Asia Trip 2015, Malaysia Day 1: Hotel Izumi, Bukit Bintang, Petaling Street, Merdeka Square

It's the day after my birthday! I want to say thank you to everyone who remembered and greeted me yesterday. I feel all your love and I love you back tenfold. :) It was my birthday yesterday, meaning it has been a year after my birthday trip around Asia. Meaning, tapusin ko na sana my posts haha.  I promise, before this week ends! Anyway, I am already on my last stop -- the beautiful country of Malaysia! From Yangon, we took a flight going to Kuala Lumpur. Here are photos from our first night & day. :)

After 4 hours of flight, we finally landed in Kuala Lumpur....
Backpacker ang peg

Sleeping area inside KL airport

Metered taxi kiosks. We availed na din because we were so tired na.

Had a few bills exchanged. If you can, don't change your money here. Better rates outside.

So cute our driver

The drive from the airport to the city, Bukit Bintang to be exact, took 45 minutes. So mejo good call that we took a cab. I think we paid P600 for the ride. We got off at Hotel Izumi Bukit Bintang, our first hotel stop in Malaysia c/o Agoda. We only stayed here for a night though. 

It's not on the main street but it's fairly easy to locate! Izumi is a budget 3-star hotel that is just a 4-minute walk from Bukit Bintang monorail station, & 3 kilometers from the iconic Petronas Towers and Merdeka Square. It'a near big malls like Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88, Starhill Gallery & the upscale mall Pavilion. Let's go inside!

So comfy their couch! We stayed here muna while the receptionist checked on our reservation. There was a slight misunderstanding with our room sponsorship, so we had to pay for the room first and then they refunded it the next day. It was not a big deal though! :)


We were given this small yet nice room. There was just enough space for 2 people and 1 big luggage bag. There was a flat screen television inside, a table, dresser, mirror and a double bed that has clean sheets and soft pillows. :)

Small but clean bathroom

We got hungry so we looked for someplace to buy food

Nearest food place was Mcdo!

From main road, you'd see this sign. Turn left and you'd see IZUMI:)

We were so tired from all the land & air travel we did from Myanmar to Malaysia, that we passed out as soon as we finished eating. We were supposed to go to Penang the next day and stay there for a night but our plan didn't push through. So instead of Penang, we just decided to stay & relax muna in the city (and maybe go to Melaka for a few hours).  

For bookings: 

We also checked out of Izumi that day, so we had to look for a budget hostel where we could spend the night in before we check into 5 Elements Hotel. Good thing we found one while we were exploring the city! More on that later...

Halal & Shawarma booth a few steps away from Izumi. Blockbuster! Nico also tried it and it's super legit. 

Landmark:) Corner of our street:)

So many malls in this area!

OMG. Missed this!

Street lined up with malls. Sephora!

Turista shot!

Pavilion mall that houses expensive brands

Found this money changer who offers good rates naman

Passed by this food place & decided to check it out.

Parang museum. Cool.

Love iiit

So artsy! 

There were lots of kiosks inside selling different types of food

I already miss Malaysian food so bought this tasty meal of spicy squid and okra! Yummm.

After eating, we strolled around the neighborhood

We found ourselves at this busy street

Perfect lang because I really wanted to check out the Central Market

Central Market is a cultural shopping center which opened in 1936. It is a heritage site with restored art deco facade offering shopping, eateries & an outdoor stage. It's history dates back to 1888, when it was built by Yap Ah Loy, the city’s Chinese Kapitan, as wet market. When the market continued to expand, a permanent structure was built to house all the vendors. :) 
And here we are!

Went inside the Pasar Seni airconditioned market

So many stalls selling different things & unique souvenirs!

If you want to shop local, go here!!!

Love this!

So cuteeee

After checking out the Central Market, we walked towards Merdeka Square...

One of my favorite places in KL! I love the old colonial buildings. :)

It is in Merdeka Square or Dataran Merdeka where the Malaysian flag was raised for the first time on August 31, 1957 to signify the end of British rule over Malaya and the end of their colonization. Every year, people in Malaysia, regardless of race and belief, gather here to celebrate Independence Day.

