Japan Diaries 2016, Tokyo Day 2: Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku Shopping, Shinjuku

Second to the last Japan post! Rushing this na so I can work on Taiwan which is just as exciting! :) On our 2nd day in Tokyo, we did not go very far. We explored Harajuku again (we were only able to take a quick glimpse the night before) and traveled to Shinjuku to meet up with a friend and for Ana and Sarah's Robot Show. This day is pretty chill and we spent it mostly on shopping & window shopping. Photos and stories below...

 Starting with my outfit that day!

 H&M top, SM GTW pants, IG shop jacket, ShopAnagon sunnies, GU shoes

We left early because we wanted to see Meiji Shrine before lunch. The shrine is located inside Yoyogi Park which is just a stone's throw away from Takeshita street & Harujuku train station. It actually seems a little out of place in this busy part of the city. Quite a beautiful contradiction. Look at the photos below to see why... 

Cute bus!

Entrance to the whole area. The shrine is inside Yoyogi Park. The park is HUGE.

Meiji Jingu Shrine is is a short walk from Yoyogi Station on the Yamanote Line. The surrounding Yoyogi Park includes the site of the 1964 Olympics. Kenzo Tange's Yoyogi National Stadium was built for those Games and is still a Tokyo landmark.

Nice, long walk inside the park


Entrance to the shrine! Some areas were under construction :(

The two torii gates at the entrance to the shrine are 40 feet high. When you pass through (under), you are symbolically entering a sacred place and leaving behind the everyday.

What a nice entrance noh parang 3D! Haha jk lang it's really a tarpaulin to conceal the ongoing construction.

Meiji Shrine Main Hall

We rang the bell, dropped coins, said our prayers and performed their ritual of clapping and bowing:)

Meiji Shrine is a large Shinto shrine in Tokyo, built in 1920 to venerate the Emperor Meiji (1852-1912) and Empress Shoken under whose reign Japan became a modern state. Surrounded by the huge Yoyogi Park, Meiji Jingu is in a green setting - almost with a rural feel, making it the most visited religious site in Japan.

You may buy an EMA, small wooden tablet where you can write your wishes & prayers, for 500 yen. The ema are then left hanging up at the shrine, where the kami (spirits or gods) are believed to receive them. 

These are then burned by priests in the morning as a part of their ritual and to offer each prayer to the gods.

If you don't want to shell out money (like me!) you can just write down all your wishes on a piece of paper, for free! All provided.

Remember to write from the heart! When you're done, put it inside an envelope and then drop it inside the prayer box. This will be offered in the morning together with the emas. :)

We decided to leave the park after visiting the main hall. Aside from the shrine, you may also visit the Iris Garden or Nai-en Garden which houses 250 species of irises and other flowers. It is said that Emperor Meiji designed the Nai-en Garden himself for the pleasure of his wife. You could also go and visit the Treasure House Annex, where you'd be able to see the royal couple's clothes and personal things. Or the Treasure House, north of the main shrine buildings which exhibits portraits of previous Japanese emperors and the elaborate court kimono worn by the Meiji monarchs. Entrance is 500 yen EACH. (Source: Japan Visitor)

*Meiji Shrine can be easily reached from Harajuku Station on the JR Yamanote Line, Meiji-jingu-mae Station on the Chiyoda Subway Line or Kita-sando Station on the Fukutoshin Line of the Tokyo metro.

From the park's exit, we walked straight and then crossed the street going to Takeshita

 Across the street is the building where Cat Cafe Mocha is located! We didn't avail na because you have to pay entrance of 200 yen per 10 mins (minimum of 30 mins). Drinks are served through a vending machine outside for 350 yen.

 This is the train station near Yoyogi Park / Meiji Shrine! 

 Takeshita at noon!

 So much to buy! But I'm so proud of myself for not buying. Haha. I only shop for items that I know I wouldn't be able to find in Manila.

 Our favorite store!!! Love their clothes. Recommended by Sarah!

 Peek a boo!

 Punkz not Dedzzz 

 Kimonos for sale!

