Japan Diaries 2016, Osaka Day 2: Nara Deer Park, Todaiji Temple & Train to Kyoto

I am trying to eliminate my travel posts bit by bit! So happy I get to do it now as I am currently in my parent's house in Marikina, and since it's probinsya-ish and I really have nowhere to go, I'm just stuck inside the house working on backlogs. Yey! So here's my 3rd Japan post! Wish we could have stayed longer in Osaka. There are still so much sights to see and places to explore. Well, at least more reasons to go back right? Stories and photos below from our 2nd & last day in Osaka, our trip to Nara and our journey to Kyoto. :)

 Bye bye Airbnb

Our Airbnb bldg yung may puno

 Landmarks outside 

 Our street

Sa street corner may Family Mart

 Across the street is the Osaka Fujiya Hotel

 Corner intersection

 Our street from the other side. That street beside Family Mart

So we walked from our accommodation to Dotonbori to look for someplace to eat before we leave our bags again in coin lockers at the train station. Found this authentic looking Japanese resto...

 Prices were okay too. Sarah ordered from their set menu above.

 Ana ordered Tamago (that egg on the right) and I ordered the chicken wings on the left for 480yen

 Ana and I both ordered the cucumber roll for 200yen

Tada! Wala pa yung wings ko.


I think I paid 800yen for my meal. Not bad! After lunch, we headed straight to the train station and took some photos along the way...

 Prang gusto kainin ni Sarah yung sushi haha

 So lively!

 Scallops as street food

 Waaah gyoza!

 Our favorite Starbucks hehe

We mostly spent our 2nd day in Osaka running away admiring deers in Nara. Aside from Nara, our original plan included the Oceanarium (Sarah's request) & the original Instant Ramen Museum in Ikeda (my request). We had to come up with a plan as to where we could leave our luggages because the 3 attractions were far from each other. Namba was the center so we left our things there before touring. In the end, we were only able to accomplish one. Haha! It was still fun though!

 Looking for the Kintetsu Nara line platform

Okay, so in Namba there are 6 train lines: Nankai Railway, Osaka Subway Midousuji line, Kintetsu Railway / Hanshin Railway (Osaka-Namba station), Osaka Subway Sennichimae line, Osaka Subway Yotsubashi line, JR (JR-Namba station). They are located in different platforms and areas but are connected underground. Mejo long walk talaga minsan. 

 To go to Nara, Ride the Kintetsu Osaka-Namba line to Nara. 

Actually, if we've only known, we could have brought our things na pala because Nara is near Kyoto and the Kintetsu line has routes going there. Oh well, next time!:) 

 Travel time was 40 minutes and train fare was 540yen.

 Welcome to Nara!

 Free wi-fi sa area na to:)

 On the right side is this alley which has many restaurants and also a Daiso store!

 Also saw local artists selling their works. So inspiring!:)

 Follow him:)

From the train station exit, walk straight until you see deers na blocking your way. Haha! 

When I think of deers, I think friendly and gentle creatures

 Wrong!!! Hahaha!

 Deer food which are biscuits for 150yen

 Sarah trying to pet one before it turned away when it realized she has no food to give. Haha. Ang lagay pet pet lang waley lafang??? Wag na uy! Sabi ng deer.

 Mejo scary the one with antlers!

 Okay it looked at me time to move away

 Oktoberfest like set-up :)

 Do not stare at them hahaha

 Road signs at this side of town

 Lucky Sarah was able to take a nice photo on this bench before being swarmed by a group of deers haha. Ana who took the photo got harassed (haha the term) by one deer. Binubunggo her pwet & backpack with his nguso. So I ran away haha. Langya.

 Ganyan lang kayo muna guys

 This Lola tried to feed them but they bullied her and bumped her hand holding the cookies so it all fell down sa floor. Aww wawa si Lola. Hehe.

 Trying to act chill and indifferent para d lapitan haha

Pax: Ana, take a photo of me with a deer sa background. Ana: Okay game lapit ka. Pax: Ayoko dito nalang ako. Game! Dali! Ayoko na! Haha. Look at that stare. So cute but deadly wahaha. 

 We didn't buy food nalang because we didn't want to be attacked hahaha! Like that ate in black.

 We crossed the street, into the park.

 More deers!!! Wanted to take a photo talaga but they're kinda aggressive. Patay gutom levels. Huhu.

Nara park is home to more or less 1,200 freely roaming deers. Those who practice Shintoism consider them to be messengers of the gods so they've become a symbol of the city and a national treasure.

 Nara Museum of Art

 Nara National Museum

 We had to choose where to go bilang the park is huge. We chose Todaiji Temple!

 Cute kids on field trip hihi

 Road leading to the temple

 Is that a Pikachu deer stuffed toy? So cute!

We tried looking for friendly looking deers coz wala pa kami matinong photo. While walking, one deer snatched Ana's map and ate it! Gaaah! Someone was able to retrieve the map (it's bad for them!) but half nalang sha huhu. They eat everything! Even plastic bottles. Nakakaloka. 

Found the chillest of them all! Woots!

So we took this opportunity to take a photo with him. Or her? Was still a little scared dito! Buti nalang wala shang galawan. Thank you powz.

