Cebu Getaway 2017: Luxe Island Life in Bluewater Sumilon

Here's Part 2 of Nico's Birthday Celebration in Cebu last October! As I said in my first post, we spent 2 days in Cebu City before heading to our main destination, Bluewater Resort in Sumilon Island. It was Nico's first time in Cebu so I wanted him to experience a few firsts-- legit Cebu lechon, see Magellan's cross and see the oldest church in the Philippines Sto. Nino Basilica. Achieve! I was super excited for our trip to Sumilon, south of Cebu, because it will also be my first time. Here are photos and stories from our stay at one of the best resorts I have ever been to...

So from Quest Hotel we booked an Uber going to Cebu South Bus Terminal. As soon as we got down, someone already approached us and asked us where we are heading. We told Kuya our destination (Bluewater Sumilon) and he immediately guided us to a parked Ceres aircon bus...

 Nico with my tiny luggage hehe

 Our bus' signboard

Immediately chose our seats and waited for almost 30 minutes before the bus finally left the station

 Quick stopover and bathroom break! Bus fare was P250 per person.

 After almost 4 hours on the road, we finally reached Bancogon, Oslob where Bluewater's port is located! The bus stopped right across the entrance. 

 Driveway leading to Bluewater's port and waiting area

 Here are Bluewater's boat schedules! We aimed for the 4:30pm trip.

 They have a parking area for tour groups and those who will stay in the island

 We were immediately welcomed by their kind staff, offered some refreshments and had a quick briefing!

 Sumilon island is owned and preserved by Bluewater Resort. This is the map which served as our guide on the island!

 Waiting area. Emo sha. haha.

 While waiting for our boat service, we explored a bit and took photos muna. Hehe.

 OOTD muna!

 Love this spot d naman obvious noh? Haha

 Wow Them Boutique top and pants set, Converse sneakers

 Bothered sha sa hat ko haha

 Happy kids

Before 4:30 the boat finally arrived!

Do you know that Bluewater Sumilon accepts day tours??? Explore Sumilon island for a day  with marine sanctuary perfect for snorkeling, caves for exploring, kayaks, lagoons and hiking trails. So much to do on the island!


PhP 1,500 nett per person (Mondays to Fridays)
Php 2,000 nett per person (Saturdays to Sundays and Holidays) 
50% discount for children with ages 6-11 years old, FREE for ages 0-5 years old

 Our service going to the island! So big! 3 lang kami sinundo hehe.

Day Tour Inclusions:

*Entrance fee
*Buffet lunch with one round of non-alcoholic drink
*Roundtrip boat transfers (Mainland Bancogon – Sumilon Island – Mainland Bancogon)
*Island Activities (kayaking, snorkeling – free use of mask and snorkel, island trekking and fish feeding) 
*Use of resort facilities including beach, infinity pool, payags and shower rooms
* Do note that some areas are closed and is only exclusive for in-house guests.

To book a tour, click here:

 You can see the island from the other side. So excited!

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is a private resort located on the tranquil Sumilon Island. The Island remains as one of Cebu’s best kept secrets and is found on the southeastern tip of the mainland. It is closer to Dumaguete than Cebu City (125kms away). The island has an area of 24 hectares and has pristine white sand beaches & surrounded by crystal clear waters with varying aquamarine hues. It is the first marine protected area in the Philippines and was made a fish sanctuary in 1974 under the guidance of Siliman University Marine Reserve. During dives, one will find varied marine species and even occasional sightings of black tip sharks. If you follow me on Instagram, I uploaded a video via IG story of me swimming (near the shore ha during sunset) with a baby shark!!! Super surreal. 

 It was just a short 10-15 minute ride to the island. Made it before sunset!

 When we got off, we were warmly welcomed by a few of their staff. So sweet!

We're here!!!

 You won't get lost because there are signs everywhere

Deluxe & Premiere Deluxe Rooms are located near the dock, facing the ocean!

Deluxe Room 

There are 14 rooms with private verandas that offer views of the sea, cove and mainland Cebu. Each room has an area of 58.35 square meters. It has 2 Queen beds, mini bar, Cable TV , telephone, hot & cold shower, private veranda, free coffee and tea!

