Cebu Getaway 2017: Quest Hotel & Cebu City

Hello mga lodis! Haha. Finally posting about our 5-day Cebu trip last October! It was actually my surprise birthday gift for the jowabels Nico. I had a hard time keeping it from him and ended up revealing my plans a week before our trip because he suddenly brought up other plans on the same dates. Haha kainiz. Anyway, here are photos from our first 2 days which we spent in the city...

Since our main destination is Sumilon island (it's nearer Dumaguete than Cebu City), I decided to purchase a one-way Manila-Cebu, and then Dumaguete-Manila tickets. Since I still had GetGo points (rewards from my credit & debit card purchases) I used them to book our flights and then paid cash for the rest. I think I only paid P3,300 for the 2 of us na. :)

Nico's birthday fell on a Friday and he has classes (he's taking up culinary), so we left the day after which was a Saturday. He had a mini celebration at Ribs & Steaks by Darya (thanks to my bff Ruben!) the night before (until 4am) so we were still drunk AF when we got to the airport. It was the worst, guys. LOL. We holed up in our hotel on our first day in Cebu just catching up on sleep and curing our hangover. #wagtularan #neveragain

He had an awesome party the night before, so cge, worth it the haggardness. Haha.

Booked a grab car from the airport going to Quest Hotel!

We meet again, Mandaue City!

After half an hour, we finally arrived at our home for 2 nights-- QUEST HOTEL! :)

Checking-in was a breeze. We were also given welcome drinks! 

Lobby area where guests could tambay 

Love the interiors! So classy.

Hallway going to the elevators:)

You won't get lost! There are signs inside the hotel.

Here's our room key! 

We were given the Premier Deluxe Room! So nice!!!

Available in king and twin rooms (we chose the king room!), the 25sqm Premier Deluxe Room features a step-out balcony, huge desk which you can use as your workstation, a comfortable bed, closet and drawers to organize your things, safety deposit box to secure your important belongings, cable TV so you won't have to miss your favorite shows, mini bar, free tea & coffee, 24-hour room service and fast WiFi connection! Just about everything a business or leisure traveler needs. :)

 I immediately wanted to dive into the sheets and just stay there for hours. Hehe.

 Minimalist yet stylish room design. I love it. 

There's a closet, safe for your belongings, mini bar, hangers, slippers, laundry bag, etc.

Shower area! Bath & Body wash were provided. Also clean towels! Yipee.

Basic toiletries are provided like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, tissue. 

Toilet area! As you can see they also have a hair dryer inside the bathroom. Gusto ng sister and mom ko to!

I love our balcony! 

My balcony photos the next day hehe

Happy and sleepy kids. Haha.

Time to nap! I could just stay in bed all day. Mejo yun nga yung ginawa namin ng 2 days. Lol. 

If you want to relax and have a massage, just inform their friendly receptionists and they will schedule you!

We were so tired and sleepy so we just ordered room service for our late lunch. Ordered Nasi Goreng and Chicken Satay. So good!!!

Woke up at around 6pm, just in time for dinner!

Dinner buffet was served at the hotel's main restaurant-- Pusô Bistro & Bar

Weaving together the flavors of Cebu in one venue for a memorable and satisfying dining experience may it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in between. Taste traditional Cebuano and Filipino specialties along with international selection, teppanyaki and hot off the circular grill seafood and meat. They also have themed nights! Was able to try their Latino Saturday & Filipino Sunday. So good!!! :) The restaurant opens at 6am and closes at 10pm.

Here are photos of our buffet dinner! It was Latino Saturday, so dishes were mostly Latin American inspired. :)
They also have Latin inspired makis 

Roast beef OMG

Ribs and fish

Paella Valenciana

They included a few Filipino dishes too. I saw pancit & adobo!

Pork Belly, Chorizo and Salmon

There's also a few Italian! Pasta and pizza bar

Dessert, salad and appetizer bar!

Ice cream!

Ham & cheese! Nomnom

Filipino desserts

After dinner, went out for a quick convenience store run!

Ayala Center is just across the street! So convenient!

We woke up late the next day so we missed breakfast! :( It was already past 12 when we left our room but we decided to check out the pool area first before heading out for lunch. We were pressed for time na so we were not able to lounge by this area and swim. Next time, I promise! :)

Love the pool bar! 

Cool down and relax at the poolside with refreshing drinks or classic and special cocktails paired with a wide selection of bar chows at the swim-up bar located at the 7th floor. In the summer you can also look forward to halo-halo & other iced specialties while in October look forward to special beer promotions. Pool area is open from 7am to 9pm!