My shoe closet. Charot. Oxfords and Brogues for sale! I die.

 We went inside this store and exited on the other end... 

...where we saw this sign. May foodcourt! Yipee! 

 3rd level

 Forgot how much I paid for this meal but more or less 500 yen. Sulit! Was also craving for non-Japanese food so this was perfect. 

 Pang araw araw na kasuotan. Push?  

 Why I love this side of town. Alice in Wanderland gone goth.

 After eating more energy na, so we went inside WEGO to check out their merchandise!


 Wego has this Genevieve Gozum vibe noh? Haha.


 They're selling vintage, pre-loved sweaters! Vintage or sushal ukay stores are a thing in Japan. Yayaman ako dito guys. Tira nako Japan ha dalhin ko Archive Clothing. Haha!

 While waiting for Ana (who's shopping for panindas). Meet our new friend, Shiva! Power! 

 Sarah playing Nintendo while waiting. You won't get bored here! Hihi.

 Also saw this nice souvenir store across the street!

 Bought a nice Japan magnet for 380 yen. Ana checked out more kawaii items.

Such a cute store! Love the first outfit far left.

Me watching you, says Drake.

 Saw this cute sign outside a random store. Did I make this sign? Is this my store? Kasing pilosopo ko eh. Haha.

 Saw nice buildings while walking. 

 And lots of stylish people! Parang Fashion Week sa area na to. Haha.

 Love this super rugged DMs store!

Kuya's so fasyown. He's cute too. Haha.

STUDIOUS, a concept store that sells Japanese fashion brands:)

 Stopped at Moena Cafe for some coffee and dessert!

Love the interiors and ambiance.

 Perfect timing this wall writing!

 They're famous for their pancakes, so we ordered one. This is Strawberry & Milk. It's HUGE! 

 Compare it with Sarah's hand. We were only able to finish half of it. 1,200 yen for the pancake.

After eating, we walked some more and emerged at this street. This area is called Jingumae.  

We came across this huge Jumble Store

Regrets. Should have bought this! 3,000 yen kasi. Huhu. 

Cute store!

Hello from us

This street is like Haji Lane! But bigger. So many nice shops! From international brands to local ones.

Before we proceed with the tour, let me share with you photos of stylish people I spotted on the streets!

Squad goals

 Steve Aoki? Char

 Girlllllll. You are me. Hihi. And si Alexander Wang ba kasama niya? Joke hihi.

messy hair don't care si koya


 Sarah was on a quest to find nice and cheap designers bags, so we checked out RAGTAG!

 Items are pre-loved vintage. Love!

Ana bought a nylon Herve Chapelier bag for P6,000 and Sarah bought a Givenchy Nightingale purple bag for half its price, more or less P35,000. They brought their passports, so tax free! Didn't buy anything kasi kuripot ako and I did not see anything that I feel was worth splurging on. I think it's also because I am an ukay (thrift shop) kind of girl (got them skillzzz yo) so feeling ko (kasi feelingera ako haha) I'd be able to find similar items and cheaper. The clothes ha, not the bags. I'm not fond of branded bags or shoes. Laspagan, jeje & no finesse kasi ako gumamit. Haha! Anywayyy... I'd still reco this store (and all the other stores selling vintage designer goods in this area) if you're after cheap but branded items. They have everything from CDG, YSL, Chanel, Celine, etc. 

Haha love

 Saw this cute wall while walking! Shempre d namin pinalagpas hanggang sinita kami ng guard. Haha.

Also love this Ralph Lauren store! 

Crossed this bridge again! Landmark is that building with the Chanel store.

Afternoon view from the bridge

... Me! Haha!

 Streetstyle and lambingan

 Pati sa train station meron. So edgy and chic!

 D ako nakaget over sa kagwapuhan ni Kuyaaa

From Shibuya, we rode a train going to Shinjuku where the Robot Restaurant is located. We went there early so we can still meet up and spend time with Japan based blogger / everyone's tour guide (haha love you babe) Gervin! We decided to have dinner first before their 9pm show. 

