Autumn in Korea 2017, K-Drama Tour Part 2: Yeonnam-dong, Dobong Walnut Bakery, Seoul Metropolitan Library, Sinchon

Here's Part 2 of my K-drama adventure!!! Sorry if it took me forever, been busy with work the past weeks I can't barely breathe. Styling my favorite love team for an upcoming Star Cinema movie! Will divulge on April but for now, secret muna! :) I've also been sick since I came back from Cebu a month ago and was also gone for a week for an exciting media trip. Will save that story for later. Anyway, on my 7th & 8th day in Seoul & my 4th & 5th day alone in the city I decided to step out of Hongdae and travel a bit far to visit a few of my favorite K-drama locations!!! Which locations? Scroll down below for details....

 Train station nearest my Airbnb in Hongdae, Hapjeong!

 Again, I just used my Seoul City Metro & Google Maps app to find my way. From Hapjeong I rode a train to Hongik University station and took Exit 1. 

 It was a beautiful day and I had a pleasant walk exploring the neighborhood

 I love autumn

 From the exit, just turn left and cross the street. Here are a few landmarks!

 Cross the street and go through that alley on the left side of Babeans Coffee

And then I saw this green building--Cafe Dudart! I made it!

1st Stop: The Superman Wall
 And if you walk past Cafe Dudart you'd see the famous Superman wall from the K-drama "Fight for My Way"!!! 

 Looks familiar?

 Aura pa more!

 Self-timer is life. Basta may pader or patungan, may pag picture na magaganap! 

Lookie! This is a scene from "Fight For My Way"

Aera waiting for a cab

K-Drama Trivia: This wall is located in their group's neighborhood in the show Fight For My Way/Third-Rate My Way (2017). The group often pass by here on their way to work in episode 3 and in episode 8, Ko Dong-Man (Park Seo-Joon) takes a taxi from here on the day of his fight and Choi Ae-Ra (Kim Ji-Won) sees him off. We see Dong-Man and Ae-Ra pass this place again in episode 16. 

I got hungry so I decided to eat at this Vietnamese restaurant where The Superman wall is located. It's my background in the photo. Hihi. The sign is in Korean and they don't have English translation so I did not get the name of the place. :( I also had a hard time ordering inside. But it was such a fun experience! I was not able to take photos because well, I forgot. Starving to death eh. Haha. I wanted to order noodle soup or pho since I felt super cold and it was freezing outside but because no english I got this dry noodle dish instead. Hehe. It was okay though! Masarap pa rin naman. Plus, there's free tea and kimchi. YUM. 

4,000 won meal! Sulit na!

How to get here?
Adress: 88 Yeonnam-ro 1-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Geolocation: 37.558787, 126.918654
To get here: Hongik University Station, Exit 1

2nd Stop: The Yellow Cafe & Restaurant

K-Drama Trivia: The Yellow is located in the group's neighborhood in the drama "Fight For My Way". Remember the scene (Ep. 7) when Ko Dong-Man (Park Seo-Joon) and Choi Ae-Ra (Kim Ji-Won) stopped to eat the Coach's sundae truck to talk about Aera's lovelife? You'd see this yellow and blue building as the background!  In Episode 10,  Kim Joo-Man (Ahn Jae-Hong) and Baek Seol-Hee (Song Ha-Yoon) argue here about what happiness is on their way back home. And then in Episode 15, it's also the background when Seol-Hee talks to her ex mother-in-law.

 No patungan anywhere so I was not able to take a photo here! Huhu

Episode 7, Ae-ra and Dong man talks about her love life!

 Kim Joo-Man and Baek Seol-Hee arguing in Ep. 10

Seol-Hee talking to her mother-in-law in Ep. 15

How to get here?
Address: 17 World cup buk-ro 8-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Geolocation: 37.559235, 126.918464
To get here: Hongik University Station [홍대입구역], Exit 1

3rd Stop: The Humanist / Fight For My Way Bus Stop
Behind me is The Humanist or the improvised bus stop in the drama Fight For My Way!

See that gray wall and that corner with the bushes on the right side of the photos? That's the bus stop in the drama!

K-Drama Trivia: This gray wall is where the group's neighborhood bus stop is located. It is actually a fake bus stop that was placed right at the corner of The Humanist’s (a book shop) building. It appears in episodes 3, 7, 8, 9 and 10 among others. 

 A scene from the drama when Seol Hee & Joo-Man get off the bus and found Jang Ye-Jin (Joo Man's new workmate who has a crush on him) waiting. 

 Scene where Ae-ra & Seol-Hee talks about her upcoming date and Dong-man acted all jealous. Cute! 

