A Century of Philippine Art at Century Mall

Dressed up last night for the "A Century of Philippine Art" exhibit presented by Century Mall & Galeria De Las Islas. The exhibit gives tribute to great Filipino talent, for eternalizing centuries of Filipino tradition and culture into timeless masterpieces. Be mesmerized and taken back into time with over 100 masterpieces by world-renowned Filipino artists who have painted and sculpted their names into our country’s history. Photos below!

100 art pieces were curated over a century period by one of the oldest art gallery in Manila-- Galeria de las Islas or Gallery of the Islands located at the Silahis Center in Intramuros. The art gallery has housed paintings, sculptures and other works of art since 1967. It has become noted for its collection of Philippine genre art.

Aisa, Ava, Ashley :)

 Hello Arnie & Deo!

To official open the exhibit, a toasting ceremony was held with the people behind the project, Mr. Robert Lane, gallery director of Galeria de las Islas; Mr. Karl McLean, chairman of Superbrands; Mr. Joaquin Tamano, general manager of Century City Mall; and Mr. Ed Soler of Galerie Astra.

 Guys, buy this chair na! So nice. P20,000:)

Geek chic kami with our glasses hihi

A fashion show of Filipina Gowns was also showcased during the opening. These gowns were inspired by select ten masterpieces all carefully and creatively brought to life by the CenturyXTen designers: Audrey Rose Albason, Jackie Bautista, Con Cordeta, Chino Del Pilar, Erika Gana, Patrick Lazol, Me-an Marqueda, Edel Santiago, Kim Tiu Laurel and Miel Velayne. A musical ensemble performed favorite traditional Filipino melodies during the night.

 Love this green Filipiniana by my loves Kim Tiu Laurel!

 My personal fave created by my friend Me-an Marqueda!


 Love this also! Love the alibata embroidered at the back of the vest:)

 My model friend Ricci rocking this beautiful dress by Audrey Albason

 Ricci & Audrey!

 Love the fringes!

With amazing designers Me-an and Kim!

The Century of Philippine Art exhibit at the 4th level of Century City Mall is open for everyone during mall hours from September 22- October 6, 2016. All of the pieces are also up for sale!!! :) So walk back in time and take part in history. Drop by and maybe purchase a piece or two? :)


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