 Shinjuku station rally! Or concert?

While waiting for Gervin, we raided Flying Tiger muna! This store is lifeeee. I semi splurged here. Haha.

 Bought this small flying disc for the boys for just 400 yen or P180. It lights up pa!

I wasn't able to take photos more photos inside because I got busy shopping & checking out their merchandise. But trust me, they have lots of cute stuff! I took home a yellow cactus print luggage strap, a neck pillow with hoodie (should have hoarded huhu), Travel Checklist pad, Calendar magnet, and many more. I was so engrossed & amused with all the things inside the store that I did not realize more than an hour nako umiikot. Haha. 

 Time for dinner!

Hello, Gervin!

 Cute resto!

 Gervin took us to this Yakiniku restaurant located inside a building. I don't know the name but I would highly recommend it!

 Our table!

 We had to take off our shoes, just before sitting down.

 Japanese people smoke cigarettes while eating. Culture na nila yun. So just a heads up!

 Our order! YUM!!!

 Gervin and I shared this plate!

One of the best dinners ever!

Our bill was more or less 3,000 yen and Gervin surprised us by paying for everything. Huhu. We love youuu. Thank you for the wonderful dinner. Bawi naman kami next time. :)

 Ran to Robot Resto after dinner!

 It's located at Kabukicho district, a the famous red light district in Shinjuku.

 I wanted to take a photo here but box office the line. Haha.

 You can still buy tickets inside!

Photo before we leave, and before Sarah & Ana goes inside

My decision not to watch the show turned out to be a good thing because it gave me time to get to know Gervin and bond with him. We talked about everything-- life, family, love, work-- while he was giving me a quick tour of the city. It was a pretty amazing night. :)

Shinjuku Park

The ancient 17th century Hanazono Shrine
Shinjuku's Ni-chome district, the heart of Tokyo's LGBT community. 

Shinjuku is like their business district

 Busy streets of Shinjuku:)

 Bright lights, big city

 Ginzo, second hand bag shop

 Don Quijote! Our favorite pasalubong store


 I got to see Godzilla!!! So coool. He towers over TOHO Cinema Complex.

 Shot by Gervin. So beautiful.

On our way to the West Exit of Shinjuku train station, we passed by Tokyo Dome (where the next Olympics will be held), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and the LOVE sculpture!

 Tip: Instead of going to the Tokyo Skytree and paying 3,000 - 4,000 yen as entrance fee just to see the whole city from the top, just go here sa Tokyo Government Building in Shinjuku! Their observation deck is free of charge! :) 

Love you Gervin! Thanks for this photo and for your stories:)

And for this fierce goodbye photo. Hihi. Can't wait to see you again!

Solo train ride back to Shibuya!

It was a fun experience riding the train alone. Haha. I thought I'd get lost but I didn't! I'm so proud of myself haha. While walking back to our place, I had a moment of quiet introspection and became a bit sad when I realized we only had one full day left in Tokyo. I was just starting to warm up to this wonderful city. Well, I also felt the same way with Kyoto. 

Tokyo Day 3 and 4 coming up next! It's the last installment, and I'm so happy coz I'd finally be able to start Taiwan. :) As always, thank you for reading! Love you all!

EDIT: On our first day in Tokyo, we bought a 3-day or 72-hour Tokyo Metro Subway Ticket for 1,500yen or P700. So we did not pay for train rides anymore. EXCEPT for Yokohama because it was a different train line. :) I adjusted my budget Tokyo Day 1 post. :)


No train gastos because of our 3-day unli card
Lunch at Takeshita Harajuku - 600 
Moena Cafe pancake share - 400
Flying Tiger Shinjuku shopping - 2,000
Random buys like water - 500
TOTAL = 3,500 yen or P1,500


  1. Nakakamiss din talaga tokyo! Parati akong bitin! :) next time patatagalin ko na talaga dyan. Btw, 3k pesos lang herve ko, hehehe. Nagbabasa ako ng sinulat mo ha! :)

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    1. Mahabang street sha! All in the same area:)


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