There's also a smaller pool for the kids!

 Pak. Ganern.

 Aura aura sa pool

It was Nico's first time in Cebu so I just had to make him try authentic Cebu lechon! Brought him to one of my favorites, CnT!

1 kilo of Spicy Lechon for just P520! Super sulit!

We ordered 1/2 kilo spicy lechon for only P250! Sobra sobra na sha for the 2 of us. Next time will just order 1/4. Hehe.

Can't eat meat without veggies, so I also ordered ensaladang talong. So good! Their lechon is super tasty. No need for any sauce na!

This branch is along V Rama Avenue

We were supposed to go Temple of Leah and TOPS after lunch but it started to rain really hard so we just decided to save it for our next visit. We headed straight to Magellan's Cross and Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño after.

Nico staring at Magellans' Cross hehe

You could buy colored candles and the Ates will pray for you

So many people in the church that day because it was a Sunday

These candles are just free. So Nico and I also uttered and offered our prayers.

Santo Niño Basilica, is a minor basilica along Osmena Blvd. in Cebu City that was founded in the 1565 by fray Andrés de Urdaneta and Diego de Herrera. The oldest Roman Catholic church in the country, it is built on the spot where the image of the Santo Niño de Cebú was found during the expedition of Miguel López de Legazpi. The icon, a statue of the Child Jesus, is the same one presented by Ferdinand Magellan to the chief consort of Rajah Humabon upon the royal couple's christening on April 14, 1521. It was found by a soldier forty years later, preserved in a wooden box, after Legazpi had razed a local village. When Pope Paul VI made the church a basilica in 1965, he said it is "the symbol of the birth and growth of Christianity in the Philippines." The present building, which was completed from 1739-1740, has been designated by the Holy See as the "Mother and Head of all Churches in the Philippines"

Mass was being held outside at the pilgrim center

Paintings lined the church's wall inside

Paintings which depicted Cebu's discovery by the Spaniards and how we became a Catholic country

Love this area inside! Reminds me of Diplomat Hotel in Baguio. hehe.

Nico wanted to try local street food, so made him eat puso or hanging rice.

Puso with siomai for just P30! Haha

Came home to this! Who did it better? Haha!

Finally had time to chill by the pool before dinner!

Filipino Fiesta night!!! Buffet rate is P850 per person / P425 for children 6-12 years old

Quest Hotels awards and recognitions! 

Let me show you what we had for dinner!!! 
Lechon! Nomnomnom

OMG fave! Beef Kansi is popular in Negros

Grilling area. Nico got obsessed with their grilled squid!

My faves! Kwek kwek, lumpia and chicharong bulaklak

Soup corner! We had sinigang. So delicious! You could also have tinola and batchoy

Pancit anyone?

I liked their Filipino night better than Latin! So many dishes to choose from. All very tasty and comforting. :) Their staff are also nice and attentive. Excellent dining service!

After dinner, MASSAGE time!!! 

It's obviously good. Natulala na si Nico haha.

Decided to grab a few drinks before bedtime, so we headed out and ended up here at The Pyramid!

Love the interiors!

Ordered our favorite Margherita pizza, beer and mojito. It's a bit pricey but masarap lahat! hehe

 Forever date

Inside their wine room. So artsy! haha

Babae sa bintana haha

Address: eBloc 3 Tower, W Geonzon St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Hours: 10AM–3AM

Headed home after finishing our drinks and feasted on our leftover lechon from CnT when we got to our room. Haha! Sarap pa din. We also had to fix our things na and pack a little since we were leaving the next day. 

Buzzer beater! 30 minutes before buffet closes. Made it!

Best bacon evaah. Super crispy!

Pinoy favorites- longanisa, adobo and chorizo!

Arrozcaldo and Champorado 

Fresh fruits


Eggs and omelette counter

Happy kid! Spoiled sa Quest! Hehe

With my longtime blogger friend (7 years & counting!), the forever beautiful Kath aka Banisa! Thank you for hosting our stay in the city. Love you!!!

This ends Part 1 of my Cebu Getaway post!!! Up next are my photos and stories from our exciting stay in Bluewater Sumilon and then our short trip to Dumaguete. As always, thanks for reading! Love you all!:)

For more infos or to book a room in QUEST, follow:


Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines
Contact Nos: +63 32 4025999, +63 32 2305888, +63 917 3129794

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