Robinsons Supermarket's Spicy Noodles Challenge + Win a GO PRO Hero 5!

Are you crazy for spicy noodles (or spicy everything) like me?! Been obsessing over these Samyang spicy noodles that's breaking the internet! I think I've tried all variants from mild to super spicy (aka x4!). Anyway, if you're a spice lover like moi, then here's an exciting announcement and promo for you! Read more...

Can you take the heat? Here are my favorite spicy noodle challenge videos!

My favorite Cong TV, Viy and Jun-Jun! 

This one I saw from Facebook, super funny!

Grabe si ate!

Couple goals Crisha & Joem!

So is you’re craving for hot noodles or simply feeling adventurous, here are some of the noodles ranked from bearable to extra extra hot :

1. Lucky Me Sweet and Spicy Pancit Canton (3.5/10)

2. Lucky Me Chilimansi Canton (3.5/10)

3. Lucky Me Extra Hot and Spicy (6/10)

4. Nongshim (7/10)

5. Samyang Fire Noodles (10/10)

 Pancit Canton!

 Samyang variants

This one's my fave! 

Good news!!! Satisfy your cravings and get the chance to win a GO PRO Hero 5 (black) by visiting the nearest Robinsons Supermarket! You just simply need to purchase a minimum of Php60.00 worth of spicy noodles to join the raffle. Participating products include : Lucky Me!, Nissin, Payless, Samyang, Nongshim (yes, those famous Nuclear Fire Noodles!) and Ottogi. The Spicy Noodles Craze ends October 30, 2017. That's tomorrow!!! 

*For more information, please like and visit www.facebook.com/Robsupermarketofficial or www.robinsons-supermarket.com.ph. Avail na!!!:)

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