Lub d Hostel Adventure: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Since the year started, I already claimed 2018 to be my travel year. So when I got an invite to join the Lub d Hostel media tour in Asia, I was over the moon! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity which l almost said no to because of a styling commitment. So glad the departure date got moved so I was still able to join! Thank you traveling gods! It was the perfect trip for me because one, hostels are life (especially for backpackers or budget travelers like me) and two, I already know Lub d as the crème de la crème of hostels. So two weeks ago, I flew to 2 countries for an experience of a lifetime with a few blogger/vlogger friends and the Lub d Hostel team! We first started our adventure in Siem Reap, Cambodia, spent a few days in Phuket, spent a day in Bangkok before finally reaching our last stop, Lub d Makati. We were only gone for a week but it felt like months. Haha. Had so much fun and made amazing memories with new & old friends. To start, let me take you on a tour as I relive our adventure in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Photos and stories below...

We arrived late in Siem Reap, so we were already worn out when we got there. But, we were all famished (haven't eaten dinner yet) so after settling inside our beautiful rooms, we decided to go out and find someplace to eat dinner. Our first night in the city and we were already having fun! 


 The plane ride took 3 hours but I slept through it. Haha.

After 2 years, I'm finally back in my favorite country!

 The gorgeous Yoo of Team Lub d accompanied us and took care of us during the whole trip! Airport was 20 minutes away from the hostel.

 Pub Street was just a 5-7 minutes walk from the hostel! Love!

 Brought the gang to my favorite "carinderia" or street-side restaurant in front of Huy Meng Mini Mart!

We feasted on $3 freshly cooked dollar meals! So good and worth it!

Now let me give you a tour of the hippest & largest new hostel in town. And all the reasons why you should choose Lub d for your next Siem Reap adventure! 

Upon arrival while waiting for our keys, they handed us welcome drinks. Even if it was already 11pm! 

4th floor hallway

They only have 2 kinds of room in Siem Reap-- Junior & Dorm. But whether you're travelling solo, with your friends, or your significant other, Lub d can accommodate every kind of traveler! Did you know that Lub d literally translates to "Sleep Well"? And it's perfect because all their rooms are pristine and the beds blissful. Now let's start with the room tour!!!

Can't believe I got this lovely 17 sqm. Junior room all to myself!

It's compact but super cozy. Love the interiors, design and the wall art. 

Yes to this full length mirror. Yay! WiFi is strong too.

Mandatory bathroom mirrorfie

Clean towels are provided

Lub d is an environment-friendly hostel! And I think that's what makes them stand out and different from others. They promote water conservation, waste reduction & environmental awareness in general. 

Consistent hot & cold shower & they have toiletries such as shampoo and body wash. The floor was free from marks, dirt or stains. One of those rare moments I forewent wearing slippers inside the bathroom which is kind of a big deal for me. Hehe. 

Inside the room there's a safety deposit box, hair dryer, flashlight for emergencies, kettle, free coffee/tea and 2 bottles of water! Yay!

Had to drag myself out of this king size bed with the softest sheets, fresh linens and comfy pillows. At par with hotels! They also have Junior rooms with 2 large single beds. 

They have a smart TV & refrigerator inside! The room also have a mini balcony! :) 

Here are the other Junior rooms...
 With King size bed, same as mine. And blackout curtains!

 Same style as the room I stayed in but instead of a King, it has 2 single beds.

 They even have a connecting room! King size bed for the parents & 2 single beds for the kids. :)

 Time to show you their 50 sqm. 10-Bed Dorm Room! They have mixed dorm & ladies dorm :)

My first reaction was, "WOOOOW!"

Instead of ladders, they have stairs making it easier to each the top bunk!  

Personally, I don't like ladders in dorm rooms because aside from the fact that it's accident prone (especially if you're super sleepy and you have to pee in the middle of the night) it also makes the bed shake, potentially waking up those sleeping at the bottom. Guys, take a cue from Lub d! They really know what they're doing! That is because they treat their customers as partners. I heard that before building the hostels, they conducted a survey among travelers about things they want to see (or unsee), changed and improved in hostels. 
Lub d listened to them and translated these feedback & opinions into ideas which they then applied during the construction of all their hostels. Hence the world class facilities, hotel like rooms and unparalleled customer service. They have mastered the art of innovation, intensive market research and mutual collaboration. 

It's so spacious inside! More floor space, more fun! The beds are also positioned away from each other. Yes to more privacy.

 And I love how each bunk has a curtain, lamp, universal sockets, USB charging ports, small locker for you valuables, fresh linens and blanket. Towels are also provided.

 They also separated the locker area to minimize noise & light inside the room! Brilliant!!!