How to get there?
Adress: 76 Donggyo-ro 23-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Geolocation: 37.558952, 126.918421
Geolocation Jugglers: 37.558566, 126.917835
To get here: Hongik University Station, Exit 1

If you have time, explore Yeonnam-dong! The area is home to young artists & designers and is quite known for its hip dining scene, quirky cafes, wall arts & indie bookshops. I saw a lot of interesting shops and restaurants while walking. I would love to visit them next time! :)

 4th Stop: Dobong Walnut Bakery (Plate B Cafe & Resto)

From Hongik University station, I rode a train and got off at Sookmyung Women's University. I took Exit 2 and just followed google maps from there. You can ride a bus going to Woori Bank but I chose to walk nalang. It was just a 7-10 minute walk from the station to Plate B or Dobong Walnut Bakery. Just walk along the main road, walk straight towards the Namsan Tower (see photo above for reference) and you'll see it on the left side! 

I crossed the road but walked straight ahead

View from across the bakery.  That's how it looks like from outside!

You would see the K-drama poster by the window. The place is called Plate B Walnut Pie & Tart

Strongwoman Do Bong Soon poster! You won't miss it!

 Tiny porch

Self-timer hits! 

This is how I took my photos during my solo travel. Hehe.

Thank God for phone remote cam hehe

OOTD muna! Got the sweater dress from ukay-ukay or a thrift shop! It was freezing that day, by the way.

There was only 1 person inside (oppa!!!), so more more self-timer pics. I think he silently judged me. He was smirking the whole time. LOL.

Of course I ordered coffee so I can tambay inside. Hihi. I forgot to try their famous walnut pie. Waaah. Next time!

 Remember this area? This is where Do Bong Soon's mom often hang out with her amigas in the drama! :)

 Ayun yung oppa hehe

 Me checking out my camera's framing on my mobile phone hahaha

 Sample shot

Remember this counter?

 Here a few stills from the drama!

 Dobong Walnut Bakery owned by Bong Soon's family. His father works here and this is where her mom and her friends often hang out to gossip and meet.

Do Bong Soon & Ahn Min Hyuk looking at walnut pies

How to get here:
*Address: 265-3 Huam-dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul
* Ride a train to: Sookmyung Women’s University, Line 4, Exit 2 r 3
* Walk straight along the road heading to Namsan Park [남산공원] or take bus 202 from Namyeong Post Office to Huam-dong Woori Bank (two stops).
*Link in google maps: 

Across the restaurant/cafe is this cute neighborhood!

Walked back to the train station and reloaded by card! 

5th Stop: Seoul Metropolitan Library
From Sookmyung University, I rode a train to Seoul City Hall station and went inside the Seoul Citizens Hall.

The library is connected to the train station!

I wanted to go to the rooftop where Fight For My Way was also filmed, but it was closed! :(

This scene! Huhu. Next time. They close at 5pm, I think.

Sneaky photo inside! Taking photos were not allowed inside the hall. Does this area look familiar? 

This is where PSY's Gentleman music video was filmed!

Love the Citizen's Hall! It's artsy and conducive for resting. Hihi.

Saw lots of ahjussis sleeping

I originally planned to walk around the area and discover new food places, but it was freezing outside and I was not wearing the right attire (wish I wore tights! huhu) so I decided to go home and change. From Seoul City Hall station, I rode a train back to Hapjeong then headed out again to look for a nice place for dinner. 

Flower vending machine. Why not. Haha

Found this random, small restaurant in Hongdae. Sorry I can't remember the name!:(

Ordered this chicken rice meal for 6,500 krw. Delish!

A few steps away from the resto is this pretty clothes shop called TOMATO LIBRARY

Hello, it me. Wore tights and bonnet this time.

Treasure troveeee

So many chic and cheap clothes on sale!

Bought this set for 17,000 won or P780!!! Not bad!

How it looks like outside! My new favorite shop in Seoul!

The next day, I woke up late again and took my time so I was not able to visit a lot of locations. BUT, I was able to visit 2 of my favorites from also 2 of my favorite K-dramas. My first stop? The Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel!!!

I got lost so I ended up going down at Ewha University Station

Which turned out to be a good thing because I discovered that clothes are cheaper here than Hongdae! Hehe.

Walked past this roundabout or rotonda. I just typed "Sinchon Grafitti Tunnel" on Google Maps and followed the directions.

Walked past the SinchonGyeongui Line Station (blue line, not Line 2). There are 2 Sinchon stations okay?

The tunnel is just beside the Sinchon (Gyeongui Line) train station!

The tunnel is slightly hidden and you must go down a flight of stairs from the main road to see it. Looks familiar??? 

This is the location of one of my favorite scenes in the K-drama, GOBLIN! The scene where Kim Shin & The grim Reaper nearly got run over by a motorbike while dramatically walking with their groceries. Hehe.

More art inside the tunnel!

Scene from "While You Were Sleeping"

K-Drama Trivia: In episode 10 of The Goblin (2016-17), Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and the Grim Reaper (Lee Dong-Wook) were seen doing the runway walk through this tunnel after buying green onions for Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go-Eun) and their moment was interrupted when a motorist passed between them. Also, this is where the police cracks down a cellphone dealer and his victim here in episode 25 of While You Were Sleeping (SBS, 2017). As the story tells us, the dealer is the brother of the murderer of Nam Hong-Joo’s (Bae Suzy)’s and Jung Jae-Chan’s (Lee Jong-Suk) dads

Warning: Someone sent me a recent photo of the tunnel and it's now all white! They re- painted it na! Huhu. WHYYYY.

