Uniqlo Fall / Winter 2016 Press Preview

Trends come and go, well, just like clothes in my closet. What remains constant are staples I use ALL the time. Classic pieces which I won't ever get tired of wearing. What are my criteria when choosing closet essentials? Classic, wearable, style, fit & quality of material. These are clothing pieces which I can rotate and use over and over no matter the season or circumstance.  One of my favorite brands that offer all these is UNIQLO! It is my go-to place whenever I need to shop for travel, work or everyday clothes. Here are photos from the launch of their Fall / Winter 2016 Collection, More pieces to buy and love! :)

photos taken using my Huawei P9 phone camera

 Host Chino Lui Pio

photo from Ruth:) The professionals club! Lahat kami naka blazer haha.

 Blogger friends:)

 Michael & Duff busy checking out Uniqlo's long coats

 Love their looks!

 They also have a line for kids! Cute.

 Uniqlo U rack. Love the coats!

The LifeWear Fall/Winter Press Preview showcases situations that are familiar to us all in daily living, with items and styling ideas that work perfectly for every occasion. UNIQLO believes that individuality in fashion comes from within. Personal style comes from how you wear your clothes and not from the clothes themselves. As such, UNIQLO focuses relentlessly on you, the wearer. They know that the more comfortable and suitable your apparel is, the more you will want to wear it. I agree!!! As such, they are committed to constantly innovate so they can create quality clothing for any situation. 

The Ines de La Fressange Collection is the fruit of collaboration between a paragon of Parisian chic and UNIQLO, under the leadership of UNIQLO Design Director Naoki Takizawa. The partnership draws on Inestyles and items for various occasions, including sports styling, round collar dresses, and fleececk drying T-shirts,ne beauty. This season’s collection offers a sophisticated reblending of styles that journeys beyond the boundaries of contemporary trends, in the quest to create clothing that enhances comfort and beauty and which Ines herself likes to wear.

The line is inspired by the fusion of bourgeois style with the Left Bank culture in the late 1960s. Featuring a gray seasonal palette, the line includes gradations from dark to charcoal, augmented by blue and red accents as well as Ines’ signature navy color.


A range of quality basics that embody UNIQLO’s ongoing quest for perfection. Jeans, chino pants, cotton shirts, and knitwear are wardrobe essentials worn by everyone, everywhere. UNIQLO strives for perfection with these well-made basics, allowing individuals to naturally express themselves through effortless style for every situation.

Professional, stylish, and flexible pieces for every profession. The definition of work wear is broadening as work practices and environments become more diverse. UNIQLO Work offers a wide range of comfortable, minimalist items that allow you to look your professional best while complementing your personal style.

Daily wear great for sports and the outdoors. With more people incorporating yoga, running, and sports into their lives, there is a growing need for stylish daily wear that combines functionality, fashion, and comfort. UNIQLO Sports are created with materials that wick away sweat, retain heat, dry quickly, block out the wind, and repel water, for breathable clothing stylish enough to be worn through any activity, whether working out or going out on the town.

Traveling is one of the best life lessons and experiences people can have. With this in mind, Filipinos travel more to different parts of the country and even the world, especially to destinations with a different climate. Whether local or foreign, Filipinos are in need of the perfect apparel as they explore the world. UNIQLO offers a variety of functional items that retain heat, and block out the wind. This is to ensure that the wearer is comfortable and looks great when they are discovering a new city.

Kids are always curious. They constantly look for things to try during playtime and at school. UNIQLO offers an array of items that keeps kids comfortable, safe & stylish as they explore everything that surrounds them.  UNIQLO Kids & Baby lineup is comprised of highly functional items that match kids’ lifestyle and activity needs. Designed to be durable and help children become more comfortable and self-reliant, the range includes heat-retentive and quick drying T-shirts, stretchable easy-pants, and easy washable outerwear. Each item also has features that prevent burdening sensitive skin and innerwear with stitching that does not touch the skin. The pieces are also easy to slip on and remove, with child-friendly zippers that are easily identifiable.


What we wear deserves more thought, more simplicity, and more care. At Uniqlo's Paris Design Center, their global design team − led by Christophe Lemaire − is reinventing basics to be anything but basic. Clothing that transcends trends and becomes an ideal expression of who we are. Every form made for function. Every element endlessly considered. Every design thoughtfully deconstructed, tested and distilled to its most essential and sophisticated. This is simple made better, at its best. 

So go hoard, hoard, hoard! You will never go wrong with UNIQLO. :) 

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