 Let's take a peek inside the Shared Ladies Bathroom

 Got surprised when I saw these Philips flat iron! This makes Lub d the first hotel I've been to who provides this. So cool. No need to bring your hair tools na when traveling!

 Love the vanity mirrors and the hair dryers!

 Clean shower

There's also a coin operated washing machine and clothes dryer inside! 

 Happy kid haha

 Coleen and her Ex-B obsession haha

 With Rhea and Colz

You've already seen the rooms, now I'm gonna share with you their amazing FACILITIES! There's just so much to do inside and outside the hostel that you'd never want to go home. Haha. What defines Lub d and sets them apart from all other hotels is their amazing public area facilities and their unique activities handled by their super fun and sometimes crazy crew. Lub d is all about creating spaces where you can chill out if you want, play games with others, swim, eat, drink, party and relax! That’s the Lub d experience which I already miss. Huhu.

Just some of the reasons why you should choose Lub d. They've got everything you need inside the hostel. More on these later! 

With the Lub d squad! :)

Facade! There are tables and chairs outside where guests could chill. That's the main street in front.

There's a bar & cafe upon entry, use the small alley on the right side if you're checking in and a co-working space on the 2nd floor!

The Little Red Fox Bar & Cafe is located at the pool area of the hostel. It's also by the entrance. This deli bar serves a wide selection of dishes from breakfast, snacks until dinner! Quench your thirst by choosing from their great selection of drinks-- coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails, beer, etc. Food is affordable!:)

Just order from their friendly baristas!

Love the colorful chairs. I belong hehe.

Our sumptuous feast! Everything's so good!

View their menu here:

Aside from The Little Red Fox, they also have a Grab & Go bar inside the hostel! It's located near the stairs and elevator but also in front of the pool area. This is where we always have our breakfast! Checked their menu and food was also surprisingly very affordable.

My English breakfast! Coz bacon is life. Delish!

Huge sandwiches on the go for only $2-4! Why not? Worth it for the price!

They also sell drinks & chocolates. No need to buy from outside!

They also sell beer, juices, sodas and fresh coconut!:)

Snacks and toiletries for sale

Remember: Happy Hour is from 6pm to 7pm everyday! Half the price for all cocktails!:)

Community and social involvement is a must in Lub d. Bought one! 

If you want to join their free or paid activities, just look for their Guest Activities Team and sign up or register with their partner tour company, Adventure Travel Co. Just ask for the prices and other details. :)

For other paid tours, look for this desk!

Events Board! You'd never run out of things to do in Lub d and the city. They have a scheduled activity every single day.

Movie night by the pool area on our 2nd day in Lud d Siem Reap!

Photos from travelers!

Oh lookie! hihi.

They encouraged us to bring this water bottle so we won't have to buy from outside therefore helping in reducing plastic bottle waste. So inspiring!

Printed at the back are places where we can have our bottles refilled for free! Love this initiative!

Now, let's talk about the pool area!

 This area gets jampacked easily especially mid afternoon. Best place in the hostel to make new friends!

 I wanted to swim but got shy. So many people facing the pool. Hehe! 

They have I think 2 computers which guests could borrow for quick research. This is also the same counter as their reception! 

Unlike other hotels/hostels, all Lub d hostels have this signature high counter OPEN reception area with no dividers between staff & guests. I love how this creates a friendly atmosphere & establishes quick camaraderie making guests instantly feel welcome and at home. Aside from that, it's also to quickly process check-ins and check-outs as guests come and go. 

All Lub d hostels have a beautiful artsy wall!!! 

Beside their reception is the Gaming Area!

They have an arcade, foosball and billiard table. How's that for a hostel???

They also have a Cool Down room where guests who have already checked out can chill out and watch movies.

So nice right??? 

They have a luggage storage room too! Guests could leave their bags here for up to 2 months. 

 Bikes you could borrow or rent! We used their bikes when we did the Lotus Farm Sunset Tour.

You can rent bikes or motorbikes and park them outside

For those who want to mix a little business with pleasure while traveling, they have an ultra modern co-working space inside the hostel called GARAGE SOCIETYTogether with  Lub d, this co-working community created destinations where work meets play, specially catering to digital nomads or your next team offsite. Need!!!

This space has high speed wiFi and services like mail handling, faxing, printing, etc.

So conducive for working!