How to go here:
*Train: SINCHON station, BLUE Line, Exit 2.
*Or you could get off at the other Sinchon Station or Ewha University station (like I did!) and walk to the tunnel. It's because if you take the Blue line, train arrives every 30 minutes. This might be faster. 

 From the main road where the tunnel is located, I walked straight 'til I reached this intersection...

 Just go straight! This is one of the landmarks...

 Oooh, Popeyes! Ate here after I visited the comic book cafe. :)

Old and new buildings everywhere

 Self-timer mode again hehe

 Even with the help of google maps, I still get a bit lost sometimes. Hehe! I thought that the comic book cafe I was looking for is the one above, beside 7-11.  

For reference, this is how the area looks like. Across the street is a Baskin Robbins store

 For reference!

 The comic book cafe is located in this building with the huge Team Nolita (a pizza resto) sign!

2nd Stop: NOLSOOP Cartoon & Comic Book Cafe

You would immediately see a sign once you enter the building

Looks familiar? This is the same cafe as that K-drama poster "Tomorrow With You". Loved this drama!

 There's a 2,400 won fee if you stay for 1 hour. 2 hours + drinks is 6,500 won and so on. 

  I only took photos from outside and didn't go inside na

How to get here:
* Address: No. 45-1 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
* Commute: Sinchon station, Line 2, Exit No. 3, walk about 6 minutes.
--Gyeongui Jungang Line Sinchon station, Exit No.1, walk about 6 minutes.

3rd Stop: The Flower Garden Comic Book Cafe
A few steps away from the Team Nolita building is that building with a yellow chicken sign in front. Remember that building! Haha. The small alley past the signs is where the Flower Garden Comic Book Cafe is located.

 Enter this alley! Turn right! Just look for these signs!

 Alley when I'm facing the main street!

 The alley is just right across that brown and black building. For reference!

 When you go inside the alley, look for the building with that Game Zone sign. You'd see it right away!

Beyond the Game Zone sign is an open door with stairs leading down to the comic book cafe. There's a Flower Garden sign by the door so you won't miss it. 

 And there are snaps from the K-drama "My Love From Another Star" hanging on the wall. Waaah kiligz.


 Can't believe I'm here. Waaah.

 I paid 3,000 won (I think it should only be 2,400!Overpricing si Kuya) for an hour inside the cafe. Anything for the experience. Fine. LOL. 

 OMG the iconic red chair! Do you remember that scene from the drama?

Cheon Song-Yi & Ms. Hong 

K-Drama Trivia: This cafe was where the drama ‘My Love from the Star’ was filmed in 2014. It stars Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun and is considered one of the most popular & most influential K-dramas of all time.  The cafe was managed by Cheon Song-Yi's friend Hong Bok-ja and this is where they often talk about Song-Yi's love and life. Do Min Joon also visited the cafe when Cheon Song Yi got hospitalized. 

 Cheon Song-Yi pouring her heart out to her close friend Hong

Scene from the drama

 My own photo! Same spot! Wahhh

All comic books are in Korean. Pretend pa more Pax. Haha.

 Some photos from the drama are displayed inside

How to get here:
Address: B1, 50-6 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
*Sinchon Station (line 2) and take Exit 3
*Open this link on google maps for exact location: 

 On my way back to Ewha University Station, I discovered my new favorite lip tint and lipstick-- PERIPERA! Hihi.

 Ganda gandahan hahaha

 Best lippies

Went home right after!

This ends the 2nd part of my K-drama adventure!!! I will also be sharing with you photos and stories from our Cambodia-Thailand trip with Lub D Hostel last week! More travel tips and stories to come. Thanks again for reading! :) 

BUDGET (Airfare, Accommodations, Others in PHP)
Airfare - 5,700
Airport Tax - 1,620 (mine was c/o KTO but will include for total)
Accommodation (family, 5 nights) -  3,825
Accommodation (solo, 7 nights) - 3,780
Portable WiFi - 2.050
TOTAL = P16,975

Budget for Solo Travel Day 1& 2 (KRW/Won)
T-Money load - 10,000
Convenience store purchases - 10,000
KFC dinner - 7,000
Socks - 4,400
Black coat (same as my brown one haha)- 30,000
TOTAL = 61,400 won or P2,941

Budget for Solo Travel Day 3 (KRW/Won)
Lunch at Hungry Tiger - 6,000
Coffee at Coffee Prince - 8,000
Street food at Myeongdong - 7,000
Convenience Store buys - 6,000
TOTAL = 27,000 or P1296

Budget for Solo Travel Day 4 & 5 (KRW/Won)
Lunch at Vietnamese Restaurant - 4,000
Coffee at Dobong Walnut - 3,000
Card re-load - 5,000
Dinner - 6,500
Clothes shopping at Tomato Library - 17,000
Lunch at Popeyes - 8,000
Flower Garden Cafe admission - 3,000
Olive Garden PeriPera lip tint - 6,500  
TOTAL = 53000 krw to P2,600

*budget depends on shopping habits and food preferences


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