#CelebrateAlways with RAFFA Sparkling Wine

Life is not always a box of chocolates, but it can be a glass of sparkling wine! We celebrate a lot of things in life-- friendship, love, life, success, new beginnings. What better way to toast to the good life than with Raffa Sparkling Wine! Read on to know more...

A blend of spirit distilled strictly from white grape wine from the vineyards in Spain, sparkling water, & natural fruit and preservative, Raffa could definitely make each moment shine & sparkle. Pair it with good food, great conversations and amazing company!

 Perfect with steak!

 Celebrating Mother's Day with my mom!

 Buffet dinner at Seven Corners in Crowne Plaza, Galleria!

 OMG one of the best buffets everrr. So delicious! Perfect with Raffa!:)

I love how Raffa has 2 variants-- Dry & Semi-Dry. It doesn't dry up the throat like other wine do. It tastes light and just right. For a very expensive looking and tasting wine, it's pretty affordable too!

 Cheers to life & new beginnings!

"Bottled and distributed by Emperador Distillers, Raffa Sparkling is a light and refreshing blend of white grape wine from the famed Spanish vineyards of Castilla La Mancha, sparkling water, and natural fruit juice, available in Dry and Semi-Dry variants. The Dry variant delivers clean, delicate, and aromatic hints with bold fruity notes balanced by citrus tones while the Semi-Dry is noticeably sweeter with a fruity nose. Both the Dry and Semi-Dry sparkling wines exude a bubbly effervescence adding to the sparkling wine experience".

Cheers to the good life!

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