Premiere Deluxe Room

12 Premier Deluxe rooms overlooking the ocean, with a panoramic view of the majestic southern Cebu mountain range has an area of 77 sqm with 2 very comfortable queen sized beds along with other well-appointed amenities. It also has a mini bar, cable TV, telephone, hhot & cold shower, private veranda & free coffee/tea.

If you need a break, treat yourself to a relaxing massage service at the charming Amuma Spa. The relaxing ambiance, contemporary native architecture, diverse amenities, and warm Filipino hospitality makes it an experience of a lifetime. 

Amuma-- a Visayan word which means indulge with every attention, comfort, and care-- is just what the spa graciously offer. This is a place where you can truly experience a delightful blend of spa services that incorporates ancient and modern therapies from Visayan-Filipino, Asian and western cultures. Plus, they only use uniquely fresh & thoroughly organic local products. Services fit for royalty! Spa services range from P1,500+. 

 Told ya, signs everywhere! :) This is the road leading to the lagoon and the beach.

Mini park/playground! Perfect for those with kids. Pwede din kids at heart. Hehe.

They also have bikes that guests could borrow! They have a biking trail. Just follow the island map.:)

 Beautiful infinity pool!

Shades of blue. Love how they look connected! There's always a lifeguard on duty for safety. Mejo malalim the pool especially near the edges overlooking the ocean. 

Beneath the huge pool are 3 hot tubs or jacuzzis! Grabe the view is breathtaking!

 Shempre avail!:) No heater though. Water was cold but refreshing

Upon check-in, we were immediately escorted to our own private villa. And when they opened the gate and the door (alam mo yung parang big reveal? ganun), I was blown away. Floored. Insert other synonyms ng word na amazed or amazing. Haha. In short, I couldn't put into words how excited and happy I was. The whole place was so beautiful and astonishing. All I could utter were the words WOW and OMG for 10 minutes. Haha. Let me tour you inside and around our villa through photos...

 We stayed in this private villa called LUMOD. You could see it has a gate made of wood. 

 This is the villa's main entrance or door. This could be locked from the inside, so you won't have to worry about safety.

  There's a pot of water on the steps near the door which you can use to wash your feet after a long day at the beach. :)

 First door on the left is the BATHROOM!

There's a tub, private glass shower and private toilet, TV, cabinets.

 Mandatory mirrorfie muna!

 Free toiletries!!! And look, VMV pa!!! Kinilig ako. 

Random kwento: Do you know that the founder of VMV, Dr. Verallo-Rowell was my dermatologist when I was young. I've had bad skin asthma ever since I was a kid and she was my first derma. Sa Makati Med pa sha nun! After every session I would take home products she made na nasa white container. I remember my Mom saying, "Yung derma mo derma pa ni Imelda". Haha! So thanks Bluewater for looking after our skin! Thank you also for including their Armada Sport sunscreen! Super helpful! :)

 Hot & Cold shower!

 Bathrobes and slippers! They also have a hairdryer, laundry bag, etc.

  I love that we have our own mini pool and lounge area outside! There also beach towels.

 Perfect spot for sunrise & sunset

 Our beautiful villa!

 Time to swim!

Brought my travel essentials from Beach Born!

Now here's our bedroom!

 They left this sweet note for me and some delicious snacks and tea!

 This is the door connecting the bathroom to our room

 Our super comfy bed! There's a door leading to the pool. 

So nice! I love that they have Netflix! 


I miss you bed haha

 Sofa inside the room

 Room service menu!

 Saya ko mashado

After settling inside our villa and taking a quick dip, we freshened up and headed to the Pavilion for dinner!

 Appetizers! Sarap pala ng tomato with cream cheese?

 Salad station

 Make your own burger/hotdog sandwich station

 Grilled section. Sarap the barbecue! Actually lahat masarap

 DIY dessert / Smores bar

 The best!

 Ribs and corn. Nomnom

After dinner, Nico and I had a few beers, watched Netflix and finally dozed off in between. Woke up early the next day to explore the island!
 But first, breakfast!

 Soup station

 Yasss adobo!

