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Last week, I was invited by the SHARP team to an intimate luncheon at Big Bad Wolf in BGC where they presented their new & exciting digital TVs and latest technology. It was my first time to attend a SHARP event and I didn't know what to expect. Well, it was so much fun! They showed us their latest products over good food and lots of laughter. These are the events I live for. Haha. Plus, I certainly learned a LOT. I now know which brand to run to for entertainment needs! I also learned a lot about the different specs that are important factors in making a decision when buying a TV set. Specifications & requirements that are essential in this time & age of high technology & impending catastrophes. How? Read on... 

 Our small group:)

Love Big Bad Wolf:)

Okay, let's start...

SHARP is the only brand (aside from Sony) that offers digital TV with ISBD-T features.If you are not techie like me, I'm sure your mind is flatlining right now. But I promise you, this is cool! Okay, let me break it down for you...

Compare TV on the left with the others. Left is still analog, while right is digital:) GMA is still analog, ABS & TV-5 is now digital.

What is ISDB-T?

ISDB is short for Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting which is Japan's standard for digital TV and radio.  There are different kinds of digital broadcast systems but the Philippines, together with other countries such as Japan, Thailand, Brazil, etc. chose ISDB.  If you want to know more about it, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISDB#ISDB-T

Why choose a TV that is ISDB-T ready?

Aside from the fact that ISDB-T offers fantastic HD image and sound quality, the most relevant features of ISDB-T go beyond entertainment. 
The ISDB feature allows your TV to receive quicker emergency warning notification and on-demand information through its Emergency Warning Broadcast System (EWBS) and Broadcast Mark-up Language (BML). This feature allows the TV to receive real-time alerts from reliable government agencies (such as PAGASA or Phivolcs) regarding natural disasters.  Meaning, if there's a typhoon or earthquake, even if you're watching a show or your TV is off (but plugged) it will flash an emergency message or warning. Cool right? That's what we need especially in this typhoon-ridden country. Thank you Japan for this life-saving technology! 

Spot the difference

What is SHARP's ISDB ready TV?

That would be the 
Sharp Digital TV lineup LE-360D3 Series!!! While there are other ISDB-T-ready Digital TVs now available in the Philippines, only SHARP offers units that are equipped to receive EWBS and BML. So if you're planning to buy a new TV or upgrade your existing, choose one that is ISDB ready. And why look at other brands pa? Choose the one that is always on the forefront of innovation-- SHARP!:) The LE360D3 is available in 70”, 60”, 40”, and 32”, while the new LE570X comes in 55” and 50” sizes.

What if I already have a digital TV and I want to upgrade to ISDB?

Upgrading to Sharp’s Digital TV means you can now enjoy all of the benefits of ISDB-T. For people who are not yet ready to make the complete shift, a Sharp Set-Top Box can be plugged into your non-ISDB-T TV so you can also enjoy the full benefits of ISDB-T. Now I know what those black square boxes are for!

32" inch -14,998
40" inch -21,998 
60" inch - 69,998 
70" inch - 149,998

Watched a short film about SHARP Acquos (photo from Patrick)


It is Sharp Corporation Japan's wide range of LCD televisions and component screens which includes small, portable models (e.g. the 13" B series) up to large home-theater screens (e.g. 65" high-definition widescreen models), as well as component screens for portable devices including mobile phones. The company’s AQUOS LCD panel technology improves every year.

One of their newest product introduced to us that day is the Sharp 4K TV Powered by Android TV™ (UE630X). What makes it special? Why choose this TV over other brands and other styles?

Here's why!

1. Android Powered &^ Android TV - enjoy your favorite contents easily through Google's variety of apps. 

2. Google Certified - allows users to search thousands and thousands of movies, TV shows, and YouTube™ videos in the easiest and most convenient manner possible.

3. Voice Control - There’s no need to sift through hours and hours of content — simply push a button, tell the TV what you want through the voice control on your remote, and enjoy!

4. Access Google Play Store - Users can easily access all their favorite Android apps and games on their television from the Google Play™ Store. Unlike Android TVs, this new Sharp 4K TV comes with its own gamepad for better controls. You could buy a console to use for gaming. 

5. 4K Ultra HD resolution - enjoy larger-than-life detail with resolution 4x clearer than Full HD. The UE630X has a built-in 4K Master Engine Pro, Sharp’s unique processing engine that up-converts any Full HD content for a hyper-realistic viewing experience. 

6. Rich Color Feature - wider color representation through innovative luminescent materials used for this model’s LED backlight.

7. Built-in Google Cast
-  this technology lets you cast your favorite entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or laptop right to your TV or speakers. The apps, videos, and pictures stored in your Android or iOS devices can be streamed to this TV’s bigger, brighter screen for sharing with the whole family.

8. Detachable Camera - bigger & clearer view while you videochat! Snap a big group photo or record a video in front of your TV abd share it with your family & friends:)

* The UE630X is available in 50”, 58”, and 65” models.

Aside from the specs above, it also has Japan Quality Standard's 7 Shields of Protection! It is safe from vibrations, drops, lightning, stability, heavy weight, high temperature & humidity & voltage instability. :) 

 You could view Youtube videos, play games, search for TV series & movies!

 Look, there's Netflix! It will also show recommendations based on your interests:)

 All Cast tool to be able to view files and photos:)

 Photo from our speaker's mobile phone which he took that day!

 You could also play videos from your mobile phone, usb, hardrive.

 In summary, these are the specs:)

How much is the UE630X Android TV?

50" inch = P59,998 
58" inch = P99,998 
 65" inch = P135,998

 The SHARP Team:)

We also tested Sharp's Active Multimedia System or SAMM

It is all-in-one entertainment system made to provide total enjoyment and fun for you and your family. It is a TV with a videoke console! The TV is detachable. You could use it to play your favorite music or movies, view photos or sing your favorite songs! This karaoke machine has 1,200 licensed songs programmed in it. You have the option to p
urchase an exclusive SAMM USB offering that has 1,800 more videoke songs. Yes please!

You can watch films in whichever format available thanks to SAMM’s DVD, HDMI, and USB inputs. There is also the built-in TV tuner if you want to see your favorite TV shows instead. You can choose between a 24” or a 32” LCD screen. :)

PRICES: (Luzon with speakers hidden)

24" inch HK-LE2425UVP - P22,998 
 32" inch HK-LE3225UVP - P29,998

PRICES: (VIZMIN with speakers outside & visible)

 24" inch HK-LE2415UVM- P22,998
 32" inch HK-LE3215UVM - P29,998

That sums up all my techie and TV talk! Hope you learned something. When buying a TV or entertainment system, choose wisely! If you want to be ahead of the curve, choose SHARP. :)

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