 A man feeding a deer. So cute! Was surprised that one deer lang. Usually when tourists feed one, the rest follows. 

 Konti nalang asa temple na. Haha.

 So many deers.

Nandaimon or Great Southern Gate 

Tōdai-ji is a Buddhist temple complex, that was once one of the powerful Seven Great Temples, located in the city of Nara, Japan. Its Great Buddha Hall (大仏殿 Daibutsuden), houses the world's largest bronze statue of the Buddha Vairocana, known in Japanese simply as Daibutsu. The temple also serves as the Japanese headquarters of the Kegon school of Buddhism. The temple is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara", together with seven other sites including temples, shrines and places in the city of Nara. Deer, regarded as messengers of the gods in the Shinto religion, roam the grounds freely. (source: Wikipedia)

Ungyo - Nio with closed mouth

The existing Nandaimon (Great South Gate) was constructed at the end of the 12th century based on Song Dynasty style, after the original gate was destroyed by a typhoon during the Heian period. There are two Nio at the Nandaimon created by great sculptures Unkei, Kaikei and others in 1203. These Nio are 28-feet tall wrath-filled and muscular guardians of the Buddha. These 2 are A-un pair known as Ungyo, which by tradition has a facial expression with a closed mouth, and Agyo, which has an open mouthed expression.

Agyo - Nio with open mouth

These two figures were closely evaluated and extensively restored by a team of art conservators between 1988 and 1993. Until then, these sculptures had never before been moved from the niches in which they were originally installed. This complex preservation project, costing $4.7 million, involved a restoration team of 15 experts from the National Treasure Repairing Institute in Kyoto. Wooow.

Outfit post muna!

SM GTW top & shorts coords, Skechers rubbershoes, SM Parisian backpack, Veloci watch

Outside the main temple grounds

Entrance fee is 800yen for Todaiji  Temple + Daibutsuden (Great Buddha Hall)

Or 500yen for Todaiji Temple only

Non-paying visitors are only allowed up to this area

Todaiji Temple Main Hall from afar 'coz we didn't go inside. One of my regrets, should have gone inside. :(

After taking a peek see, we decided to leave.

Goodbye beautiful gate

Bambi! Hehe

Cute hat!

Ate girl trying to lure they away from her shop with slices of cucumber hehe

Mochi with strawberry for 200yen


Went back to the alley near the train station to look for someplace to eat. Decided to check out this nice Japanese resto and ended up eating there. :)

We just relied on the food display outside and the prices written beside them. They have an english menu too!

Ordered tonkatsu set for 700yen :) It was okay. I don't like kasi tonkatsu with egg it's a little malansa for me. I want the dry one like sa Yabu.

Sarah ordered a cold soba set and sushi ba yan? Haha! Ana ordered tamago & eggplants. 

My first time to eat cold soba and I loved it!!! Thanks for the tutorial Sarah. Now, I'm craving. 

Spot Doraemon hehe

Auntie was so nice! She can't speak english but we were able to communicate naman. Thank God for calculators. Haha.

Mister Donut for dessert! 

OMG guys sobrang sarap ng Mister Donut nila. Our favorite is their Pon De Ring, those on the first row. I can eat them forever. So good!

Cup noodle ng mga nag didiet haha.

It was about 6pm when we finally decided to head back to Namba, retrieve our luggages, bid Osaka goodbye and said hello to our second destination, Kyoto! :) 

 Ready for Kyoto!

We didn't want to ride a Shinkansen train because it's more expensive, so we opted for the local JR rapid train or the JR Kyoto Line. The whole ride takes about 40 minutes with lots of stops along the way. One way fare is 560yen compared to 1k+yen for Shinkansen. 

Just follow the signs or ask for directions

As usual, we were lost in translation (haha) so we almost bought our tickets from these apple green machines which turned out to be for the Shinkansen train! 

Buti nalang I decided to check these blue machines on the right side and tried to do a mock booking. Don't always rely on the maps sa taas ng machines. 

There you go! It's only 560yen one way! Yey!

After buying tickets, we proceeded na to the assigned platform

The platform. We also relied on these electronic signboards for the time and which types of train. 

We boarded the local train going to Kyoto and slightly panicked when we did not see Kyoto sa TV above. Mejo malayo kasi sha pala so the names move every stop. Hihi. 

Finally in Kyoto!

When we got to Kyoto, we had to walk far again to get to the platform where the train to Emmachi (where our Airbnb is located) was. Kyoto station (like Namba) is their biggest/main station and it also has several floors, entrances, exits and platforms. Don't be shy to ask around. ;)
 After 3 stops from Kyoto station, we're finally in Emmachi!

Long walk again going to our AirBnb. 

Expenses (in Yen): 
Lunch - 800
Coin locker - 350
Train to Nara - 540
Water - 400
Coke - 300
Dinner - 700
Mr. Donut - 240
Daiso - 200
Ticket to Namba - 540
Ticket to Kyoto - 560
Train to Emmachi - 280
TOTAL = 4,910 or P2,170:)

*Budget could still be adjusted according to your food & water consumption (haha). 

Photos from our first night and first day in Kyoto will be on my next post. Thanks for reading! :)

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