 The best this area! Their doughnut is so good!

 Ate all of this OMG. Haha! Nagoverload ako sa danggit. So yummy!

 Our first activity that day? TREKKING!!! We just followed the signs and the map they gave us. 

 You may choose between 3 trails-- Beginner, Moderate and Advanced. There are flags on the way which will serve as your guide.

 Let's start trekking! This is the jump-off area.

 Beginning of the trail. You'd see 3 colored flags pa.

The trail

 Why did I wear sandals. Haha! Pero kinaya ko naman. 

 After a few minutes of walking, saw this spot...

Breathtaking :)

 Nico checking our map hehe

 Looking for the lighthouse or Baluarte!

Found it! Nico wanted to climb the lighthouse but there's a no climbing sign. Hehe.

The Baluarte! Reminds me of Intramuros.

 We kept on walking and exploring..

 And found this spot! So nice and peaceful!


 But there are more things to do, so we had to leave agad din...

 Found ourselves at the beach when we finished our trek!

 White sand and crystal clear water!

 Power! haha!

 Reminders for guests

 feeling lifeguard din sha

Aura aura coz rough waters and high tide na d na nakaswim haha

On our way back, we also saw the Yamashita Cave & the grotto

Steps going to the cave! 

Trekked in this outfit. Why not! Love my yellow top from RHIPE'S BACKYARD :)

Got hungry after our trek, so indulged ourselves in seafood dishes! Super delicious! :)

 Here's their menu for reference! We ordered their gingered prawn soup, grilled seafood platter & fried tangigue. 

 Enjoy sha sa buko shake niya hehe

 Enjoy din ako sa buko niya. Haha!

 After eating, headed down to the beach and the dive shop where we borrowed a kayak. 

 Glass bottom kayaks 

 Dive shop!

 Mejo trap this chair! Almost fell asleep while sitting here. Haha

 Had the beach all to ourselves!

Spent the rest of our afternoon just enjoying the calmness and beauty of the whole place

 Siesta time

 Hammock party anyone? Hehe

wearing I LOVE KOI swimwear

Enjoying the resort's unique bamboo gazebo or “payag-payag” 

Sha din daw haha

I could stay here forever

Thankful :)

 A few steps away is the lagoon & mangroves!

 We kayaked! It was not easy ah! But it was so much fun 

 That's us! Haha! Thanks to the kind kuya for our photo

 Aside from those I mentioned, guests could also try other activities such as Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Whale & Dolphin Watching, etc. Just approach any of their staff for bookings or rental! :)

 After kayaking, we headed na to the sandbar for sunset. Guests could just hop on the resort's free shuttle. :)

 Day tour guests could only stay in the island until 5 pm. 

 Top- Roxy, Bottom - Koi

After sunset, we headed back to our villa, lounged in our pool, took a shower and got ready for dinner. Again, there were snacks and tea waiting for us when we got back. Really, it was what vacation dreams are made of. :)

 It was Barrio Fiesta Tuesday, one of Bluewater's themed dinners! Wow the effort! Love the set-up!

 Best dinner evaaah. I ate so much! 

 I ate seafood, sinigang, bulanglang, kare-kare, chicharong bulaklak, lumpia, calamares. I also ordered their lemongrass cooler. So good!

We woke up a few minutes before 10am and we were famished, so we called the reception and tried asking if they could just bring us breakfast in our villa. They granted our request! Grabe their service! :)

 Our breakfast! thank you!

Goodbye, paradise. :(

Leaving was truly bittersweet. It was one of the best vacations I have ever had! Room rates might be a bit pricey but in all honesty, I think it's just fair and really worth the whole experience. The place was breathtakingly beautiful, well-maintained and there's just so much to do in the island and they're mostly free. Their food are prepared by experienced chefs, all their staff are courteous, nice, attentive and helpful. World-class service talaga. Plus, the memories you'd bring with you when you leave are priceless! Three days (technically 2) in the resort was not enough and it felt bitin pa! Hihi. All the more reason to come back right? :) I cannot wait!!!

P.S. Special thanks to Clarissa and Abi for taking good care of us and for always checking up on me! <3 u="">

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