit more privacy, then this room is for you! This comfortable 2-bed dorm room also includes access to a shared bathroom. Towels are provided. Inside the room is a desk, safety box, telephone and hair dryer. Rates start at THB630 without breakfast.

There's also a full length mirror at the back of the door

Rhea & Yuki!

How my room looked like! 


It's huge! Don't worry, boys & girls are separate:)

Clean toilet

Bathroom mirrorfie

Clean shower with bath gel


Aside from dorm rooms, Lub d Silom also offer Double rooms that is perfect for couples or solo travelers who wants to stay in the middle of the city but want their own private space. This queen-size bedroom with an en-suite bathroom (toilet & shower is separate), LCD TV, work desk, full length mirror, comfortable bed and huge window blurs the boundaries between hostel and hip hotel. Love the minimalist design! Room rate starts at THB 1080 without breakfast.

Separate toilet

Mirrorfie with my loves King!

Hair dryer, basin, table

Spacious and bright!

Separate shower!

Book rooms here!

We only had a day in Bangkok, so what better way to spend it than to eat and shop db? For lunch, Yoo brought us to this Michelin star restaurant in Sathorn area that serves north-eastern (Isaan) Thai cuisine called BAAN SOMTUM!

This restaurant creates 22 varities of som tam including the ubiquitous green papaya salad’s spicy, salty, sour and sweet flavors along with, for example, four different types of crab, pork skin or preserved salty eggs, an extensive menu also features a deep-fried laap salad, golden fried fish and chicken, and a handful of deep-fried veggie specialties like crispy pak wan, a leafy vegetable that grows wild in some parts of Thailand. (source: https://www.travelfish.org)

It could get really crowded so make sure to go there early or get a reservation

freshly made som tums

So good!

Group photo! Thanks for the nice meal!

Last time I was here was 8 years ago!!!

The Chatuchak Weekend Market on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Bangkok, is the largest market in Thailand. Open since 1942, it's also known as JJ Market and has more than 15,000 stalls (insane!), divided into 27 sections. You would find here different kinds of goods, including plants, antiques, consumer electronics, cosmetics, pets, food and drinks, fresh and dry food, ceramics, furniture and home accessories, clothing, and books. It is the world's largest and most diverse weekend market, with over 200,000 - 300,000 visitors on a daily basis. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chatuchak_Weekend_Market)

Snacks to try like this Mango Sticky Rice!

Will try these when I visit BKK this month!

Fried Thai snacks

Coconut ice cream for THB 60!!!

Stall selling Thai Milk Tea! And Kuya putting on a show. 


Thanks Kerwin for the treat hihi

OMG I want everythingggg. These are locally made. So cool.

Dream catcher shop

Lito Atienza polo shirts for Nico haha

Pretty long dresses

Spent hours checking out all the stalls! So much to buy, so little time and budget haha.

Rhea and I love this dress!

The market is only open during the weekends

My favorite fish!!! Waaah! Super sarap nito guys

Across the market is JJ Outlet Mall!

After shopping, we grabbed a bite and then headed back to the hostel to freshen up and rest. Jace, Colz and I decided to spend our last night in Khaosan Road. 

All made up and ready to go!

Khao San road!

So here's where & how my health episode happened. Not sure if I mentioned, but 2 weeks before our trip I came down with the flu. I tried to recover naturally (by not drinking meds) but because of work commitments, stress and me being hard-headed, I was not able to recover. In fact, it only got worse. The day before our departure I developed a fever and I had chills the whole night. I drank Alaxan, Bioflu and I wore thermal clothes so I could sweat it out. Good thing they booked us an evening flight so I was able to pack when I felt better the next day. Anyway, the trip was super fun but our schedule was packed. I tried to keep up because I was so used to pushing my body to its limit and it never failed me. Well, until now. Until that night. I still had coughs and it got so bad at night that I suddenly developed this annoying chest pain when we were in Siem Reap. I was sure it was Pleurisys. Again. Happened to me na before when I had walking pneumonia. So anyway, it got worse after our Lotus farm biking tour. As in I couldn't breathe normally, I couldn't even sneeze, cough or laugh without my chest hurting so bad. But I endured it all 'coz I know my body will get over it. So fast forward to Bangkok, our last day. I was running on 2 hours of sleep (been running on 2-3 hours of sleep for days) and my chest pain got worse (I mean seriously, I how much worse could it get? haha) I couldn't even lift my arms to wear my clothes haha. But I still wanted to make the most out of our last night so push pa din our plan to grab a few drinks at Khao San road. In Khao San while walking looking for a nice place to hangout in, I suddenly felt weird. My arms started to numb and my feet started to feel like jelly! My vision started to dim, I felt cold and I was so sure I was gonna faint. Jace and Colz asked if I wanted water, so they led me to the nearest convenience store. Colz started massaging my arms 'coz I was already panicking. It was the first time it happened to me and I honestly thought I was having a heart attack! Jace & Colz told me to calm down coz I was telling them na that I didn't want to die in a foreign land. Haha. I tried so hard to keep myself awake because I was scared if I faint I might never wake up again. I also started calling Nico because I wanted to hear his voice, you know, just in case. Haha sobrang morbid. They asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital but I thought it might be better if we just go back to the hostel first and then assess my situation from there. I felt so bad because I know how much the 2 were looking forward to that night out. Sorry guyzzz. :( Anyway, when we arrived at the hostel we saw Chuckie and Kerwin in the common area. They were made aware of my situation and they also tried their best to make me feel better. Chuckie bought sweets and made me eat them coz baka kulang daw ako sa sugar. Kerwin gave me Berocca. Jace gave me a plastic bag to breathe into just in case it's a panic attack. Colz gave me water and continued massaging my hand. So anyway, Chuckie told me it may just be over fatigue and that might be my body's way of telling me to slow down. He and Mother Yen (love you both!) told me to just rest and get some sleep. I still felt weird so he helped me get back to my room and left me his number in case of emergency. Colz also slept in my room so I'd have someone just in case I needed help again. I was also on video call with Nico for hours and he waited until i fell asleep before disconnecting. Ending, I felt so much better the next day. I guess I just really needed some sleep. I also had myself checked when I got back in Manila and my doctor said I just needed to take stronger meds and there was nothing to worry about. Thank you Lord! So from now on, I vowed never to push my body to the limit again. Health is wealth, guys! 

Feeling better the day after. Thanks guys. :)

BKK airport

Goodbye, Thailand!

It was an amazing week of exploration and discoveries, but I'm glad we were finally heading home. You may think that we've come to the end of our journey, but wait there's more! I am gonna share with you the last leg/grand finale of our adventure on my next post--- Lub d Makati! Thanks for reading! :) 

To know more about Lub d and to book a room/bed, follow:

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