Rates start from $2 for 2 hours up to $70 for a full-time whole month membership! You can check out their prices here:

 They also have a conference room for meetings

Map! Lub d is beside Total gas station and near Hard Rock Cafe! :)

That ends my hostel tour! Hope you loved the place even only in photos, as much as I did in real life. It's one of those hostels that's super neat, well-maintained and brimming with life and friendly faces. Lub d really stands true to their mission and motto-- "Everyone leaves as a friend". Guess that's true because until now I miss all the people I met there! Can't wait to be back. :) 

Now, let me share with you photos from tours & activities arranged for us by Lub d in Siem Reap, Cambodia! 

FIRST STOP: Amok Restaurant at Pub Street! 

This beautiful, famous restaurant that is just brimming with prints and colors is located in Street 9 of the Old Market and named after Cambodia's famous traditional dish, the fish Amok. It is the perfect place to taste and discover high quality & authentic Khmer cuisine (especially Amok! Pretty obvious why hehe) as their ingredients are sourced from different provinces and the dishes are prepared using traditional methods.  

 The meals they served us were all fresh, tasty and healthy!

Dress from Jhajing

 Appetizer: Banana Flower Salad ($5.75) & Mango Salad ($5.75)

Main Course: Barbecue Skewers ($9.25)

You can checkout their menu here:

2nd Stop: Angkor Archaeological Park Ticket Center

After lunch, we headed sraight to Angkor Enterprise building where the ticket center is located. It is absolutely mandatory for all tourists or visitors who want to see Cambodia's thousand year old stone temples to get an Angkor Pass. You can't just head straight to the temples and waltz in there. The guards will stop you. There was an instance when Kerwin left his pass in the van and he wasn't able to enter Ta Prohm temple. They're now super strict! I know $37 for a day pass might be a bit steep but I'll tell you, it's worth it. :) 

 Lining up for our pass! 

 Got mine! Yey!

3rd Stop: ANGKOR WAT

Angkor Wat is visually, architecturally and artistically breathtaking. It is a massive three-tiered pyramid crowned by five lotus-like towers rising 65 meters from ground level. This huge temple-mountain was said to be dedicated to the Hindu god "Vishnu".

 We entered from the back. Let's go!

 Steep stairs 

Buwis buhay shot! (Photo: Rhea Bue)

 So huge this complex

Bathing pool malayo shot by Rhea

Malapit shot by Yuki Tansengco

 My favorite wall carvings

 Saying hi to friendly monks

 Beautiful place of worship

 Hello Rhea and Kerwin!

 Just had to take a photo of ate girl who's sooo pretty hehe. Pose goalz. Haha.

Hiyee Jace, Colz, Chuckie, King, Yuki, Rhea and Yoo!

Famous spot for photo especially during sunrise

 Lub d crew conquers Angkor Wat

 Was surprised to see this makeshift walkway at the entrance! They closed the original bridge for maintenance. 

4th Stop: Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm was founded by the Khmer King Jayavarman VII as a Mahayana Buddhist monastery and university. The temple's main image, representing Prajnaparamita, the personification of wisdom, was modeled on the king's mother. Unlike most Angkorian temples, Ta Prohm has been left in much the same condition in which it was found: the photogenic and atmospheric combination of trees growing out of the ruins and the jungle surroundings have made it one of Angkor's most popular temples with visitors.

 Iconic tree which you could see in the movie Tomb Raider! Thanks Chuckie Dreyfus for this pic!:)

 Had to remove my scarf for a few seconds for this shot! Remember to wear clothes with sleeves. Nearly got turned away so had to bring my scarf and wear it over my dress. Hihi. (photo by: Colz)

 Rocks all over

Love this shot by Rhea 

 Awww, a wedding shoot!

5th Stop: Bayon Temple

The Bayon temple was constructed in the late 12th century ( in year 1181-1220 ) by king Jayavarman VII. Bayon is a second important monumental temple in the area after Angkor Wat. Bayon was the last stone temple ever built in the period of the Khmer empire. The faces that steer at you from the Bayon towers symbolize of the four sublime states of Buddhism include Charity , Compassion, Sympathy and Equanimity.

Yuki's ready to vlog!:)

Stolen shot by my loves Kerwin King!

End of temple tour! 

6th Stop: Chanrey Tree 

This beautifully restored traditional wooden Khmer house provides the perfect setting to relax, unwind and indulge in delicious authentic Cambodian home-style dishes. Their passionate chefs have scoured home kitchens and popular local market stalls across the bucolic countryside to discover diverse and rare Khmer recipes passed down through  generations. That's why it's one of the most popular restaurants in the city!

View from outside. Beautiful!

 Love the interiors

 Appetizers that were gone in 60 seconds. So good!

 Our dinner menu! Take note guys. Loved everything! 

For the complete menu, click here:

We didn't waste any time on our last day in Siem Reap. We had a walking tour in the morning and a Lotus Farm sunset bike tour in the afternoon-- which killed me by the way. Haha. I was dead tired at the end of the day but it was all worth it and fulfilling! Photos below...

