My Ayala Malls Pokemon Lure Drop Party Experience

Okay guys don't judge me, but I don't play or watch Pokemon even when I was a kid. So when this craze first came out, I just felt indifferent. Little did I know that I'd totally fall for it. Lolz! When it finally launched in the Philippines, I decided to download it and just try it out. I was in a shoot in Fernbrooke Gardens that day and I ended up catching Pokemons while working. Lol. Now, I'm addicted! I would have to research more though re strategies and making the most out of the different characters. I'd be honest, I had no idea who these characters were before playing. But, now I know! Haha. It's a learning process for me everyday. Hihi. Anyway, here's what happened last weekend, during Ayala Malls' Lure Drop Party! It was so much fun grabe. Photos!

For the lure party, Sarah & I went to Greenbelt 5. Nico came with us too. I was super hungry & Sarah wanted to coffee, so we decided to just stay in Coffeebean. Of course, we chose a place where there's a lure. Haha! 

While eating & having coffee, we were catching Pokemons!  As well as hundreds of other gamers. Bwahaha. I think we spent almost 2 hours just sitting there, playing. Lelz. We also tried walking around. I finally caught Squirtle!!!! Wooopeee. :)

 Ayun! Nakay Sarah pala eh! Haha.

 People were judging us but IDGAF hahaha

We bumped across Duane and he gave us a Pokemon tutorial! Intense! So much strategies pala. I was so lost and confused. Hahah! The one thing I remembered? Do not ignore Pidgeys!!! They're the only one who can give stardust daw. Noted with thanks, Duane. Hihi.

 Serious talaga kami guys. Haha.

If you want to more know about what Duane discussed with us, click here! So much tips!!!

Just remember to always mind your surroundings and don't let it take over your life. Haha! It is pretty amazing how it brings people together noh? And how you make friends pa along the way. :) Go guys! Go Team Valor! Haha. Thanks Ayala Malls for this awesome weekend. Can't wait for the next drop! ;)

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