Review: Hair Color by STATUS Salon

Had my hair color 3rd week of September at Status Salon, Eastwood branch and up until now I'm still loving it! My sister keeps praising it and asking me what color I chose. To be honest, I have no idea. Haha! I just asked the hairstylist to make my hair color even (it still has color but the top part of my hair has darkened na). Here are photos!

I usually go to Status Salon Katipunan branch but traffic has become intolerable in that side of town. So I decided to give Eastwood a try. Glad I did! It's more accessible from my place. 

It was clean and maaliwalas inside:)

They have enough seats for customers

Digiperm machine!

 That's my before. Uneven hair color and all.

 They asked me what color I want and I just told them to even it out. 

 After they've covered all bases, I waited for more or less 45 minutes before they washed my hair. 

 Say hello to my newly revived hair! They also cut my bangs. Love it.


 Can't get enough of my new hair!

 Selfie pa more

 Thanks Status Salon!

Photo taken a few days ago. My hair after 2 months. Ganda pa din! I think I like the color better now. 

Pricing depends on hair length. But set aside P1,500+ as budget, if ever. :) Go for it! Treat yourself! You deserve it. :)

If you want to inquire or book an appointment, click these links and find your branch:

OR call:
Katipunan-2 4346733
Robinsons Galleria 6343385 
Katipunan-1 4428004 
Tomas Morato 4630069 
Eastwood 5705399

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