Coldplay Singapore 2017: Quincy Hotel Review

For our last 2 days in Singapore, Tracy and I transferred from Chinatown to Orchard Road. We stayed at the new and fancy Quincy Hotel where I had the best sleep, the best food, the best time and the best service. I also discovered and explored new places on my own! So much fun! Here are photos from our overnight stay at the lovely quincy Hotel. Will share with you photos of places I explored on my next post. Read on...

A quirky 4-star boutique hotel that’s just a few steps away from Orchard Road yet situated in a quiet & exclusive enclave, Quincy is perfect for busy business executives, discerning leisure travelers & young couples alike. This charming boutique hotel let their guests enjoy amazing benefits (which I experienced too!) like buffet breakfast, all-day light refreshments, free-flow evening cocktails, complimentary in-room minibar, and unlimited Wi-Fi access. Maybe that's whythey won the Best Hotel Experience Award at this year’s Singapore Tourism Awards 2017! They are the first local boutique hotel to win in this category. Such a huge honor! :)

 It's in the heart of Orchard Road!

 We took an Uber ride from Chinatown to Quincy :)

 Their security was very helpful and helped us with our things. Thank you, Sir!

So stlyish their lobby. Love the interiors! 

 We were immediately served these welcome drinks! So refreshing!

 Checking out the books on display

Quincy is the first hotel I've been to that offers this much benefits! They could beat all the other hotels (even the 5-star ones), I swear. 

 Outdoor area where guests could smoke, drink or chill

A few steps away from the reception is their restaurant/cafe/bar!

 While waiting for our room to be ready, we availed their free snacks! When I say snacks, I mean pwede na pang late lunch! Nakatipid kami dun!

 We got salad and fruits

 We got surprised when they handed us this sandwich menu. Yey to free sandwiches!

 I ordered the smoked salmon and Tracy got their BLT. Yum!!!

Ground floor toilet. Love the decors!

We were escorted to our room by Paulo, Quincy's Assistant Manager, who also happens to be a Filipino! Salamat Paulo!

Love our room!!! 

Their rooms range from $260 to $370 SGD! For ther services and amenities, worth it the price!:)

Shempre had to check our bathroom agad. Love!

Struck gold with their toiletries! Santal 33 shampoo, conditioner, body wash & body lotion by Le Labo, New York! 200ml of these costs P2,000+. Wow. 

They smell so nice OMG.

We have a tub! You can of course pull down the blinds for privacy hehe

Rating? 10/10!

There's a hot & cold shower, lots of towels and free toiletries!

Inside the closet are robes, laundry bags, slippers, iron, safe, tools for your shoes, everything you need when you travel. 

There is also a speaker and a "handy" phone which you can bring outside when you tour around! 

Best part? Everything in their mini-bar is FREE!!! OMG.

Even the chips, coffee, tea. Loveee.

Except for these of course. haha! Love that there's a Bible!:)

Love this spot by the window. Perfect place to just chill, work or read a book! And of course, super winner the bed! Just the right firmness. Same with the pillows. :) Also appreciate the sockets near the bed.

Tracy had to meet up with friends so I explored the hotel on my own. I checked out their roof deck, sauna area and gym!

Not just your regular pool! It is a colour-changing and LED-illuminated infinity pool. So cool!

There's a mini bar. Guests can freely get towels and refreshments:)

Hi there! Haha

No one inside the gym. Wish I was a gym person!

Such a nice place to chill at.

View from the top:)

I wanted to try their sauna & steam room but I had places to go to that day. Huhu.

I had the best sleep that night. Tracy and I didn't want to leave huhu. I think Quincy has become one of my favorite hotels ever. We were taken good care of and guests enjoyed so much benefits. :) We were able to save money on food because of their free meals!

I got a few packs and took it home hihi. I'm a tea kind of girl and I loved how they serve premium tea!

I got bacon and beans! YUMMMM.

Salad and sandwich bar. :)

Fruits for dessert!

Also got cereals hehe

My breakfast plate! Had french toast too. Hihi.

After breakfast, we enjoyed our remaining time inside our lovely room, bathed before 12pm and went down before 1pm. Tracy and I had different lakads so we just met up at the hotel late afternoon. They were kind enough to keep our things and bags while we were outside. Tracy returned earlier to try their sauna and swim in the pool and they just let her even if we've already checked out. Amazing service!!! I would definitely stay here again! :) Thank you Quincy for this world class experience! 

Last Singapore post next! Visited the Chinatown Heritage Center, a local thrift shop and a Hindu temple. Thanks for reading! :)

 You may follow their accounts here:
IG: @thequincyhotel

Hotel: +65 6738 5888 / Reservations: +65 6881 8888

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