The 95-meter flagpole that is among the tallest in the world.

Pose pose din sa square

Opposite the square is the famous Royal Selangor Club Complex built in 1884 as a meeting place for high-ranking members of the British colonial society. To the South is the former National History Museum which used to house a vast collection of historical items. The collection has recently been moved to Muzium Negara. Next to it is the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery which tells the story of Kuala Lumpur through miniature models and The Spectacular City Model Show. To the North is the St. Mary's Anglican Cathedral, currently the Diocese of West Malaysia and the see of the Bishop of West Malaysia.


Music Museum

Behind me is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Located along Jalan Raja, in front of the Merdeka Square & the Royal Selangor Club, the Sultan Abdul Samad building was initially built to house the offices of the British colonial administration, and was known simply as Government Offices in its early years. The building houses the offices of the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture of Malaysia. It once housed the superior courts of the country: the Federal Court of Malaysia, the Court of Appeals and the High Court of Malaya. (source: Wikipedia)

It was scorching hot that day.

We went under the Merdeka Square and saw amazing graffitis! 
IG: @DataranUnderground



From the square, we walked to the nearest train station.

We wanted go inside but no shorts allowed :( 

MTR map!

Ticket machines

Nearest station to Merdeka Square. Or I might be mistaken hehe.

Love that there are a lot of ticket machines

Malaysia's train system was surprisingly super convenient and organized! Their stations might not be airconditioned but it was okay because people were disciplined and they lined up properly. :) Waley stress. Hoping for the same thing sa Pinas. :)

Inside the train:)

Got off at Hang Tuah station

Then rode another train going to Bukit Bintang where our hotel is located

And then got off at Bukit Bintang station!

Rush hour kaya mejo crowded

Nico tried this shawarma place near our hotel. He loved it! Super authentic daw:)

After our brief tour in the city, Nico and I headed back to Izumi Hotel to collect our bags and then got an Uber going to Chinatown or Petaling...

The uber driver was super nice and chatted with us all the way to our destination. Hehe.

When we got to Chinatown, we looked for a cheap room where we could just stay the night. We found one a few steps away from 5 Elements Hotel which will be our home for the rest of our trip. Yehey!

BB Inn Homestay along Jalan Sultan road

Indian receptionist was helpful and nice:)

Like other backpackers inn, they also have free breakfast (bread, jams, coffee, tea)

No frills, budget hostel

Common area upstairs:)

Common area with charging stations and reading materials

Our super small room which only costs P500 a night! Common or shared bathroom though. 

 Shared bathrooms. I won't even post photos because they're kind of disgusting. Bearable but not for maselan people. Huhu.

Our home for our last 2 night in KL! :) Just a few steps away from BB Homestay Inn,

Across our hostel is this self-service laundromat

Spent half an hour washing our clothes! So fun:)

 Soap vending machine! No attendants there, only a million CCTVs hehe

 Had our bills changed and then chose a slot to do our laundry!

 Put detergent here. Hehe.

 Detailed instructions

 Bye dirty clothes!

So convenient! :)

After washing our clothes and putting them back in our bags, we headed out again to grab some late dinner! We walked towards Petaling, Chinatown. :) It was just across the street:)

  Hello, Petaling Street!

 Bought some chestnuts too!

This is where you could do some souvenir shopping! 

Where we decided to eat dinner. It's a mini food court.

 So many people eating & drinking there

 Carlsberg beer for P80. Kinda pricey!

 Dinner! Paid more or less P500-700 for all these. Kind of expensive but delicious! Loved the satay grabeee. 

After eating, we retired to our room, fixed our things for our hotel transfer the next day and slept like babies. Malaysia Day 2 & 3 next! Last 2 post before my Asia Tour ends. I am feeling a bit sad but so excited to get this all over with. Haha. More travels to come!:)

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