Coldplay Singapore 2017: Central Perk, National Gallery & Merlion Park

Almost done with my Singapore posts! I've been busy with a lot of things so please bear with my delays. Huhu. Anyway on my 6th day in Singapore, Ana and I spent it exploring the city and appreciating art! Here are photos from that super fun day. :)

Decided to have lunch again at People's Park

Lolo goals

My $5 lunch!!! So gooood.

So after lunch, Ana and I decided to visit Central Perk! You know, that famous Friends TV series themed cafe. We used our google maps and just walked from Chinatown to Central Mall where it is located. It's actually quite near!:)

But malas!!! It was closed! HUHU

Hello famous orange couch. Goodbye cute IG photo sana. 

We just took photos from outside. Mejo jej. Haha.

Photo nalang outside hehe

Remember, they're closed on Mondays!

We walked some more until we reached the nearest train station

Singapore River Walk

This is where Raffles Singapore is located!

Took the nearest train going to City Hall station where the Gallery is located

Find me! hehe

Finally, the National Gallery of Singapore!

Took a quick snack break at their indoor cafe :)

So many pretty items for sale!

Finally, it's time for our museum tour!

The National Gallery Singapore is an art gallery located in the Downtown Core of Singapore. Opened on 24 November 2015, it oversees the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian art, consisting of over 8,000 artworks. National Gallery Singapore aims to provide an understanding and appreciation of art and culture through a variety of media, focusing on Singapore's culture and heritage and its relationship with other Southeast Asian cultures, Asia, and the world. (source: Wikipedia)

General Admission is $20 for Non-Singaporean residents. 

But our tickets were discounted because of Ana's SG Air booking. Yey! 

You may view their list of admission fees here: https://www.nationalgallery.sg/visit/admissions

So many levels and so many galleries! It's best to allot at least 3 hours inside to be able to see & appreciate everything.

1st Stop: Supreme Court Wing
This museum is housed inside Singapore's former courthouse of the Supreme Court of Singapore!

We first visited the court's former holding cells

On the 2nd floor is this sample Court Room

This foundation stone of the Supreme Court was built in 1937 by Governor Sir Shenton Thomas. 

Wanna hear something cool? It's also a time capsule!!! Buried beneath it is a cylindrical brass casket containing Straits Settlements coins & 6 newspapers published in 1937. This time capsule is due to be retrieved in the year 3000. The newspapers in the capsule highlighted the concerns of that period: tense global situation surrounding the rearmament of Europe, bitter industrial strife on rubber estates, the problem of female slaves & the uncertain outlook for rubber and tin. Wow. 

Now where to go and where to start? hehe

2nd Stop: UOB Southeast Asia Gallery

Housed in the former Supreme Court building, the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery will present the history of Southeast Asian art through artistic impulses shared across the region. Starting in the 19th century, the history of Southeast Asian art is characterized by negotiations between the region’s traditions and modernity. Art was conceived as an expanded field whereby Southeast Asian artists sought to incorporate and reinvent local expressions and aesthetic traditions as they approached the age of modern art.

The UOB Southeast Asia Gallery will share a compelling story of human culture, as seen through a region that has been the meeting point of major civilisations, religions, colonial powers, and the focus of struggles towards national independence and modernisation.

Authority & Anxiety Gallery

One of the original courtrooms where trials were held!

Old weapons

Malay Archipelago Map by John Rapkin circa 1850s

One of our favorite galleries! So many art works by Filipino painters on display!

This one is a portrait of Fr. Juan Antonio Zulaybar by Juan Arzeo circa 1820 donated by UST! 

Portrait of Cirilo & Severina Quiason & their 2 children by Simon Flores circa 1880 donated by BSP. 

The idealized image of familial order and prosperity represents the growing social importance of the ilustrado (educated middle class) in colonial Phlippines. Flores conveys the material wealth of his patrons through meticulous textural detail in the delicate filigree of embroidery, the hard lustre of the diamond brooch and the milky translucency of lampshades. Flores did not study abroad; his style is representative of the local taste in realism.

The one on the right is La Banca (The Boat) by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo circa 1876

Espana Y Filipinas (Spain & The Philippines) by National Artist Juan Luna!

Las Virgenes Cristianas Expuestas al Populacho (Christian Virgins Exposed to the Populace) by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo circa 1884.

Gallery 3: Imagining Country & Self

Fishpond in Malabon by Fernando Amorsolo circa 1942

Mestizen a photo from 1859

Former Supreme Court Building Gallery

Supreme Court Library

Defend Thy Honor by Fernando Amorsolo circa 1840s

Gallery 7: Manifesting the Nation

Posters during the Marcos regime!

Short film showing

Vietnam War posters

In memoriam of all the people who were tortured and killed during the Marcos era

A painting by Fernando Zobel

Ang amazing nito

This is called, The End. 

Titled "She and Her Dishcover" by Amanda Heng. One of our faves. Ang powerful.

Took a quick break coz OOTD time!
 From IG cherry dress, Landmark bag, Straightforward sneakers

Aura sa stairs

Bridge connecting to the City Hall wing

3rd Stop: City Hall Wing

City Hall Chamber Mezzanine

Wu Guanzhong Gallery: A Walk Through Nature

Xiu Hai Lou exhibit

Spring Tide at the River on a Sunny Day by Wang Hui circa 1690. Wow.

Chen Chong Swee: Strokes of Life Gallery

Fruit Market

Retrieving Nets

Chen Chong Swee is also known as the traveling painter!

After drowning ourselves in art and history, we went outside for some fresh air and sightseeing! 


Small hearts from me and Ana!

 We also left our admission sticker on this board and wrote a message:)

Find ours!

Aura naman sa stairs sa labas


National Gallery of Singapore Address:
 1 Saint Andrew's Road, #01–01, Singapore 178957

We crossed the street and decided to walk going to Merlion Park!

What a beautiful city:)

Crossed this bridge and went down the tunnel going to the park

Esplanade from the other side:)

Jampacked! Haha


Cge kuya ipush mo yang nganga sa uhaw shot

Went to One Raffles Place to eat dinner!

Sorry messy but one of the best satays I've ever tasted!  This is only $9 with drinks!

Ana and I went home tired but happy with all the sightseeing and art appreciation we've done. Last 2 Singapore posts and I'm done! I want to start with my Krabi posts na din! What do you think? Thanks for reading! :)


Lunch at a hawker in Chinatown - $7
National Gallery Museum admission ticket - $15
Cookie & Coke snacks - $8
Dinner at One Raffles - $9
Random buys (water etc) - $5
TOTAL = $44 or P1,640

Thank you again 5footwayinnfor being our home for 2 nights! You may follow their accounts here:

Link to all my travel posts:

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