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Do you still remember when you were a teen? How picky you were with the clothes you wear, the shoes you put on, or the bags you use? It only makes sense because this is the phase in our lives when we try to figure out our personality. We try a lot of hobbies, subscribe to a fashion trend, and listen to peculiar music. I remember how I was so caught up with printed everything, Lisa Frank, rock music, boy bands, etc! This is one of the times when our self-exploration peaks. We experiment, a lot! But this is also the time when we really start expressing our individual selves in the most creative way that we can. Good thing is, Mi-Pac is here to help you figure out what your personal brand is!:)

Tropical Hibiscus Natural Tote (P1,590), Bum bag, Backpack

 All Polka Charcoal Duffel, P2,290

 All Stars Black Backpack, P1,690

 All Stars Duffel, P2,290
 All Stars Flight Bag Backpack, P990

 All Stars Navy Backpack, P1,690

Born in the summer of 2012, Mi-Pac is an up-and-coming British label with proud roots. What only started as a humble range of backpacks has grown to evolve to more than 300 design variations that are available in over 20 countries across 4 continents. This only shows that creativity is at the heart of everything Mi-Pac embodies. The brand makes sure that their core ethos of value for money, fashion forward design and quality construction are translated with each and every piece they create. Mi-Pac holds great value to individuality and freedom of expression. Each accessory produced is designed to embody one’s personal style, through a wide spectrum of colors, patterns and fabrics.

 Crepe Coral Tote, P1,590

 Crepe Coral Weekender, P2,290

 Crepe Grey Swing Bag, P1,690

Crisscross Black Backpack, P2,690

 Crisscross Black Wash Bag, P1,290

 Denim Polka Black Weekender, P2,290

 Eloise Roberts Collection Mono Maritime Natural, P1,690

Russian Dolls Black Gold, P1,690

Hearts Navy Gold Wash Bag, P1,290

Hearts Navy Gold Weekender, P2,290

Kate Moross Crayon Duffel. P2,990

Kate Moross Crayons Backpack, P2,690

Orchid Navy Backpack, P2,690

Orchid Navy Wash Bag, P1,290
Orchid Navy Weekender, P2,290

Premium Elephants Black, P1,990

Premium Elephants Blue, P1,990
Quilted Navy Weekender, P2,290

Stonewash Denim Swing Bag, P1,690

Mi-Pac is all about creativity and innovation. By combining fashion and function, the brand is redefining the way we purchase the classic backpack. Mi-Pac makes sure to craft new, exciting and on-trend designs each season that we all should watch out for. ;)

For more news & updates, follow Mi-Pac:
Twitter & IG: @mipacphilippines
Hashtags:  #EnoughSaidwithMiPac #MIPACph

*MiPac is available at select Bratpack and Lady Bag Stores. The brand is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies – Asia’s next retail giant. 

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