Birthday in Bali 2017: Nusa Penida Tour & Kuta

This is it! My last Birthday in Bali post! There's only so much you can do in Bali for 5 days. And for first-timers, I'd say we were able to make the most out of our short yet super sweet trip. On our last day, we visited the beautiful island of Nusa Penida. I was able to find a cheap half-day tour package which covered some of the best spots in the island. Here are stories and photos from that day...

We took a grab car from our villa to Sanur port for only 55,000rp or P208 (divided by 7, so P30 each). It took us 20 minutes to get there. We immediately looked for the Mola-Mola Express booth to claim our ferry tickets. Our boat was scheduled to depart at 8am so we when we got there we thought they left us na. But I guess they were waiting for us? Joke. Boat left at around 8:30. Buti nalang!


Just walk straight and you would see the booth on your left

I booked a half-day Nusa Penida tour through the website Nusa Penida Expedition. They were the cheapest I could find! They also looked legit. I exchanged emails with Made Sutarsa (I guess he's the owner?) and he gave me a group package price of 2,800,000 (divided by 7) inclusive of round trip boat transfers from Sanur and back, car + driver + guide, mineral water & entrance fee. When we backed out of the tour, my friend Paula continued communicating with them and for some reason when we decided to join again the total package price decreased to 2,400,000. Mura! Will share link at the end of this post. ;)

You won't miss it because of the huge tarp. Hehe.

Contact deets

Jules bought this tofu with sauce. Gutom haha.

And then it was time to board!

We had to cross and step on these huge rocks to get to the shore. The waves were strong and the water was quite high, so my ass was already wet when I got on the boat. Haha.

What the ferry looks like inside

The boat ride from sanur to Nusa Penida lasted for about 50 minutes

When we stepped off the boat, we immediately saw Kuya (forgot his name) waiting for us. 

Our service around the island! 

No wifi signal on the island. Boo. Haha!

We first stopped infront of this warung. Kuya guide handed us a menu and took our orders for our packed lunch.

Ballin! Joke. Gave this to our tour guide after. Haha!

First Stop: Kelingking Secret Point Beach
So nice!!!

Thanks to my gf Paula for this photo! She had to literally climb a tree for this shot. Haha.

Found a better spot na walang harang! Mejo buwis buhay nga lang.

Thinking about my decisions in life haha

Ayan magpa backshot tayo


We only have a few hours (exactly 4-5 lang haha) to visit some of the main spots in the island so we really didn't have to time to linger and explore each and every one. But if you have time and energy, go down the path to have a nicer view. OR go all the way down to the beach!!! Next time. :)

Cool photo spot pero di ko na inavail

Ganyan sha! Saw the final photo and it looked like they were floating. So cool.

2nd Stop: Angel's Billabong
May konting trek until you see these signs

Turn right to reach Angel's Billabong

Walk straight and you would see it below!

The boys! Shempre ang ganda ng pic nila. Thanks to us haha!

Reality: So many people that we can't get a decent shot!

My only decent shot. Pinagawayan pa namin ni Nico to ng bongga. I had to clone and erase the people out of the photo.

With my photog! 

Hawak kamay

We were told not to go to that area sa edge because someone was swept away by the waves and died a few months ago.

Bali girls Kelly, Paula and moi!

Ayan na ang waves! Tamed pa yan. May mas mataas pa.

3rd Stop: Broken Beach (where broken-hearted peeps go. Charaught.)

Palikod part 2

 Living on the edge. Always.

4th and last stop: Crystal Bay

Our last stop was Crystal Bay! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful beach but sadly we were on a tight schedule. Our driver/guide brought us here to eat our packed lunch but because we only had 20 minutes to enjoy the place, Paula and I decided to spend it by taking photos. Haha! We just ate our lunch inside the car. LOL.

 "Dali bes 20 shots lang"

 "Okay na got my shot" HAHA

 Sarap sana magswim huhu

The last Mola-Mola boat leaves at 4:30 pm and we got to the port at around 4:15. BUT, it was the wrong port! I think our driver got confused. The last boat leaves this port at around 5:00 pm but we were told that it was already full and we will all be chance passengers, no guarantee. Meaning, we might get left behind. But knowing me na magaling mag damage control (sanay sa buhay and Bloggers United! haha), I won't simply take that for an answer. I argued with them and had to be firm & assertive because one, we already have return tickets, and two, it was not our fault that we were taken to the wrong port. Staying was also impossible because we were flying back home at 8am the next day! Everything got resolved in the end. They gave us seats in the last boat. Thank God.
 They accommodated us in the end. Thank You!

Time to go back to the city! 


Back in Sanur! Can I just say, it was one hell of a ride. Grabe the waves!!! We were screaming inside the boat. Haha. 

Almost sunset. We booked a Grab ride from Sanur back to our villa.

Bet na bet nila the motorbikes

Spent our last few hours in Kuta where we spent the last few hours in Bali shopping. 

Loot at this! Roxy bikinis for under 100,000 idr or less than P400!

Bali bombing memorial

Sling shot para sa matatapang haha

For our last meal in Bali, brought the gang to our favorite--Kedai Madae!!!

Legit & delicious local food that are super cheap! They even demonstrated to us how they make their homemade sambal sauce. Ansarap kasi!!!

Best food in Bali! It's along the main road Jalan Legian Kaja. Just use waze to locate! :)

 After dinner, decided to go someplace for some drinks! Ended up in this random place called "Tubes" along Legian Gang Poppy II. They had us at "Happy Hour"  and 35K Bintang. LOL

 It's a surfers bar and resto so they had this on display. Inavail naman ni Nico. Feelingero. Haha.

 Sayang they close early so we only had 1 beer each. Huhu. Still a fun night! Sup Chuckie.

This ends my Birthday in Bali posts!!! Sa wakas natapos din so I can move on to other travel stories na. Hehe. Cebu and South Korea next!!! Abangan!!! Thanks for reading guys. Super appreciate it. Love, love. :)

Book you Nusa Penida half-day tour here:

Or book other Nusa Penida tours:

Contact Nusa Penida Expedition!

Gepah Garden Cottage Compound
Jalan Raya Batumulapan
Nusa Penida - Bali Indonesia, 80771
+62 813 3837 5508 (Made Sutarsa)


Grab from villa to Sanur - 55,000 / 7 = 7858
Nusa Penida Expedition tour - 2,400,000 / 7 = 342,857
Dinner at Kedai Madei - 72,000 / 2 = 36,000
Shopping - 100,000
Beer - 35,000
Grab from Kuta to Villa - 40,000 / 7 = 5,714
TOTAL = 527,429 or P1,994

Link to all my travel posts:

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