 Siem Reap River

7th Stop: Preah Prohm Reath Pagoda

Wat Preah Prohm is a big compound which houses a temple, monastery (monk sightings), decorated towers and religious structures, a university and the main hall (Preah Vihear). Said to be almost 500 years old, it is Siem Reap's most prominent temple due to its location and rich history. :)

If you want to know more about this temple, click link below! 

 Main temple! Footwear not allowed inside. Decent clothing must be worn.

 Wall art depicting various Khmer legends, life in Angkor and teachings of Buddha


 It's an elephant! hehe

 So many cats inside the compound!


Sweetest cat!

 Cambodia People's Party

8th Stop: Royal Crusade for Independence Gardens

The peaceful Royal Gardens consists of The River Garden and the Royal Crusade for Independence Gardens. On the southern side of the gardens lies the “Royal Palace” or the royal residence which serves as the temporary home of King Sihanouk while he and General Lon Nol were planning The Royal Crusade for Independence from France– hence the gardens’ name — in the 1950s. The present King stays here whenever he's in town. We were not able to fully explore the area but I will next month when I return with my friends!

9th Stop: Preah Ang Chek Preah Ang Chorm

Located just west of the royal residence is the shrine of Preah Ang Chek Preah Ang Chorm. Said to represent two Angkorian princesses, these sacred statues were originally housed at the Preah Poan gallery in Angkor Wat, but were moved all over Siem Reap for their protection from invaders, eventually settling here in 1990. Locals throng here to pray for luck, especially newly-weds, and it is an atmospheric place to visit around dusk, as the incense smoke swirls around. (source: https://www.lonelyplanet.com)

 Twinning with this local kid with her denim on denim ensemble. So cute!

 Yuki and her lesbian lover. Sorry Nick! Hehe

 Having so much fun with my girls :)

 So many local restos selling cheap food

 Happy Pizza! 

Pub Street!

10th Stop: Pub Street & Old Market

Psah Chas or Old market is popular with tourists in the city. Here you could find souvenirs including T-shirts, silverware, silk, wood and stone carvings, Buddhas, and other items. It is also known for its variety of Cambodian cuisine, and has a number of food stalls which sell a variety of rices, dried fish and pork sausages, vegetables and fruits, and a Cambodian specialty Prahok, a type of fermented fish paste. Some stalls sell baguettes and spiced frogs, which is believed to be a relic of French colonialism in the area. Other stalls cook up various Khmer soups and red chili slices and peanuts. So much too see and buy!

We had a tight schedule so we just decided to go back and do our shopping at night. From the market, we headed back to the hostel for lunch and to freshen up for the next leg of our adventure that day!

11th Stop: LOTUS FARM (via bike tour)

For this activity, the team all hopped on a bike and pedaled for almost an hour until we reached the beautiful lotus farm! For the record, it has been 15 years since I last rode a bicycle AND I never work out (EVER) so I seriously panicked at first 'coz I didn't know if I could pull it off. But what do you know, my talent for biking (hahaha) just came out naturally and soon I was pedaling like a pro. LOL. I ended up having sore arms for a week but it was totally worth it! I enjoyed the scenic countryside routes and it was truly a nice way to discover the city and say hi to friendly locals. 

Fake it til you make it haha

 Beautiful sunset at Lotus Farm :)

 So peaceful :)

 Love this shot by Yuki!

The lotus flower represents one symbol of fortune in Buddhism. It grows in muddy water, and it is this environment that gives forth the flower's first and most literal meaning: rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. The second meaning, which is related to the first is purification.

 We Lub d!!!

12th Stop: Street Food Market

On our last night, we wanted to try cheap, local street food! From our hostel, we just walked for 5 minutes and reached this area by the river that's lined with different food carts selling delicious local drinks and dishes...

 Stopped by this stall selling grilled chicken and pork. YUMMM.

 Only $2 for a complete meal! SOLD!

 They also sell other dishes for only $2-3

I had to go find a stall selling my favorite $1 fried noodle! Success! Everyone loved it. Missed it so much huhu. My whole meal just cost $3! 

 Dining, local style!

 They also bought pancake. So delish!

 Look for this street!

 Woke up super early the next day to catch our morning flight to PHUKET! Woots!

Thank you for the amazing memories Siem Reap! See you next month! :)

And that ends our Cambodia adventure! It's only the first leg of our trip and we've already made so much memories and built such a genuine bond. Up next? PHUKET, THAILAND!!! Thanks for reading guys! :)

To know more about Lub d and to book a room/bed, follow:

Link to all my travel posts:

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